Samsung Nexus 10

It’s already November 13 in some parts of the world which means lucky Android buyers are already able to order their new Nexus devices. That’s the case for Australian Android fans, who can purhcase the new Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 from Google Play right now.

According to Austroid, the 16GB Nexus 4 has sold out down under in 22 minutes from sales start. The device costs $399, not counting the $19.99 delivery fee.

Meanwhile, the 8GB Nexus 4 retails for $349, while the Nexus 10 costs $469 or $569, depending on chosen capacity (16GB or 32GB, respectively). Naturally, these prices are in Australian Dollars, and, just like with the 16GB Nexus 4, they don’t include the $19.99 delivery fee.

The 32GB Nexus 7 versions (Wi-Fi and Cellular) have not started selling in the region, and the Nexus 4’s wireless Charging Orb isn’t available yet either.

Shipping for the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 is estimated at 3-5 business days, so Australian Nexus buyers can expect to receive their new devices either on Friday or early next week.

Let’s hear more details from our Australian readers, what new Nexus devices are you buying?

  • Was luck enough to get my Nexus 4 before it sold out. Would’ve been nice to be able to order the bumper protector thingy as well instead of forking for more shipping costs.

    • Amos

      What was the local time there when they went on sale?

      • Tom

        12:30 PM local time in most states.

        • Freddy

          Nah, bought mine at 12:18

      • Alex

        Either 12:00pm or 12:30pm (depending on whom you listen to), which happens to be 9:30am in Singapore, the country from where the phones are shipped.

        • Noman

          Yesterday I called Google USA and asked when selling will be started in Australia. The lady 1st told me that it will not be released in this region ! When I informed her that it will and I just want to know the time, will it be mid night or morning or bla bla … She kept me on hold and told about mid-night. But no luck in the mid-night. But luckily I refreshed the browser and able to buy a 16GB. I did subscribed for notification, but no luck yet ! I can’t expect such poor communication from this giant.

        • bljy

          how in the world is it shipped from Singapore, what are you talking about?

          • CB

            Above is correct, ordered mine in time and shipping is from:

            Google Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
            8 Marina View, Asia Square


      • It was 12:23pm when I got in. Minutes later it was sold out.

  • Khasha

    Bought mine and it’s now sold out!

    • AndroidBrian

      What was the local time?

  • MrRez

    Just missed out, both Nexus 4 phones are sold out. Was gonna get the 8gig one. :(

  • radie

    what time did it even go on sale? I went to lunch, came back and its gone. -.-

  • mintslice

    Yikes, I’m in Australia and I never got the notification email and the site says it’s still coming. What gives?

  • Lone

    Zero notifications, being a shift worker completely missed it. Thanks google

  • anon

    No email notification, only indication something was happening was the availability date disappearing on the 16GB model – while you still couldn’t order the 8GB model – and then the date disappearing on that one too… Good one Google play store…

  • tom

    Due to different time zone, I have been refreshing the page all morning, then came back from 30minutes lunch and it was all good. What the hell!!! Where is my notification email? Yeah, thank Google!!!!

  • Sol

    Absolute and utter joke this. Google has dropped the ball big time. No notifications whatsoever. What? Was there only 500 on sale or something? 22 minutes and a sell out. Joke.

    • Totally agree. Very poor. No notifications, no nothing… just Bang! Sorry, too late, sucker.

    • Notifications have never been speedier than a page refresh. On the opposite, it would have been strange if notifications had been sent out right on time.

  • Brad

    Went on sale at 12pm EST. No warning, no email alert, 16GB gone in 20mins, 8Gb a little after that. No one got an email, and no one knew it was going live at midday, so there is definitely something suss going on, we either had a ridiculously small number of units, or google pulled them from sale.

  • zemm

    Two massive threads on Whirlpool! Both models and bumpers still say “Coming soon” so maybe someone flicked the wrong switch? Google are just teasing us!

  • mintslice

    Anyone notice the update to the Google Music app? The top now says “All Music” and if you touch it you get the options “All Music” and “On device only”.

    Could this mean that we might get Google Music in Australia soon?

    • Kleavage

      You know you can download the app online.

  • Tom

    Google Nexus 10 32Gb is out too! Hope they re-stock soon!!!!

  • Life in PNG

    Agree… I sat hitting the refresh button and kept hitting technical error when trying to buy… Then 5 min later its no longer available. Its a joke.
    Google can take its Nexus and stick it up its arse… I will buy something else.

    • Even if I miss it at day one, I’m going to wait until the next turn! :-D

      • Ya51


        • AndroidBrian

          What does that mean?

  • Bought mine during lunch

  • gn

    Very disappointed…No emails, no warnings, total disaster on the customer service front…Now thinking of getting the Iphone 5 instead

    • Me Ted

      Ok bye.


    • Hanshen Jordan

      bye gn

    • Kleavage

      Have fun bro, more Nexus 4 for me.

  • annoyed

    been waiting for this for weeks – checked several times this morning – went to lunch, came back, saw a post that it had already sold out – if it sold out in a day or two then that would look good for them – selling out in 20 odd minutes means they were taking the piss with how many they had available – not happy.

  • ray01000101010101

    What time did it release in Australia? and What time do you guys they will release them in the states?

  • Sean

    No notification email at all –
    It went available – went to get my credit card and it was gone when I came back to the PC
    No explanation on the website – No ETA for new stock
    Have been waiting on this for weeks
    An absolute joke for customer service
    Looks like I’ll get that S3 from Kogan
    Goodbye Google

  • Google $uck$

    I checked at Midnight, 1am, then in the morning, then in the afternoon ~15hrs… then @17hr… then @17:30 sold out and the Nexus 10 32GB is coming soon.

    What a bunch of incompetent morons… and insult us even more with shipping charges.

  • oops

    dang it you guys have me nervous sitting here in canada waiting for it to tick down to midnight. Did a pre buy with a google nexus 7 and made sure google wallet was good to go. Hoping i get one but that really sucks they don’t have enough to go around, wow, i mean, its hard to predict how much you’re going to sell but they obviously under sold this item.

    • Mary

      Also sitting in toronto ans updating the oage from 12 am now its already 3 am.. Basta!!! Going to sleep!!!!!

  • Kleavage

    Patience, a skill modern society has yet to achieve.

    • AndroidBrian


  • To everyone who missed it – would you be more miffed now, without a notification – or if you got a notification and it sold out regardless

  • scoobydoo909

    Anyone else in the US mad that it’s after midnight PST and still not available?

    • Dani P

      yup. me. lol

      • nexus

        is it already sold out in us

        • AndroidBrian

          No. Hasn’t been sold yet in the US…. Sometime today.

    • k

      3am here eastern

    • Dani P

      I noticed they removed the date on the page. It used to say Nov 13. Weird

    • lame.

    • Dani P

      I wonder how late I should stay up hitting reresh

    • I’ve been trying from 12:00:01 ET

    • Ashdroid

      yes ver mad…n after reading all the posts above..feels like party is getting spoiled

  • CB

    Managed to order mine just in time at around 11:15am in QLD. (UTC+10) around 10 minutes later I noticed it had gone back to “coming soon!’

  • flukedit

    ha ha mine is already in australia according to fedex, should get tomorrow, cant wait