Nexus 5, Android 4.4 KitKat to really be unveiled on October 15?

by: Chris SmithOctober 10, 2013

Android 4.4. KitKat

A new rumor floating around is saying that Google will unveil the Nexus 5 – or will it be called Nexus 4 (2013)? – alongside Android 4.4 KitKat on October 15. But is that really so?

Word on the street is that the October 15 announcement date was slipped during Google Launchpad, an event recently hosted by Google for start-ups. At said event developers “have served lashings of Key Lime Pie,” as CNET UK puts it, and we’ll remind you that until KitKat was revealed as the official name for the next Android version, Key Lime Pie was used internally at Google as a placeholder name, and have reportedly heard more details about Google’s Android plans.

That said, there’s nothing to prove that the event will indeed take place next week, assuming this rumor is real.

Back in fall 2012, Google issued invites for the media on October 18 for an event that was supposed to take place on October 29 in New York. We all knew what Google planned to announced during the show – the Nexus 4, Nexus 7 3G, Nexus 10 and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean – but the company never had a chance to actually host it, as hurricane Sandy hit. The new products were announced via press releases, as the company did not reschedule the event.

Nexus 5 at Android 4.4 KitKat statue unveiling

Considering that Google officially teased Android 4.4 KitKat since early September, sort-of crashing Samsung’s and Sony’s early announcement parties at IFA 2013, we would assume that Sundar Pichai and the gang would want to host a special event to unveil the new OS and the new Nexus products. Let’s not forget that some rumors out there suggest the company may unveil other Nexus products (except for a new smartphone a new 10-inch tablet), which would sort-of require a proper introduction.

In such a case, the October 15 date doesn’t make any sense as an announcement event for these new products. (At the time of writing this article, Google was yet to officially invite the media to a press event with five days to go until the rumored October 15 event.)

Then again, Google may do the unthinkable and just announce the new devices and OS update via press releases next week.

From a different point of view, we’ll point out that Nokia and Apple have events confirmed (Nokia) and rumored (Apple) for October 22. Is there a chance that Google may be interested in beating these companies to the punch when it comes to presenting new products for the winter season?

Finally, we’ll note that this isn’t the first time we hear the new Nexus handset and KitKat OS are going to be unveiled in mid-October, but that rumor wasn’t really confirmed either.

  • APai

    just release it already! oh we know everything about the product already ;)
    (point the direction to send money to, while we are at it)

  • Junaid Ansari

    Can’t wait! My body and wallet are ready!

    • Tuấn Ankh

      My credit card is ready; xD

    • Mayoo

      My GNex is ready
      My Wallet is ready

      • turdbogls

        my Gnex is ready
        my wallet is ready
        my verizon contract is not ready :(

  • Qbancelli

    Invitations to the Nexus event should go out anytime now.

    • iTriune

      you know this how?

      • Mayoo

        He knows this how, by the Force he uses. Mmmmmmmm!

  • Taurus_G4

    the amount of NEXUS leaks and news is too damn high

    • azul

      Jimmy agrees

      • Eddy Edd

        lol exactly what I pictured while I was wrote that

  • TeeJay1100

    Give me an “add to Cart” button please!!

    • Mayoo
  • Chris Gates

    Nexus, please be announced and deliver me from the evil that is the Galaxy Note 3. You can save us from Touchwiz and Knox.

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  • districtjack

    Well…there was the sign that gave the date of Oct 14th as the date to “sit here to win a free phone” and then there is the phone case manufacturer Spigen who are selling the neo-hybrid case for the “nexus 5”.
    We will have to wait and see what really happens. I am contemplating buying one. My first nexus device is the nexus 7 and I am overjoyed knowing I will get every android update that is released in the future. I would like to have that option in my phone as well.

    • Tim

      Good guess! October 14th is the first day of MobileCon…

  • districtjack

    Here is the Spigen image from their Nexus 5 Revolution ad

    • districtjack

      I think its safe to say it will be called the Nexus 5

  • AndroidBrian

    I’m dissapointed in the Nexus 5. Yeah, it upgraded the processor and the screen rez. But those qualities were fine w/ the Nexus 4. They needed to upgrade the camera and the battery. Curious to see how they peform. But from the specs (which don’t always tell the full story) its not looking great. I want a LG G2 Google edition….. Nexus 4 from Nexus 5 doesn’t really warrant a change IMO. With all that said, I’ll still be buying the Nexus 5.

    • mumusen

      Exactly my thought. I WILL upgrade and give my N4 to a family member but I wish camera and battery were taken care of (after seeing the leaks).

    • sluflyer06

      After moving up to a 1080p IPS screen from a 720 (and then having my brand new phone stolen), I would say the upgrade in screen res is completely worth it….and umm LTE!?!?!? I’m temporarily stuck back on a HSPA phone until the nexus5 comes out and direly feeling the lack of LTE connectivity. LTE alone would also be worth upgrading to. Better cameras are nice but its still just a phone, if you want to take good pictures you use a SLR (the right tool for the job).

      • AndroidBrian

        1080p screens look great, cant argue with you there. My Nexus 4 already runs LTE. & I dont want to carry a camera around with me everywhere I go. My point is Nexus didn’t address its only two flaws IMO. Nexus 5 will be a great phone for its price 9Just like N4). Im just saying they didnt do enough to make tons of people drop there 1 year old Nexus 4. Nobody is complaining about the Nexus 4 screen or its speed. I’m buying it still (N5). Just disappointed that’s all. Really wish Google would make $700 version of the Nexus that matches the LG2 specs.

        • Avi

          S u believe that Nexus 4 had 8 mp shooter and this Nexus 5 had 8 mp shooter so they are same,, so in the span of around 1 year google did nothing to camera,,, cmmn man we alredy know it has ois ,,who know’s quality would hav been improved like iphon5s vs iphone5(8mp) and Lg g2vs Lg g(both having 13 mp)

  • Balraj

    It could be a secret event for selected ppl !!!
    For public..October 31 st
    Maybe Google might throw a surprise event…

    • APai

      secret event would now be a joke, given the amount of leaks :)

      • Balraj

        I meant to say, few lucky ppl will get to play with the device first :-P

    • Luka Mlinar

      The best way to do it is Facebook style where they have a medium room with press and live streaming on the net. No Samsung unboxing events that give me nightmares that almost bore me to death over and over in my dreams. Or the Apple ones where they talk for 5 hours about nothing, adding dramatic posses and walking around like they invented god.

      • Balraj

        Lol..I liked what you said bout Apple :-P
        For me best way is to announce the date n then tease as much as you want lol

  • Mayoo

    Once this is all done, I’m gonna miss that girl…

    • Luka Mlinar

      loool :D

  • Sborkel

    This was a pretty stupid’ useless article since it’s pretty much confirmed google will unveil the nexus 5 and kitkat on their big bang event on october 14

  • LuvMusic

    Given today is 11 October, I doubt we will see an event next week……doesn’t leave much time for people to plan to get there. Might see an announcement for an event.

    Also, I was in a TMO store yesterday (Chicago) asking questions about the new plans and asked about the Nexus 5. The rep responded he had been advised that the Nexus 5 would not release until after the first of the year. The reason being there is already too much new product in the marketplace and that the first quarter is generally the worst quarter, so, maybe the Nexus 5 release would stimulate 1st quarter results. I suspect this is from a TMO perspective and it does make some sense.

  • M

    The Nexus 5 was only a rumor until just recently. What are the chances the other half of the rumor, Nexus 8 and Nexus 11, will also be released?