Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 shown off in a 7 minute video offering the clearest leak yet

by: Adam KoueiderOctober 12, 2013

The Nexus 5 (considering the previous wallpaper images that were leaked, we’re pretty sure it’ll be called just that) and Android 4.4 KitKat have leaked quite a few times in recent weeks, and now we’ve got what might just be the best look at the two in action.

The 7-minute long video by begins by showing off the Nexus 5’s slightly curved, Nexus 7 (2013) inspired design. The Nexus 5 will be made by LG and looks to feature a rubberized back akin to the Nexus 7’s back and the video shows of two speakers on either side of the microUSB port (which is of the regular 2.0 variant), hinting at the possibility of stereo speakers.

Once the outside tour is over, the video taker begins to show us the new Android 4.4 KitKat design language, which gets rid of the Holo blue design that was first seen in Android 3.0 Honeycomb. The WiFi, clock and battery symbols are all white in appearance, and despite the Android version stating Key Lime Pie, this merely means that this is an older build of Android 4.4, since the new version of Android was called Key Lime Pie in-house right until September.

This build is even older than the one we saw last time, and is missing features like the transparent notification bar and Google Photos (which seems to replace Google + Photos) and even the YouTube app is old. There are a few things worth noting, first is that the messenger app is nowhere to be found, further adding evidence to Hangouts taking over the messaging app, and secondly, the phone doesn’t have the horizontal Nexus logo on it, but that could just mean it’s a prototype.

Despite this not offering much in the way of leaks, it does offer the clearest look at the new Nexus phone and it’s only a matter of time until Google announces the device. Just when that is though, is anybody’s guess.

What are your opinions of the new Nexus design? Hot or not? Are you a fan of the new white design or do you miss Holo blue?

  • Rob

    I’m missing Holo blue.. and I don’t like the the new app drawer display. Regardless, I’m first in line.

  • bahehs

    Where is the holo blue? I only loved android because of it. And now its going away. Please come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • MasterMuffin

      Only loved Android because sone parts of the UI were blue?

      • TechDevil

        Logic, right?

  • hackermike

    I hope Google won’t have server met down when they start selling this device. I can see that there are lot of peoples waiting to have their hand on this phone.

  • fyi typo “Android 4.3 honeycomb”. Pretty sure that was 3.whatever.

    • Adam Koueider

      Yup, that’s what happens when you write articles before your Sunday coffee, but it’s a sacrifice I make to bring you this stuff the minute it gets brought to my attention :) Thanks for the catch! Fixed!

      • AlexNapo


  • Balraj

    So what’s next? A website announcement?
    I think n5 is overly hyped……

    • Chris Gates

      If the rumors about the price are true, the hype is actually well deserved. A high end device running Vanilla Android being sold unlocked is something to be excited about.

      • Nickan Fayyazi

        I too am excited for the N5, but to be fair, a high-end device with stock Android is nothing new; it was already achieved with the N4.

        • Dreagosh

          ies but this year we have hope for a better camera and battery

      • Balraj

        But that’s only for ppl who are price conscious
        Not for gadget lover like me..
        Next year there will be n6 n so on…
        Idk..vanilla android looks okayish..

        • Chris Gates

          Price isn’t the deciding factor when I’m purchasing new gadgets either but I know a good deal when I see one.

          Hell I would pay full retail for a “Google Play Edition” Galaxy Note 3. I have used the device and the screen is a huge draw for me but the Touchwiz, Knox, and locked bootloader from my carrier are a deal breaker for me.

        • APai

          a gadget lover will go for the most expensive phones with the latest and greatest.

          OTOH, as regards nexus line, you shouldn’t complain about build or lack of options simply because you KNOW you are shifting from a top-of-the-line product to a value-for-money product.

          • Balraj

            I’m not complaining..ik nexus 5is value money..but after using cya for over a 3 months..I’m not satisf..sickstock andrandroid I’is ok not great..I

          • APai

            why is stock android not great ? you might be experiencing beginner’s fatigue. there’s a lot of it happening, we are always looking for the latest and greatest and forget to use it as is. why do software updates have to come ONLY after a year ? why can’t it be in 2 months ? :)

            “I have hopes on KITKAT…”
            you’ll be bored within no time with 4.4, and then, 5 ? the “original” KLP ?

          • Balraj

            Btw jelly bean had a lot of updates, 4.1 to 4.3 just last july..thats the prob.. oem need atleast six months for updating they android(got d info on d web)
            So if google continues this can we except other oem to match up with google..
            Nexus is special but just software.. btw not all featuresare gimmicky.. i think google is taking flat look to extremelevels…

          • APai

            while I do love software updates, and I’m on the same boat as you – I love new devices and experimenting with new software, 4.1 is perfectly fine too. I think with kitkat’s new “google experience” google has found a nice way by launching a “stock launcher” . IF its backward compatible all the way to 2.3 – they might have upped their games regarding “the much talked about ‘bogey’ – fragmentation

          • Balraj

            I was telling why other oem have hard time catching up with Google to upgradetheir version…
            Let’s see what Google experience has in store for us…
            Btw if the n5 is just anminor upgradein of software, will you stillbuy one?

          • APai

            actually, I am buying a phone out of necessity now. N5 will be my main phone regardless of the software update.

            I usually like to keep my regular phone for a long time, but I switch my second phoe with friends and family to try out new phones, that way – I really dont need to buy every phone out there.

          • Balraj

            Oh nice…then let’s v wait for official launch?Your from where?
            I live in India..

          • APai

            same here :) Good old India. But most likely sourcing it at launch from stateside.

          • Balraj

            Oh nice
            Wish I could do the same..but warranty prob..That’s a deal breaker

          • APai

            true. I’m not sure as yet on picking it. still weighing options

          • martin carlosena

            I guess it depends on personal preference because for me, pure android has been nothing but smooth, simple, responsive without gimmicky software. And from the looks of it, 4.4 is going to give it a great ui boost, and probably smoother experience. what more can you ask for??

          • Balraj

            From the videoo..its not that great..ya for the price..its best choice..but still
            As you said preference :-)

          • martin carlosena

            There is a leak from Italy that’s shows kitkat closer to its final stages. It shows a new ui. Check it out its pretty nice :)

          • Balraj

            Oh o.o
            Can you provide link ? Please ? :-)

          • martin carlosena
          • Balraj

            Thank you..
            But I think AA already had a similar article..
            Let’s wait for official launch
            Too much of leak..

          • martin carlosena

            I agree, google puts a great price for the nexus line phones and people take that as it being a mid range device. Besides the camera in my case, the nexus 4 was one of the best performing phones in the last year. No doubt about that!! You cant go wrong with a Nexus.

  • ziplock9000

    Hmm. It’s not compelling enough for me to upgrade from my N4.

  • Lil bit

    No messaging, that’s too much. Google is getting too intrusive now, Hangouts is disabled on my phone and it is going to stay that way. Hope the OEMs will not follow Google on this one.

    • Victor V.

      does that mean that the standard text message app with the little envelope will not be available and you will get all your messages through hangouts? if this is true than its a deal breaker. i might jump ship and get rid of Android.

      • lil bit

        It’s on days like this I miss Maemo5, oh F that was a liberating OS, and the default messaging app accepted plugins, if we wanted we cud get Yahoo messages in the sms app, and the storage was fully accessible through sqllite queries from the included Debian shell. Ohh the beauty of real Debian based GNU/Linux, even today it makes android look like a spoiled brat in diapers.

    • PC

      Dude it’s android. Download Go SMS from the play store and stop whining.

      • Lil bit

        Are you for real? Hangouts is the one we should be required to download, not sms app.

        I want a custom ROM for my Xperia Z now but I want it to be Firefox OS already, Google need to give users a break, it’s getting too pushy, it’s more than enough now thank you.

    • Cal Rankin

      This is a very early build. Maybe SMS isn’t added yet to the OS yet

  • Lorre

    yeah it was Honeycomb 3 and above and NOT 4.3

  • Lorre

    I really miss the Halo blue Ui, I think black and white Ui theme is a little boring. .

    • Farbod

      therefore, selfie

  • theweirdranga

    After watching that video I’m so glad I purchased a galaxy note 3

    • Balraj

      Actually your right cuz note 3 is future proof for atleast 2.5 yrs..

      • GrammarNazi


        • MasterMuffin

          Grammar Nazi who points out one word, but ignores “cuz”, “atleast” and “yrs”…

          • lil bit

            Ahah catch of the year, never seen a grammar Nazi pwned that hard before.

      • APai

        …and you can buy 2.5 nexus phones for the price you pay for the note 3 :P

        • Balraj

          Without the features of note 3 with just software updates throughout the year :-P

        • Ben Edwards

          Not to mention you won’t get stuck with a region lock (that nobody, including Samsung, understands) with the Nexus.

          • APai

            I just don’t get what samsung intends to do with it. but they deserve the stick for going rogue.

      • weed

        Are you sure? I bought Note 2 soon after launch and thought it was gonna last a while but within 2 months the Butterfly J showed up and the Odin and Yuga rumors started (Xperia ZL and Z) and there I was stuck with an oversized phone full of bloat I didn’t need and with a hopelessly pixelated low ppi display.

        • Balraj

          I’m speaking about note 3
          2013 & 2014
          Changing phase in mobile devices..
          2014 will witness 64 bit processor..but note 3 is future proof in hardware..
          Android update for atleast 1.5 yrs

          • Balraj

            Also one more thing..I learnt this the hard way..
            Buy a phone only after 3 months of its release, if you have patience…

          • lil bit

            What I mean is that you never know what is the next big thing, when I bought note 2 I had no idea that Full HD displays were just around the corner. What it’s the next big thing hiding behind the next corner?

            And those who say FullHD was not a revolution please go buy reading glasses, your eyes is not the problem of the rest of us.

          • Balraj

            That is true in mobile technology.. i think when readying the next big thing..the company might already be workingon the next next big thing..
            Eg: i wanted to buy g2, then nexus5 happened..i saw leaked video of n5, i did
            Not like it its hard to buy a best phone in fast moving mobile happy with whatever u have until u have enough money to upgrade:-)

        • Balraj

          Also one more thing..I learnt this the hard way..
          Buy a phone only after 3 months of its release, if you have patience…also if we keep on waiting, we ‘ll be waiting for ever to upgradefrom our old phone..
          Just take a note of things you want on your phone n see which suits you… :-)

  • Balraj

    I’m not impressed…camera has a bump so case is must…
    Software is nothing great..
    Idk g2 is better…I think only highlights are software update n price…

    • APai


      you cannot compare any other phone to nexus based on price – it just is a slam dunk for nexus. (except perhaps xiaomi)

      • Balraj I 5 is over hyped..
        price n android update is what makes nexus 5 special..what’s the use of having great spec..if you don’t have space…Sammyis guy doing it right but touch wiz is laggy..
        I only hope android 4.4 brings changes on out outside

        • APai

          that’s okay I suppose, you get what you pay for. at least that’s what I under stood, I will take frequent updates and a smaller form factor any day, besides, I really do not need what note series offers me. which is precisely why note series is still a niche.

          • Balraj

            I was speaking generally….
            I have small hands,so im not into big phones..
            I do like what sammy has done to note 3..

          • APai

            agreed, but when it was a reply in the forums I naturally thought you were making a general case.

    • martin carlosena

      How can you say software isnt great. Look what Android has done to the phone market.

  • Eric Mazariegos

    I recently upgraded to a G2 on tmo, but if this comes out and the rumored 3k mah battery is indeed an option (Albeit for a hefty amount more) I will definitely buy it. #HOLOYOLO

    • madcowonastick

      can i have the g2 xD

  • :D

    if this is gonna be called nexus 5, I really hope Google makes a Nexus 9, 11 and 13 as well

  • jjordan

    I thought there were rumors of an HDMI port on this thing…that’s something I loved from the Motorola droid RAZR lines and no OEM has done it since, including Motorola…nexus 5 so far is a meh for me…galaxy note 3 still on top….I would love to see a big screen nexus

    • Grman Rodriguez

      Sony uses HDMI on their phones (or at least the Xperia S does)

      • APai

        correct, a lot more phones from sony have the microusb to HDMI out option.

      • lil bit

        Sony Ericsson Xperia had real hdmi port on many models, even bundled hdmi cable. The only newer phone I seen with this is BlackBerry Z10.

  • Tim Klein

    Nobody noticed that it said “Keylime Pie” when we already Know its gonna be called Kit Kat

    • José A. Medina

      Prob old biuld

    • Ben Edwards

      Don’t forget most of the engineers didn’t even know it was going to be called KitKat before it was announced by Google publicly, they were still working under the assumption it would be Key Lime Pie. Older builds will all show KLP, we probably won’t see an “actual” KitKat leak before it’s revealed.

  • Yamcha67

    Maybe this is still beta, the other leaked screenshots show quite a bit of improvement in the UI department, so I’m truly hoping that the final look of Kit Kat will be more like the recently leaked screenshots rather than whats shown on this video.

    I’m super excited for the Kit Kat release, I really hope I’m not disappointed, and we see a compelling upgrade. Bought the Nexus 7 2013 a while back, and would love some improvements on the OS..

  • jasxgamer

    backside looks SUCKS, REALLY
    and 2300MAH for this?
    nah, goodbye nexus

  • Andmdit

    Overall I’m dissapointed. Klp or kitkat of whatever its called looks like nothing special. My nexus 4 looks way better running paranoid android. I was hoping for a complete redesign of the os which was clearly wishful thinking. It may be time to jump ship.

    • Josiah Fraser

      Keep in mind the Key Lime Pie name (in the about section) implies it’s an old beta, and if you’ve seen the other post (which has a newer version) looks better than this

    • martin carlosena

      This is a very early build. Have you seen the new leaks, it looks much different.

    • Ben Edwards

      Jump ship to what, iOS? iOS7 is terrible, and I’ve heard nothing but complaints about it from everyone I know with an iPhone. Or maybe Windows Phone? Because that looks much nicer…

    • Leonardo Rojas

      Can you share a couple of screenshots of the UI of your Android? Please.

  • Amer Dawod

    it’s a little bit old vid (when it’s been recorded)
    (this was before changing it’s name to kit kat )

  • Guest

    Key Lime Pie? O.o

  • Venkat Shastry

    can’t wait……

  • Minesh

    I need to know what the hell is up with that camera!!!

  • karan lamba

    Remember this is an old build of 4.4 plus while this is what the nexus 5 will look like it will look more polished so this is still not a final build! Besides if it is over hyped its not because of Google and lg. Its because of the media its still not even been officially announced by Google, I just hope it is soon!

  • Ray

    anybody noticed only 4 icons a row in app list?

  • Cj

    I like the design of the nexus 4….i think they should have made a nexus 4 2013 edition with upgraded specs

  • raj

    where all the good looks of LG Nexus 4 vanish????????????????

  • districtjack

    October 14th at 11am….that’s tomorrow morning PST.

  • iTriune

    People are absolutely stupid. Why does it matter if you get your texts in Hangouts or an actual SMS app? If it works, it works. Who cares?

    • weed

      Hangouts is bloat to force us to use Google services. It sucks so much and has hefty usage of both storage and RAM.

      You would be happy with iOS, you like to be forced to do things THEIR way, then it’s no difference if it’s Apple or Google forcing you. Hope you never go to prison, you would be the A-bitch of all the gays. Yak I hate weak people.

      • iTriune

        First off, who cares if you use Google services, you’re using a Google phone. It should integrate well with Google services.

        Lastly, you’re a fagot and a pusie and would never say that to my face because I’d murk you. Niga this is 45Bix Piru! I’d back down ya whole block you-bitch ass niga!

        • weed

          Ahah, a fraternity weakling. Go to Mama make your tags, pathetic loser.

          • TechDevil

            Are you guys deliberately trying to act like 12-year-olds? Because making threats to each other on the Internet is childish and just something you learn not to do when you get older. Quite frankly, the grammar in both of your comments is hilarious.

            Onto the actual topic (instead of throwing personal attacks), SMS is SMS – can’t do much about that. Hangouts offers a much greater way to communicate, being able to see who is online, sending pictures, emoticons and the same interface no matter what device one is using etc. If you care that much about storage and RAM then just get a high-end phone that can handle it. Besides, Google updates its software all the time making it run smoother, faster and without using all the available RAM. Basically, if you are using a Google phone, you need to be prepared to get some bloatware on it, whether its Google’s own apps or Samsung/Sony/HTC’s bloatware. Nobody says you have to actually use it, though.

  • Cal Rankin

    This became an even better deal once AT&T started offering LTE to network resellers. This should be fantastic to escape from contracts.

  • Groc


  • Brian Shieh

    Well, if I sell my HTC One and make a decent amount back…Nexus 5 it is (32gb)

  • xmas

    so no kernel 3.8+? Will this be good to work on low memory devices?

  • Paul K Deuster

    I am hopeing they keep our expectations low to wow us away when it’s announced