Nexus 4 Stock Alert app offers real time updates on your Android device for Nexus 4 availability

by: Chris SmithNovember 21, 2012

Google’s latest Nexus smartphone was released just over a week ago in various markets and sold out minutes after launch. The Search giant revealed that more stock will be available in the coming weeks, without providing any specific dates.

Considering how fast the Nexus 4 flew off the virtual shelves of the Google Play Store on launch day, we’d expect the same thing to happen whenever the device is available again.

So how can you make sure that next time around you’ll actually be able to order an Nexus 4? Well, without wanting to sound too cliché, there’s an app for that for your Android device: Nexus 4 Stock Alert.

Using it, you’ll supposedly get real time updates on Nexus 4 availability right on your Android device, which should give you a buying advantage over other customers, provided the app works as described.

Nexus 4 Stock Alert is available as a free download from the Google Play Store and once installed it will consume about 150MB of monthly data to perform the checks. As soon as the Nexus 4 is back in stock with Google, a yellow star should pop up in the notification bar to alert you that the phone is available.

How are you keeping track of Nexus 4 availability?

  • That is funny, I am refreshing about every 30 mins to an hour when I am using the internet

  • I’d been using the Chrome Extension “Page Monitor”.

  • WyzeGye

    An iPhone app would be handy… For those of us that are looking to switch teams. Eager, even.

    • b3ta

      look in the appstore for “whohasit”

  • SimonB

    Hopefully it works better than the email notifications for the Nexus 4 we all signed up for in the Google Play store….

    … which never came through.

  • Brett

    lol at the android 2.x screenshots, dudes been waiting a long time to upgrade

  • Tim

    I got the chrome extension refreshing the webpage every ten seconds….but I will try this app