Nexus 4 stock issues caused by ‘huge demand,’ LG says

by: Chris SmithDecember 6, 2012

As you already know, the Google Nexus 4 is out of stock in most markets where Google is selling it via its Play Store. In case you haven’t purchased yours yet, chances to get one before Christmas aren’t looking that great, especially if you’re hoping to get one at an affordable (Google Play Store) price.

However, neither Google nor LG are ready to tell us how many Nexus 4 units have been sold to date, with Google selling one not one, but two batches of fourth-gen Nexus handsets so far.

Andy Coughlin, LG UK’s head of mobile division told CNET that the Nexus 4 sold out because of “huge demand,” without mentioning any sales numbers or how many Nexus 4 units Google ordered so far. Has Google failed to foresee the avalanche of Nexus 4 orders that would come in? Or did it intentionally create this situation in order to generate Nexus 4 interest? Whatever the case, don’t expect any party to confirm such details:

I asked whether LG has agreed with Google the level of Nexus 4 stock that will be sold through the Google Play store, and the amount to be sold through other channels.

“As with any sales process, LG supplies product quantities against partners’/customers’ (ie retailers, operators etc) forecasts,” Coughlin explained, going on to say, “demand via the Play Store has been very high in this instance.”

Considering that Google is selling the Nexus 4 for less than what you’d expect to pay for a flagship device, therefore its profit margins can’t be that high, having the Nexus 4 out of stock in various markets at this time of year isn’t necessarily a bad thing for Google, as it helps the company keep the Nexus buzz at high levels throughout the holiday season.

IHS mobile media senior principal analyst Ian Fogg told CNET that this marketing strategy is definitely helping Google with its Android-related objectives:

[…] “It’s hard to say whether Google underestimated demand, or whether they chose simply to have a number of devices available,” also commenting that regardless of stock shortages, “the fact that the Nexus 4 is high profile is good for Google”.

“All of this raises the public profile of Android,” Fogg said. “All of this helps Google’s strategic objectives.”

Are you still looking to buy a Nexus 4 handset or did you purchased yours already?

  • ME


    • I will stick with Samsung for the same reason

      • Johnny34w

        That’s nothing to be proud of…

        Galaxy S1: two updates over it’s lifetime, support stopped at gingerbread.

        Galaxy S2: two updates over it’s lifetime, last update was to ICS in July 2012, and it still hasn’t arrived for Canada.

        Galaxy S3: One update to 1st version of Jelly Bean so far (delayed by half a year), and likely one more update before support is dropped again in favor of the S4.

        Enjoy… iPhone and Nexus users will be rocking the latest bug fixes, and improvements, while you sweat over when (or if) you’ll be receiving some outdated OS upgrade.

        I bought an S1, and an S2… never again.

        Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

        • him

          It’s called root smartass

          • skyze

            Except it is that much better to have the latest version up to date and running flawlessly than going through the effort of rooting/custom romming. Plus its likely to be much less stable as well, I’d rather have the latest up to date firmware from Google.

        • userx

          so you got s1 and s2 so you were fooled twice. so shame on you :P

      • Hudhud

        Same! i was thinking with the Nexus 4, but the delays in shipping has made me change my mind back to the S3

    • MateuszDabrowski


  • Nixon

    By the way are there any news on when LG will begin to sell it themselves?

  • I got mine:) First batch.

  • I’m still waiting… But I don’t have high hopes to get one. Google don’t sell devices in play store in my country. So, probably, if Nexus 4 arise in retailers and operators, will be in full price. AKA expensive as hell!

    I will wait for more 2 months to change my old phone (will be 2 years old) any thing I buy certainly will be much better than my current phone… But I realy want a Nexus!

  • ray01000101010101

    How much is huge demand, and how many were shipped?

  • A-MAT

    ordered mine.. says 5-6 weeks…. 4 more weeks to go ;)

  • I think they are just shipping in less than they are supposed to, to make it look like a “huge demand”

  • Already ordered just waiting to arrive

  • Alex

    Already got my 16 GB on December 3rd in Canada!

  • I really would like to have a new Nexus (sporting a gnex now), but the situation is dragging out here in Sweden and could give Sony V an opportunity to shine. I know, not quad-core, but still impressive little thing for us more interested in quality and a good camera. They also seem to grasp the developer community better than, e.g., Samsung …

  • paxmos

    One would think a company that spies on you (it’s their business), would have had a better idea about the demand….I think it is all business strategy….Besides, Google sucks at selling phones anyway starting with Nexus 1

    • APai

      “One would think a company that spies on”
      apple/ microsoft/ facebook do the same. if you get targeted ads anywhere you are being “spied” upon.

      • paxmos

        Google is the subject here..They all spy on you and me, I didn’t say they don’t.

        • APai

          it’s kind of hollow that statement, because you make it sound like google’s the only one doing it. i find the ridiculous claim elsewhere too. no one accuses the others of doing the same except the companies that get their revenue off advertising. which is dangerous IMHO. because both apple and microsoft do exactly the same now that they have their own ad networks to feed and run off users’ data. given a chance all of these would love to do exactly what google is doing – highly effective and targeted ads. right about now, they are all trying for the exact same thing.

          • paxmos

            I don’t think what I said is too hard to understand. They all spy on us and make money off of the data they collect. What I am trying to say is that this article is about Google/LG and Nexus 4 thus my comment about Google spying. There is nothing here that says Microsoft/Windows RT, Apple/iPad. Again, They all spy on us and collect data but Google does it better than anyone. Example, go buy a pair of shoes on a website, use your gmail email account (if you have one) or pay with Google Wallet (if you have one) and you can notice that every page you go to, there would be ads related to shoes or the same pair of shoes that you looked at on that visited website. I see the same behavior with MS with the ads that appear on the side of the email page. This is internet and a big field for companies like Google, MS and Apple and so many others.

          • APai

            oops, my bad. yeah I completely lost the plot.

          • paxmos

            Yep, many companies are banking on our data these days.

          • On a Clear Day

            Here’s the solution. If you want to view what Google does as “spying” then simply register your objection by not using their services. Problem is that no matter whose service you use you will still be “spied upon”.

            The question is, if the information is being collected essentially in an anonymous fashion and the ads we see are in actuality usually more rather than less than relevant to our needs, what’s the big deal?

            Sure, if you or I were a terrorist or some other such ne’er-do-well and law enforcement got hold of our internet meanderings (sorry I love the English language and too seldom do people use more than ordinary words so I am trying to make for up for them! lol) Anyway, if we were up to no good, being able to actively, consciously track us would be fatal.

            The point I think too many people miss is that what Google has created with its business paradigm and the services they offer is absolutely, positively pure genius. They have created out of virtual reality an engine for economic prosperity as well as an incredibly useful, valuable suite of services that the world has never seen before; and they continue to evolve; continue to create newer and even more delightful things.

            Yesterday, I was reading a book from 1976 where they mentioned a book written in 1916 call Obvious Adam; The story of a Successful Businessman. I went on line; did a Google search; found out it had been scanned by Google and was part of their ever growing compendium of books on line. The story, incidentally is delightful and one of the true classics of entrepreneurialism.

            Sure Google is in business to make money, “Show me someone who says they don’t like money, and I’ll show you someone who will lie abut other things.” Quote from Brian Tracey, motivational speaker.

            It is because they make money – and tons of it – that they are able to give us the things we enjoy that they offer for free.

            Either get over it; or stop using them, but don’t try to have it both ways by bitching about it and singling them out to any greater degree than all the other “usual suspects” – who only can’t do what Google does as well as Google does it (but sure wish they could).

          • paxmos

            Here we go again…All I am saying is that with all the data Google has on hand, could they not have got the high demand expectation right? Is that so hard to understand? Many of us use their services knowing that we make our information available to them, that is understood…regardless of whose services it is!!

      • userx

        ^ fanboy alert

        • APai

          care to explain why you thought it as a fanboy comment?

      • On a Clear Day

        Exactly. In fact, given the tightly controlled ecosystem of the iPhone and that Apple’s business model is not so much to sell hardware as to get you into their corporate clutches from whence you may never escape, thus making it so that practically everything you buy must be funneled through them and out of which they get a piece of the pie, it can be argued that Apple is the real “spymaster” not Google! lol

  • userx

    I think you should do a proper grammar check on your articles. Its not that hard!

    • The DP

      “It’s” You should try a grammar check too…

  • pirate

    Marketing spin: “sold out because of huge demand”
    How about: “sold out because of failed foresee from google” (the ongoing fail-list around the launch of the N4 points to this)

  • Where are sales no. For nexus 4 than , gimmick stunt.

  • tipud

    Hi y’all
    I just got delivery of my 16gb nexus 4. Best thing is i ordered it on the 5th dec and delivered on yhe 7th.
    The play store says delivery 4-6weeks !!!!!