Nexus 4 production reportedly halted, as LG is focusing on future smartphones, Nexus 5 included?

by: Chris SmithJanuary 11, 2013

LG Nexus 4

Android fans all over the world still waiting to purchase the Nexus 4 should better sit down for this particular rumor, as they would certainly not going to like to hear that LG may be shutting down Nexus 4 production months after launching the handset in order to focus on its own smartphones.

Without telling us where it has gotten its information, the International Business Times says that Nexus 4 production “is alleged to have [been] halted,” with LG interested in building its next-gen devices.

LG is apparently working on a variety of flagship devices, something we’ve heard of before, and the company plans to unveil some of them next month in Barcelona, at the next major event of the year, MWC 2013.

Furthermore, LG hinted a few days ago at CES that the Nexus 4 is just “the first of many” such devices, and while it didn’t specify when a next LG Nexus would arrive, it certainly did stir the mobile waters:

“Through our collaboration with Google, we launched the LG Nexus 4 smartphone. This is the first of many devices to come from our growing partnership with this very selective company.”

Is a Nexus 5 coming soon? Would it even make sense to see a Nexus 5 device at MWC?

However, this is not evidence that Nexus 4 production has stopped, even though the handset is not available to order from the Google Play Store at this time. Not to mention that there are plenty of Nexus 4 buyers that are still waiting for their purchased smartphones to ship.

Real or inflated popularity?

Stopping production of a hot product, one that would still sell great in the coming months, is certainly not something you’d expect from the company making it, although at the same time we can’t tell for sure how popular the Nexus 4 really is.

LG Nexus 4

The Nexus 4 was sold out not once, but twice since being launched in late 2012. That happened in the U.S. but also in international markets. But Google didn’t mention how many units it sold to date.

Some ingenious hackers concluded that LG and Google have sold up to 500,000 Nexus 4 units so far, which is less than we would have anticipated considering the impressive response from potential buyers.

When looking at Nokia Lumia 920 sales recently, we wondered whether the device was really in hot demand in the U.S., or whether its “popularity” was caused by deficient supply management in the region.

It wouldn’t be wrong to ask the same thing about the LG Nexus 4. No matter how hot the device is among Android users, has Google intentionally drove up popularity and hype by not ordering enough handsets from LG? Comparatively, the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note 2 are just two of Android devices that are a lot more popular than the Nexus 4, most likely registering millions of sales in the last few months (actual numbers aren’t available at this time.)

The previous-generation Nexus handset, the Samsung-made Galaxy Nexus saw plenty of hype before its delayed U.S. launched in late 2011 as well, but numbers revealed during one Apple vs Samsung trial that also targeted the third-gen Nexus handset revealed that the Galaxy Nexus wasn’t a threat to Apple since its launch, with the device registering minuscule sales in the region compared to iPhone sales during the same period.

Whatever the case is with Nexus 4 production, we’ll certainly keep track of Nexus 4 availability in the following weeks/months, and we expect Google and/or LG to comment on the matter. Are you still looking to buy a Nexus 4, or are you already eyeing a different Android handset?

  • Demand is huge, supply is tiny

    • bred


  • Bollocks. LG concentrating on what phones? The ones that don’t sell at all? This was one chance LG had to get back into the game and they sure had a winner, but they screwed the pooch! If they’re indeed halting N4 production, people would stop giving a hoot about LG the very next day.

    • bred

      Google F$^$$% it up — Fire a Google executive … cant wait to hear that for hir/her screw up. Was it Mayer- so she left ?

      • Lucas Nicodemus

        Yeah, because the former head of search and person with nothing in charge of Android in the slightest is behind a Nexus production delay.

  • After this kind of production delays, it is certain that Google is not going to give the next Nexus contract to LG…. I can bet on that…

    • Matt

      many people knew it was a bad idea from the get go, LG is not good

    • th3

      But the previous model also, the galaxy nexus, it was also sold in only small numbers. Remember that you will not find any Nexus users in real life, but in sites like this and GSMArena they are very visible since they are geeks with a special interest in vanilla android. Nexus phones are indeed very rare in the wild.

      • But, atleast at that time the Galaxy Nexus was not that much scarce as compared to the Nexus 4. Clearly, LG lacks the resources, which Samsung has, and it is evident with their sales numbers which can easily skyrocket withihout any delay… Samsung has always kept up with the demand, unlike LG which screwed their only chance to get some favourable market share.

        • killswitch70

          The existence of the Optimus G got something to do with it(“the delay”). That’s probably the problem of producing phones without the means, sourcing phones from manufacturers that produce competing models with their own product. Google acquiring Motorola might changed that with regards to producing their own super phone. Hey Xphones, we’re waiting.. =)

    • On a Clear Day

      Google should quit messing around and relying on others to produce the Nexus line. They own Motorola for goodness sake; quit wasting time trying to be politically correct – let LG and the other manufacturers fend for themselves, and if Google wants to built a kick ass Nexus phone, then they should “just do it”.

      What you have now is everyone getting jerked around by LG while LG focuses on what everyone should have known they would – their own selfish, self-interest.

      Besides, weren’t a number of LG employees arrested for industrial espionage against Samsung; not exactly nice guys it seems.

    • and they messed up OTG support in Nexus4 as well.

  • Oh come on Google Play does not work in India and now they want to stop production ? I was waiting so eagerly for this phone.

    • Donny johnson

      I had a chance to get the nexus 4 but instead went with the amaze by htc, I like everything about this phone.

  • Google will NEVER pick LG again to make the next nexus. they only sold 500,000 and they are so hard to get a hold of!!!

    • They picked LG because LG was hurting in sales and Google figured they can help them re-establish some market share. LG, OTOH wants to sell for higher profit margins.

      I doubt samsung will even consider making another nexus device. They are already looking at Tizen for cheaper phones, supposedly.

      HTC – nobody knows. Being a Taiwanese co, they may be willing to work with lower margins, esp in their current situation.

      Only other choice for Google is to directly go to someone like Foxconn but there aren’t a lot of cos like Foxconn and Foxconn is already swamped, what with m$ and apple and others.

      • stop being rasist :D no, i think Google will ask Samsung to manufacture it. plain and simple everyone want’s samsung!

        • kascollet

          What if Samsung doesn’t want this kind of collaboration anymore ?

      • Nick

        I think Google picked LG because of the amazing price they offered for the hardware that N4 is. But it seems the price is too good, and it is possible that LG is still losing money on every handset they ship. Hopefully Google works with Motorola on the next Nexus device with a realistic price tag.

  • aCe manayan


  • jeremy

    Thank god i never waited and just got the optimus G.. :-O which by the way is amazing. I thought i would hate not having JB as I was using a Galaxy Nexus, but suprisingly i dont.

  • Nick Schiwy

    I was going to buy a Nexus 4 as soon as it became available again but at this point I might wait to hear from Google as to their future plans. It really scares me though to think that they might be partnering with LG again, after the launch from hell that has been the Nexus 4

  • Jan

    Next time they should give SONY a try!

    • bred

      First fix Google. Fire the exec-team that messed it up for Android enablers … where are Serge/Larry now ?. Jobs must be lol from heaven :)

      • th3d

        Read the article. Nexus phones was never a problem for Apple, they are very rare, only a few geeks use them and those geeks are very visible in sites like this and GSMArena, but in the wild they barely exists at all. Nexus phones are very rare in the wild. Im kind of a cellphone geek myself but has zero interest in Nexus phones, they are all POS.

  • Adam Outler

    My guess is Google ordered a shutdown of the N4 line because the only thing Nexus needs is quality hardware. I’m guessing LG is stating that they expect the next contract. Maybe LG even revised the hardware?

    • Still hating on the N4, I hope you actually got a hands on this time instead of judging quality from a photo.

      Please expand of how these ‘quality issues’ are impacting Nexus 4 owners? Maybe the motherboard is dying, SoC full of security holes, oh sorry that is your long-term lover Samsung, such is your love it makes me wonder what deprivity your’re inflicting on your Galaxy camera’s zoom lens

  • cycad007

    Maybe the Motorola X Phone is coming sooner than we thought? There was a rumor that the Nexus 4 devices were going to be shipping to the T-mobile stores…not sure if that’s true or not.

    It’ll be disappointing if LG/Google *DID* stop production of these devices…as that would indicate a more serious “communication problem” between Google and LG than previously thought. I know the X Phone is coming…but if they work with another hardware vendor…I hope it’d be ASUS. I’d love to see a Nexus PadFone with an official tablet & keyboard accessory! A Nexus Transformer wouldn’t be too bad either!

  • K.

    Google would be very stupid to give the next nexus to either LG or even Samsung if one looks at the nexus 10 availability. I have been waiting for both the nexus 4 and nexus 10 and never been able to buy one. But now I will certainly not buy one. I thing I will still wait until the MWC to decide.

  • patoriku

    Seems like everyone thinks it’s LG’s fault for shortage of Nexus 4 phones, but I think that it’s Google fault. There were also problems with Nexus 10 availability from the start, and when nexus 7 launched back in 2012 it was also on backorder for some time. It’s hard for me to believe that 3 different companies can’t handle producing a nexus device; I think Google is not ordering enough devices.

    • cycad007

      Occam’s Razor – one should proceed to simpler theories until simplicity can be traded for greater explanatory power.

      In this case, most people believe Google is a smarter/more capable company than LG. Hence, Google was not the one who screwed up the Nexus 4 launch. Until we get the actual details…I’ll stick with that theory.

      • patoriku

        but there’s also samsung and asus producing a nexus device. I can understand LG and Asus screwing up the launch, but Samsung? That’s why I think it’s more plausible that one company (Google) screwed up the launch, than three companies (LG, Asus and Samsung)

  • Max Power

    This is just speculation. Remember how all T-Mobile stores are getting Nexus 4 devices this month. Was those just left over phones? LG is still making these.

    • rick

      See Bred not above — calling this a conspiracy in silicon valley … is it? Maybe someone should investigate and tell truth … but they shut up as they get a feebie :) (CNBCX folks ?)

  • Wude

    Some units have been shipped today to US, so not sure about the production halt.

  • Reza Abedi

    well this blows. guess i’m never buying an LG product for the rest of my life (TVs, Fridges, Washing Machines, Air Conditioners etc.)

    sucks for LG but this has fiasco has engendered a lot of ill will, which they totally deserve.

    • Jon

      I make it standard to not buy lg products… Was burned with a subpar device years ago and never gave them a second chance… Produce something truly notable and I will give them another look… Till then they are just a company that produces subpar products and would rather go with someone that is in it for the long run and not the easy money.

  • In India nexus 4 is not available officially and i was paying since 13th november to get the phone.
    after playing a lot of waiting game..i am getting the 8 gb version this week for around 570 USD.
    now if this happens and new nexus comes at MWC….:(
    dont be evil google

    • bred

      business .. read my note above. dont sink your money on a dead-on-arrival hyped phone

      • now i have sinked..:(
        i guess i will sell it as soon as i will receive it..and get a note 2 at that price.

  • Larkhillv

    It would be a dire mistake to give the next Nexus device to LG again… I still don’t understand what all the hype was about. I would much rather have seen the Nexus 4 device under the craftful eyes of Samsung or HTC again. The LG Nexus 4 was a let down, imo, not that I was even expecting too much. On to the Nexus 5, people.

  • leoingle

    wow, the whole N4 operation has just been a total disaster.

    • Not really. Obviously the process of making and selling the phone is a disaster, but the phone itself is great. I have one and I love it.

      • leoingle

        thats why i said “N4 operation” and not just N4. ;-)

      • bred

        yah yah …. Google failed

  • gOAt Mone

    The lack of availability is one thing, but radio silence and a persistent “We are out of inventory, please check back soon” message on the Play store for the last 2 months makes it seem like LG and Google don’t know how to sell products online.

  • rsanchez1

    So LG has a phone they can’t keep in stock, and reportedly they’re stopping production?

    Meanwhile, Samsung is resurrecting the Galaxy S2 even while S3 sales go through the roof.

    I wonder why one company is much bigger than the other.

  • Gimmy

    I still want a Nexus! Would be cool if we got the Moto Nexus 4.5

  • kascollet

    Considering the very low price tag for a Nexus 4, one can assume profits are also very low for both LG and Google. In such a case, stopping production is an easy decision to make for both.
    What if Google has a much bigger plan to soon put to market profitable high end Nexus devices, but in house using Motorola ?

  • BREAKING NEWS………………………………………………

    LG to launch the new Nexus smartphone, called simply ‘Nexus Unircorn’, made from pure unobtainium and featuring the CPU from the Star Ship Enterprise.

    Available to order from the Play Store for 1 nano second on the 32nd May 2013 for a price of 1 dollar, for non-carbon based lifeforms.

  • weger53tr3y

    hope to see a sony xperia nexus

  • Andy James

    The LG Nexus 4 is still available in the UK, just not direct from the Google Play store. Mine arrived within 48 hours of ordering from Phones4U and works out cheaper than buying the Nexus4 direct from Google. With discount it is £163 compared to £279 at Google Play but more importantly it is available in stock immediately! Google Nexus 4 Availability

    • Yeah right, spammer.

    • Your stuck with Vodafone for 2 years tho. I’d rather pay the extra.

  • Karthik Palanivelu

    I read somewhere that from now on, Nexus devices will be manufactured only by Google through Motorola division. If that’s true, I would love it :)

  • matt

    I’m angry.. With LG for them being useless, and with Google for mistaking LG as a legitimate handset manufacturer.

  • Muzafar Umarov

    Maybe they are coming out with an LTE version. Who knows…

  • Terry Cameron

    That story should never have been re-posted. I went and watched the video and there is absolutely nothing to indicate that the Nexus 4 would ever be stopped short or that something new was coming right away. The various quotes are all posted together to sound like there’s something there.

    Motorola X if it is a Nexus will be launched at Google IO if/when it’s going to be launched.

  • Alain Lafond

    Almost everything that I red here made senses… BUT, if it’s true, LG and Google are bitches… Full of sh*t…
    How can you be loyal to a compagny that started by saying they won’t be evil and then after do such a trick…
    Judge for yourself…

    • bred

      bitches .. lol

  • pennjersey83

    LG is crap. I blame Google for making the horrible decision of letting LG make the Nexus. Asus, Sony, HTC, or Google themselves should be making the Nexus. The Nexus is the only real Android device. All others are just manufacturer loaded bloatware phones based on Android

  • Darktanone

    LG wouldn’t halt production on a product that’s selling well! No company would! It wouldn’t make good business sense. If the report is correct, it’s a sign that the Nexus 4 isn’t meeting their sales expectations. The previous estimate might just be right.

    • EnviroTO

      If that is true it is an interesting catch-22. It isn’t meeting sales expectations, and it is sold out. How can it meet greater sales expectations if nobody can buy it? How can they sell more if there aren’t any getting manufactured?

  • reality dude

    ever wonder .. it could be a silicon valley conspiracy ??? .. a hot product Nexus-4, sold out with only 400KU versus apple that sells iPhone ~500KU each day. Why? How Google exec messed up? deliberate? Apple was 700ramge now down, so stop N4 until their AAPL investment rides to 800+, they sell AAPL (Eric Schmidt was on Apple board and am sure many Google exec/bard have Apple shares). I bet my dollar that when in summer apple is 800+, they sell, and release N-4+ again. wonder all the keiretsu – bay area style?

  • amulya

    If they do this, I will go crazy…. I WANT THE NEXUS 4… TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY

  • watermelon

    ive got the LG Nexus, you don’t need to be an expert to use it as some have suggested. Its a lot bang for buck. Awesome handset and usability is brilliant, You could easily pay another 250 to 300 for an iphone, and it does the same. Its a shame LG-Google didn’t capitalize on this. Maybe they wanted to keep the numbers low on purpose with CES just gone and ifa and mwc round the corner, there are some crazy handsets coming out. eg. ZTE with 8 cores.

  • descendency

    This is a BGR “report” that was republished on this site and now republished here.

    It’s BGR guys. Nothing to see.

  • DVO

    that’swhy i love APPLE LOL

  • strider_mt2k

    I heartily await avoiding the next weak offering from LG.

  • Moory

    Still looking to buy a Nexus 4. Honestly can’t go wrong buying an unlocked fast smart phone that doesn’t involve Verizon.

  • I’ve always disliked LG for their sub-par products. They finally make a good one and even though their margins may have been lower than they would have liked, it was a chance to build trust in their brand which a lot of people have lost.

    I doubt this rumour is true as it would be a fairly stupid move on LG’s part.

    If it is true I hope Motorola or Htc make the next nexus phone and that LG is left to wither and die.

  • Fellwalker

    I love the way so many people can be so definite that it is LG’s fault, or Google’s fault, or a conspiracy.

    We do DO NOT KNOW!

    Perhaps google dare not produce too many of “their own” phones due to agreements with all of their manufacturers? If they do so, perhaps those others would develop their own OS? Or move to windows. Or to linux.

    I am lucky – i got a nexus 4. It is lovely, well made, “does what it says on the tin”. It has a bright clear screen easily read outdoors.

  • ceb

    i have moved on and will never ever buy a google /lg product again very disappointed and google and lg should be ashamed at the poor marketing ot trying to pull a lame marketing gimick . for me it didnt ork i am forever done with both google and lg …back to apple now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!w


    Hay, look here we have a gadget better than our competitors, but you cannot have it. It is childish and immature.

  • faze1

    Google have to try out there next nexus with htc they make some awesome divices.