Nexus 4 shipping again to some lucky Canadians according to Google notifications

by: Chris SmithDecember 14, 2012


While Google has sold out a second Nexus 4 batch in various markets where the handset can be ordered via the Play Store, not all the buyers in this second purchase round were lucky enough to have their devices shipped in 1-2 weeks.

In fact, some Nexus 4 buyers will only get the smartphone in January 2013, so there’s plenty of waiting to be done for these pre-orders to ship. Nonetheless, Google is apparently ready to move more Nexus 4 units in Canada, where Mobile Syrup reports that shipping notifications have been sent out to some buyers.

According to the emails, the Nexus 4 is about to be shipped. Right in time for Christmas:

“Great news! Your order on Google Play has shipped. Track the status of your package UPS #XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Note that it may take 24 hours for your tracking number to return any information.”

Let’s hear it from Canadian, and non-Canadian Nexus 4 buyers! Did you get such notifications these days?

  • Stian French

    I certainly did!

  • I did too! scheduled for the 18th.

  • immortz

    It still says out of stock!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jose Gurrola

    I did! Ordered mine on the 11th, the play store said it would ship between 5-7 weeks and the got a notification that it shipped on the 12th. Got my phone on the 13th and I am typing this comment using my Nexus 4. I am one happy camper I’ll tel you that much

    • kjetilpp

      I ordered 03:51:13 UTC 11. December 2012 and now it just say Pre-ordered here.. Google..?

  • ommy

    Arrives on the 18th; BUT they are shipping from the US, not Canada which i found werid because they said they were going to be sent from Toronto

  • I received a shipping notice for Dec. 19 delivery !

  • Ildar Nigmatzyanov

    WTF. I bought mine on NOVEMBER 27 in the USA and now status is “Pre-ordered”
    WTF, Google?

    • kjetilpp

      Same here

  • Gabe

    received mine nov. 30 but my order was in on launch day within 5 minutes of it going live.
    this phone was available to get but you had to truly want it and be willing to devote your day to google to be ready for the seconds it went live.

  • karan thukral

    This is clearly fake as price comes out to be $419.07 for people in canada (16gb model)… I am sure google doesn’t charge different tax to different people.

    • Natasha Nelson

      mine came to $393 with tax and shipping (16gb) maybe its the shipping charge thats different? either way its true for some cause I ordered mine the 3rd and it shipped this afternoon!

    • Jon

      It is indeed different tax rates for the different provinces.

      • karan thukral

        Ok! that makes sense. But isn’t that confusing?

    • Costed me exactly the same number down to cents. I’m in ontario we gotta pay the 13% HST + $20 shipping.

  • Natasha Nelson

    I was lucky enough to get my shipping notification today! Can’t wait!

  • Iceberg

    I got my confirmation it left Kentucky yesterday, and I ordered it on the 3rd… It was supposed to be 3-4 weeks before delivery, but shipped in less than two!! One happy customer here!

  • Adam Evans

    I’m in the UK and was expecting a 7 week wait. Next day, it said it had shipped! I thought it must be another Google play error. Next day it turned up! I am a much happier customer now :-)

  • Alex

    got my notification yesterday, should have it by tuesday.

  • Curtis

    WTF? People who ordered after me got theirs in three days! I ordered on the 8th in the UK and my order turned from “Pending” to “Pre-Ordered”. I will not be happy if it ends up coming on the 23rd of January like the copy and pasted email says! I don’t give a shit if they are stressed and getting called 24/7; shouldn’t of fucked it up then!

  • Got my order in 3 minutes after this screenshot but haven’t received a shipping notification yet. (In Vancouver, BC)

  • sean

    mines shipping from the states to Toronto

  • Derek

    I ordered at 12:05:55 on Dec 3 and mine has just shipped…my wife’s was at 12:08:22 and was listed as 3-4 weeks and is still pending. I wonder what the latest time is that has been confirmed as shipped…

  • Craaackle

    Ommy, they are shipping from US but are selling from Canada so the customer doesn’t have to pay duties etc. and also so they can legally charge appropriate provincial taxes if they have a mortar and bricks store in the area.

  • Got mine yesterday shipped to Toronto :)

  • karan thukral

    finally getting mine next week…phew!!