We can talk all night about how Google messed up the launch of its flagship phone, the Nexus 4. Did the big G really fail to gauge the interest that folks have of the phone? Or could it be because there were too many rabid Nexus fans and resellers who ordered two, five and even more handsets at one go?

If the latter was more of the case, we don’t have to worry about history repeating itself when new stocks of the Nexus 4 arrive on Google Play, for a new rule has been introduced by the Nexus sheriff. As reported by Phandroid, one customer can now only purchase a maximum of two Nexus 4 units from the Play Store, though apparently this applies to each variant of the phone.

The new policy might seem to come a bit late in the game, but wait until you hear that it will be enforced retroactively. This means those who have successfully gotten away ordering more than two phones under one account will only be getting two.

We’re not sure how Google is planning to handle refunds or if this is just a temporary solution, but this should come as good news for those who have been waiting forever (well, two weeks) for Google to ship the phone. What do you think?

Bams Sadewo
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  • Matthew

    Good, assholes who make a “living” by doing things like buying extras and selling them on ebay can get a real job.

    • They were selling them for about $600 a phone and one person was selling a few hundred of them!!

      • Matthew

        Yeah, it pisses me off

  • mark beckford

    Perfect should have done that the first time!! Learn from the Nexus 7 launch.

  • Glad to hear this. Well done Google!

  • Nxn

    If Google had released a bit more Nexus and we knew that LG would sell them for the same price, there would be no way in hell that a single N4 would go for 1000++$ on ebay, so don’t blame the “assholes”.

    • leoingle

      Uh yeah, I will blame the assholes. Google didnt set the price on what the “assholes” were selling the phones for. Buying something all up and selling it for double or triple the retail price is price gouging and there is a special place in hell for those douche bags.

  • I hope google put a clamp at the time to charge the same CC bank account.

  • leoingle

    At least that is one step to prevent those douchebags buying them all up and trying to flip them. I’m all for capitalism, but selling the phone for double the retail price is price gouging and just uncalled for.