Red Nexus 5 reportedly heading to Google Play on February 4th

by: Andrew GrushJanuary 30, 2014


Update (1/31): As if there wasn’t enough proof out there that the red Nexus 5 really is on its way, @evleaks has now leaked a press image of the device, as seen above.

If you had asked us a little over a week ago if Google would follow the trend of creating new colors for flagship devices after they launch, we’d probably have said no. Since then, we’ve not only seen an alleged picture of a red version of the Nexus 5, but several pictures of its retail packaging as well.

If you needed even more proof that the red Nexus 5 is on its way, today a newly leaked document from Sprint has surfaced, informing employees that the red Nexus 5 will arrive on February 4th to Google Play.

The notice is all about ensuring that employees know what is involved in activating the device on the Sprint network, and is just to let workers know that the color is on its way. From the sounds of it, the Nexus 5’s red color will not be available directly from Sprint, but it’s hard to say for sure.


For now, it’s important to remember that Google has yet to confirm the red model in fact exists, even if this latest leak and all the prior ones look pretty legit. Bottom-line, speculation is advised, though we’ll know for sure soon enough.

Anyone out there planning on picking up the red Nexus 5? For existing Nexus 5 owners, are you bummed out by your current color choice now that you know a red model may be coming our way, or happy with the color your picked? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

  • Nathan Borup

    I wish red = verizon nexus 5 :(

    • AndroidBoss


    • trwb

      Well Verizon eats babies

      • Jayfeather787

        AMEN!!!!! They also hunt puppies and beat old women.

    • Cal Rankin

      unless it is exactly like the current model WITH LTE bands 4 and 13 in addition to or replacing Sprint’s, no thanks. We saw how much they screwed over the Galaxy Nexus (which I’m sure is still on 4.2.2). Given the Nexus 7 fiasco, I also highly doubt it.
      It’s still nice to dream.

      • LSH99

        Yep, it’s still on 4.2.2. I’m excited to jump from Verizon, lose the two-year contracts, and get the frequent updates. Only problem is deciding between the moto x and the N5.

        • Cal Rankin

          What do you prefer? Cutting-edge, or cool, useful features.
          Personally I like the Nexus 5 because of the design and bleeding-edge specs.
          However, I am also conflicted about the Moto X because of the longer battery life, customization, and innovative, yet useful features.

  • anonymous

    That’s pretty obvious — Valentine’s day is on the 14th.

    But seriously, does it really matter what color the back of the phone is? You’re just going to put a case over it anyway.

    • AndroidBoss

      Of course it matters what the color of the phone is…

    • A googler

      Exactly phones are too easily damaged to not keep in a case I couldn’t give a monkeys what the back looks like

      • jeff

        Lol u r right!!!

    • Jayfeather787

      Its coming on the Fourth.

    • Agreed.

  • Jayfeather787

    I want this!! So sexy!

  • Pablo Gonzalez

    I am totally bummed. Even though red and yellow are hard colors to commit to day-in and day-out. I think I’m more peeved at the choices that us, early buyers didn’t have. If it’s just the backing of the phone that will be red (like the white version), I will be less bummed.

    • Anonymous

      You’re completely right my friend.

      • jeff

        Its usually in a case anyway so why would it matter. To pay top money and not protect your investment would not be very wise…JMO

        • AnotherAndroidKid

          I’m still rocking a GNex and an S3 for work. I personally have chosen the clear Androidified cases from Cruzerlite for the S3 as the blue of it comes through nicely. I love those androidified cases though.

  • Cal Rankin

    Just in time to get Valentine’s day presents!
    “Happy Valentine’s day, from Google. Here’s a new color for the Nexus 5.”
    I wonder if additional colors are forthcoming. I would find it nice if Google released the Blue on the Fourth of July (red, white, and finally blue).
    Just hope more are coming.

  • wezi427

    Can’t wait until Verizon gets this, oh that’s right. Disregard

  • This color is just horrible, and I don’t know why people are so hype about it. It looks bad in red.

    • jeff

      Yada yada yada

  • AnotherAndroidKid

    I am still debating Moto X or N5 or buying a JUMP phone from Tmo. Although the red is cool, I still think I’d go panda on the N5 if that’s to be my path.

  • Jonathan Sosa

    ill just wait for a new back plate to be available then just use some tools to take it off and replace it,