Nexus 4 in stock at Three UK for £29 with mandatory £35 per month two-year contract

by: Chris SmithDecember 13, 2012


The Nexus 4 is one of the best-sold Android handsets of the year, with Google and LG not being able to keep up with demand. In case you live in the UK and desperately want one of these babies before Christmas then you’ll want to check out Three’s offer.

The carrier is ready to sell you the device for a one-time payment of £29 and a mandatory two-year contract with a £35 monthly fee. Yes, that means that’s the only plan you can select with Three at this time for the Nexus 4, but at least you’re getting your precious handset, as LG’s Nexus is in stock with the operator.

In case you were wondering, the £35 monthly plan offers you 2000 voice minutes, 5000 voice minutes in Three network, 5000 text messages and “all-you-can-eat” data.

Assuming that’s enough for you and you won’t incur any extra monthly charges, you’re set to pay £869 for the device until your contract is over.

What say you, UK Android fans, are you up for the offer or is it too pricey for you?

  • Aq3of8

    Well the n4 costs £289 delivered. The one plan on a rolling contract on three Is £25 p/m. So an extra 24 x 10 = 240 plus £29 makes it a grand total of £269 for the n4. Only problem is that you’re locked in for 24months. Is saving £20 on the handset and getting it earlier than google play worth it to you?

    • Kevin

      If you go on a rolling contract with giffgaff though, you are looking at about £12 a month, plus the £289, over a 2 year period is only (24*12)+289 = £577 so saving about £300 over the 2 years.

  • Wibbly

    That’s poor value not least because you can only use the data on the plan. You can’t text or talk from the N7, can you?

  • Wibbly

    Oops – we’re talking N4 here. Sorry!