Nexus 5 16GB black out of stock, all other models still available for order [Update: White 16GB model out too]

by: Andrew GrushNovember 14, 2013


Compared to the fiasco that was the Nexus 4 launch, the Nexus 5’s debut has been considerably smoother. While we have seen small stock shortages and a continued push back on shipping dates, most Nexus 5 buyers have found that the Play Store ordering process was pretty painless.

As strong demand continues to exist for the Nexus 5, how’s the stock holding up? For the 16GB black model, it’s now completely out of inventory — at least in the United States. We can’t say how long the model will be unavailable, though we wouldn’t be surprised if it returns to being listed for sale in relatively short order, albeit with a shipping wait of a month or more.

Google is a genius company in a lot of ways, but their product launches are generally one area where things never quite go right. It’s nice to see that with the Nexus 5, they are finally getting things figured out.

Right now all other models of the Nexus 5 are still available, but the shipping times vary depending on the model.

[Update: the white 16GB version is now listed out of stock as well.]

For the 16GB white model you are looking at a wait of 4-5 weeks before it ships, for the 32GB black it’s 2 – 3 weeks, and the 32GB white model ships by November 26th.

Google is a genius company in a lot of ways, but their product launches are generally one area where things never quite go right. It’s nice to see that with the Nexus 5, they are finally getting things figured out. Still, even the best product launches are bound to have some stock shortage issues. Let’s just hope that some folks aren’t still waiting until late spring or early summer to get their hands on the latest Nexus (we’re looking at you Nexus 4).

Still haven’t decided whether or not to pick up the Nexus 5? Check out our video review below for a better idea of what to expect from the handset:

For those that have already ordered (or attempted to order) the Nexus 5, how did the experience go? Any mishaps or was it smooth sailing throughout the entire ordering and shipping process?

  • SwankMonsta

    Cried for a 32gb version of the Nexus 5 , yet no one really buys it. Damn hyprocrits.

    • NeedName

      people bitchin’ n moanin’ on tech sites are a tiny minority. . . but behave as though they are the 90%.

      • SwankMonsta

        I’m not bitcin n moaning, i’m only stating facts broski.

    • James Sarino

      I bought and have a 32gb version in black for a week now, so no crying from me anymore. :-) I don’t know if the statement of “no one really buys it” for the 32gb is true considering it went from being available to ship in a few days is now stretched to about 2-3 weeks for either black or white. If growing shipping delays doesn’t scream good customer demand, I don’t know what is. :p

    • Alu Zeros

      I did

  • Balraj

    I gave up on the idea long back !!!
    My friend is getting one though…

  • Mayoo

    I love my N5. Voicemail bug is annoying. But please release the damn bumper already!

    • Module7

      How’s the battery life? I ordered the 32GB on Nov 1, so hopefully I’ll have it by next week.

      • Mayoo

        12h average on regular to heavy use. First charge lasted 20h. Idled, I am sure it could do 2 days.

        • Module7

          Thanks. That sounds a lot better than my Galaxy S Blaze.

        • James Sarino

          I concur what Mayoo said. I’ve been averaging around 16-20+ hours, and I consider myself a moderate user.

  • bigknowz

    ordered this am, smooth as silk. also, the wait time dropped a little.

  • Carl

    I ordered the 32GB White version, they said it was going to ship on November 26th, I got an email last night stating that the device was already on route to my place, the estimated date of delivery is Friday November 15th. It’s my 3rd device from the play store and I must say that I am satisfied with the service.

    • sunny

      I did the same thing and got the same message. I’m excited. I went to my local sprint store and checked it out. Fell in love with it on the spot. My opinin? White looks a whole lot better than the black and this is the first white phone I have bought.

      • Jason

        i was thinking of maybe getting the white 16g – the price is what sells me since I use Straight Talk and can’t see spending over $100 a month or $650 plus for a phone. But I have the GNex and am fine with it although Im sure the 5 would be faster, smoother. Not too thrilled with how it got damaged so quickly. ALl my friends with iPhones have cases but Ive always resisted..maybe I have to get a case now and then it doesnt matter if its black or white. Or maybe Ill wait a year and get an iPHone 6 which likely will have a bigger screen and it would simplify life a lot. I hate switching Android phones and losing all my app history, especially on games.

    • sohil naik

      What date did you order on? I ordered on Nov 1st and got the same date nov 26th! Hopefully I’ll get an email too :)

  • longhairbilly

    Ordered a black 32 gig last week. It’s not supposed to leave the warehouse until December 3rd.

  • roben

    I ordered a white nexus 5 with 32gig and was delivered in 4 days…. Very nice and very happy with it

  • solstice1221

    My experience was very painless. I ordered it on release day and their estimated ship date was November 8th. But to my surprise my 32GB Black Nexus arrived on November 4th :-D My only problems is I can’t find a whole lot of accessories for it (like cases) as it’s still a new product.

    • James Sarino

      Ditto. I ordered mine on 10/31 with an expected ship date of 11/8, but got it on 11/4 too…way earlier than I expected! Google’s Customer Service is very friendly when I had a question on my order, so no complaints there either. :-)

  • MadCowOnAStick

    Pushed back shipping dates? Mine was supposed to ship out on 11/22. It shipped out yesterday (11/11) :D and is expected to arrive on Friday

  • notpoliticalyet

    Funny, last week when I bought the 16gb black version it said ships in 4-5 weeks. Wouldn’t that mean out of Now it says out of stock today. So theyve come to grips realizing yeah 4 weeks means out of stock…lol The device will be old by then. For a company that offers fast search results they are far from fast with their devices shipping.

    • simi

      Really poor planning if you have a brand new phone released – especially for holiday season – and its out of stock in a couple weeks. Hanukkah is only a few weeks away…

  • Otter

    I don’t understand what guerrilla glass is if it still breaks

    • Angel Cervantes

      Harder to scratch and harder to break, even tempered glass break..

  • Steve

    Guess I need to buy a case for the first time…I have a Galaxy Nexus that Ive dropped a lot but never had any damage

  • reardensteel

    I ordered it on 9 Dec; no problems; sched to ship on 3 Dec.

    So, tell me if I’m off here.

    I looked at all the major carriers, and Sprint and TMo had the best monthly rates.
    TMo doesn’t subsidized phones, so the price for the phone and two years of service from them is $2,030 ($350+$70×24).

    Sprint subsidize phones, but charge more per month so the total from them is $2,120 ($200+$80×24). Plus, they wanted to charge me (a loyal customer since 2002) an “upgrade fee” of $36.

    I ignored taxes and monthly fees, assuming they’d be similar on both carriers.

    With those figures, it seems TMo is the better way to go, at least with the Nexus5 since it’s a lot cheaper than other high-end smartphones.

    Anyone see a problem with my reasoning?

    • jrock

      Don’t forget about StraighTalk…$45 unlimited plan on AT&T with LTE support. $890/year ($350+$540). Been using for about 2yrs now, no issues and I average about 1gig of data a month. They recently revealed that they start throttling at 2.5gigs of data.

  • reardensteel

    In the video, you say the memory is not expandable.
    But the phone does have a card slot, right?

    • simon99

      no it doesnt :(

  • BRB

    For all the positive reviews being left here, there are definitely a lot of negative reviews on other forums with regards to customer service and shipping. Lots of “shipped” emails with tracking numbers that didn’t show anything but a label created for over a week, missed “shipped by” dates, useless Google agents (couldn’t cancel orders, couldn’t reorder, couldn’t locate packages, didn’t respond to emails, etc.), no sense of order for shipping out vs. order date (some found it more useful to cancel early orders that were stuck and place new orders–those new ones were shipped quicker than the orders of people with earlier order dates). It seems that overall Google did a better job this time than it did with the Nexus 4 launch, but there have definitely been more hiccups than their should have been.

  • spin10d0

    i was able to get my order placed a day before it ran out inventory what a relief.

  • Xar

    I ordered a 32gb white nexus on the 5th. It said there was a 2-3 week delay, but it shipped the next day ;)

    I love Google :D

  • Kyle P

    I’m happy with the 16gig N5. Speaker is horrible and camera subpar. But the software and soft grip casing are good. I’ve had it for over a week and it’s nice. Now I can compare the software updates between the N5 and HTC One.

    • Apple Jack

      how is sound quality with headphones?

      • Allen

        Phenomenal. I am really amazed at the high end DAC converter the Snapdragon 800 uses. One of the best I’ve heard and has a great amplification of sound, but that poor speaker they placed inside gets the job done

        • Kyle P

          Gotta make some sacrifices to keep the price low for an unlocked LTE phone that gets updates straight from Google first!

      • Kyle P

        Headphone are much better than the speaker. It’s good (average), but not as great as the HTC One.

  • MadCowOnAStick
    • Apple Jack


      • MadCowOnAStick

        well, before, lol

        • Apple Jack

          And now it is lol

  • Ebu

    I ordered my white 16gb six hours after the device was on sale and my leave warehouse date was nov 22nd but two days ago I got an email saying the product is on its way. Date of arrival is 20th!!

    • ebu

      Oh im from canada btw

      • Apple Jack

        lucky, I wanted to buy the 16gb but its now out of stock

  • Apple Jack

    You folks seem intelligent here and i need some help. I am an 11th grader in high school and on my iphone i have 1000 songs, a couple books, around 20 apps and no movies. I feel as if my 16gb is enough for me and I would be fine with a 16gb nexus 5, but unfortunately, theyre all out of stock and they dont look like theyre coming back… I dont know if i should just seize the moment, pay the extra 50 bucks and order the 32gb before it runs out of stock, or wait to see if the 16gb comes back…. advice?

    • Chris

      I would go pay the extra money and get the 32GB version, that’s what I ordered. Its barely any money extra in the grand scheme of things, and if you do find yourself needing more than 16GB (I know I will), there is no SD card slot to expand the storage. I think its worth the extra money.