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Google appears destined to expand their offerings to as many new markets as possible this week. On Monday, they pushed out Google Play Movies to over three dozen new countries and Google Play Music to four more. Earlier today we announced that Chromecast began selling in eleven new markets. Now, Google has expanded Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 sales to a handful of new countries as well.

The Nexus 5, Google’s flagship pure Android smartphone, will now sell through the Google Play Store to customers in Austria, Belgium, Portugal and Sweden. In all, the Nexus 5 is now available in 20 countries around the globe.

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This is great news for a great device. The Nexus 5 has been a solid phone for many users, and still holds strong as a great example of a relatively high-end device selling for a relatively low price tag. The Nexus 5 comes unlocked and runs $349 for the 16GB version and $399 for 32GB in the U.S. We do not have word on global pricing, but expect comparative prices. For more details on the Nexus 5, check out our full review, then head over to the Google Play Store to grab the phone for yourself.

As for the Nexus 7, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal and Sweden bring global sales also up to 20 countries for the WiFi version of Google’s 7-inch tablet. The LTE version of the Nexus 7 did not get a bump and remains available in 12 countries total.

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The Nexus 7 is a well respected device by many users, representing the best that Google has to offer in a 7-inch tablet. Like the Nexus 5, the Nexus 7 has paved the way for what is possible for a relatively low-cost tablet. The Nexus 7 costs $229 and $269 for 16GB and 32GB in the U.S. We’ve taken the Nexus 7 for a test drive, checkout what we had to say about it, then grab it too from the Google Play Store.

This has been a great few days for international fans of Google’s products, with devices and services launching all over the globe. Google has a full list of the countries in which they sell their devices, check that out here. What and where do you think Google will announce next?

Jonathan Feist
Android purist and enthusiast, rarely more than arms reach from a stock Nexus 7. Often accused of being a Google fanboy, proud of it. Proponent for Android customization and personalization, if you can change it, make it your own!
  • bar

    Love my n5

  • Seara

    I’ve checked the play store in Portugal, and the LTE version of the Nexus 7 is also available here.

  • KillEmAllx

    Prices here in Sweden:
    – Nexus 5: ~488 USD/16GB and ~550 USD/32GB.
    – Nexus 7: ~360 USD/16GB and ~425 USD/32GB.

    – Chromecast: ~49 USD.

    I find it very cheap though, here in Sweden the S5 costs around 1000 USD. Crazy, I know. Finally some Google love for EU countries.

    • Jonathan Feist

      Awesome update KillEmAllx! Which ones are you going to buy?

      • KillEmAllx

        I’ll maybe buy the Chromecast, and wait for the rumored new Nexus 10. My next phone will probably be a Nexus too, just not yet!

    • Juan A C

      Wow, I don’t feel so bad about the Argentinian prices now haha. What’s the reason for those prices up there? Import fees?

      • KillEmAllx

        I really don’t know. I guess it’s because salaries here are higher than in other countries, therefore everything is more expensive. I was in Chile last summer though (I’m chilean) and all tech things were priced about the same as here, though salaries there are lower, so I guess it’s because f*ck logic haha.

    • Krait

      Well, 1000$ for a gs5 stills cheap even if u buy them at black market, around 80.000bsf (im from Venezuela). Last week i saw a gs5 (with shipment next month) in 130.000bsf.

      Oh, and normal salaries here are between 2000/5000bsf a month. So made ur maths.
      That was just an example of the crisis we have here

      • Krait


  • lexlehtor

    Nexus 5 also available in Finland! Gr8!

  • João Grácio

    Props to google

  • Tiago Pestana

    For Portugal:
    Nexus5 16GB = 349€ = 485$
    Nexus5 32GB = 399€ = 555$ but then again is cheaper than the 833$ that they put in the stores!! THANK YOU GOOGLE

  • niziou

    no love for Poland, we are grey and poor and shalow end of the world…

  • Iluvatar

    Well, at least this time…. :)

  • Anthony Johnson

    It’s little late to introduce qi enabled Nexus 5 Smartphone in European
    countries now almost more than 6 month after its release. It clearly hints
    towards the launch of Nexus 6 in the world of Smartphones soon.