More Nexus 5 camera samples hit the net

by: Andrew GrushNovember 1, 2013

nexus 5 officialThe Nexus 4 was an excellent handset at a killer price when it first arrived, but one of its biggest weaknesses was the device’s 8MP shooter. With the Nexus 5 also packing an 8MP camera, you might think that the latest Nexus is plagued by the same problem, but remember that there’s a lot more to a good photo than just megapixels.

The biggest change is that the Nexus 5’s 8MP camera has a Sony IMX179 CMOS sensor and, more importantly, optical image stabilization technology. 

So does the Nexus 5 actually a deliver a solid camera taking experience? Although we’ve yet to review the device’s camera-taking abilities for ourselves, it seems that several photos taken with the Nexus 5 are now turning up to help answer that question.






While a few of the pictures aren’t exactly perfect, most of these aren’t half-bad. Of course it’s important to note that the photos are not in full resolution, and we can’t say for sure whether or not they’ve been touched up with G+ Auto Awesome.

Bottom-line, this isn’t the same 8MP shooter found in the Nexus 4 by a long-shot. Whether it’s close to being on par with other high-end flagships is another matter altogether. What do you think, impressed by these Nexus 5 photos or not?

  • satsmine2k4

    Look pretty good to me…

    • spade

      Me too :)

      • Luka Mlinar

        Me three :)

        • alangodzilla

          Me Four ;)

          • Abriltoteles

            Me Five :)

          • miguel

            me 6 ;-/

          • Sky Baun

            Me 7

          • darkshadow

            Me fiv3

        • MasterMuffin

          Me gusta!

    • udara (:


  • Joey Colclough

    What the hell were the verge on about these look damn impressive

    • MasterMuffin

      The verge guy was so anti-Android that the video has now 2 times more dislikes than like. Everything about Nexus 5 and Android was bad to him, way to be professional and objective (and it was only a 1min vid!) :D

      • adam evans

        That was my thoughts exactly whilst watching the video!
        Reviewers like to review android phones whilst think it should be an iPhone

        • MasterMuffin

          And it seemed like he didn’t even want to make the video, like he was forced to do it!

          • adam evans

            Verge editor : `do the video or I smash your iPhone, iPad and Mac bok`

          • MasterMuffin

            Sounds plausible :D

      • Warren Clarmont

        I have to say that I have also read many Verge ‘reviews’ and most are not favorable to Android. Its funny because all the Nexus/Android haters point to Verge reviews to back up their arguments of why Android and Nexus devices do not match Apple products.

      • D’Ander McSullivan

        #iVerge is trending on Google+ LOL

        • MasterMuffin

          People are getting (slightly overly) mad!

      • Bryan Z

        That obvious, I own a nexus 4, i could care less about what he has to say about Android and I think it’s retarded that people take this so personally. People get their identity from what OS they choose I just think that’s stupid. (This is based on reading the comments on youtube) people need to get a life and careless about what some idiot says about a phone they probably don’t even own.

  • Dallat2525

    Verge is a pile of balls, I bought one today and I am coming from an xperia z, the camera on the nexus blows it out of the water.

    • FRaaans

      I bet they did not take the protectiv cover down!

  • Masson Liang

    These look fantastic!

  • John Jompa Johansson

    Looks decent to me.

  • Justin Williams

    They look pretty good to enjoy few snaps in the park. Obviously your not going to be using it for photography purpose but as the comments show below it’s darn well impressive. Well done google, now I can just see battery performance then I’m alllllllll in.

  • George Av

    I seriously still think my s3 could do better.. it probably does someone please do a comparison

  • George Av

    My s3 can do better i think, but i’ll still take this phone if it had micro sd or 64gb. I have 4329 songs all in flac and 320k they wouldn’t even fit on that tiny 32gb storage.

    • David Nam

      Also, the S3 and N5 can’t take advantage of FLAC? Why not convert them to MP3’s and save yourself some space or get the LGG2?

      • George Av

        maybe i’m just crazy or a audiofile, but flac sounds better than 320k, even if the s3 can’t take advantage of it. Maybe you should but £400 earphones and see for yourself. G2 is utter shit the button layout is retarded and LGUI is trash

        • m477

          >playing musica trought a phone

          • George Av

            Through* so then explain why i own £400 earphones and a S3 known for having an amazing audio chip…

    • Fulaman1984

      I think you are Samsung Galaxy S3 Biased. The S4 has a better camera than the N5 but not the S3.

      • George Av

        Well the S3 can easily give the nexus 5 a run for it’s money. Remember Samsung camera firmware is the best there is for android. Google are shit at making a good camera on a phone..

  • Alexandana Theng

    The camera quality of this device looks just pretty awesome for me. Nexus 5 ftw…

  • lollicup04

    it looks like every picture has some sort of filter -_-

  • bjhbig

    Shrink any 8MP picture to 0.9MP, and it’ll look pretty good – unless there’s highlights, which will be blown out in any case because of the small sensor.

  • EnX$$

    good camera compare to the nexus 4. this is alot better keep it up Nexus+Google+LG