Nexus 4 orders from today are already being fulfilled

January 30, 2013


    It has been extremely difficult to snag the LG Nexus 4, but things are looking bright for the device. Yesterday the Nexus 4 went back in stock on the Google Play Store. Beyond that, Nexus 4 orders have already been shipped out.

    Customers who placed their orders today are receiving confirmation e-mails from Google claiming that their order has been shipped. That means that people should start seeing their orders arrive by the end of the week or even early next week! It’s a great time to order a Nexus 4 if you’re in the market for one, especially since LG will be able to handle the demand this time around.

    Previously, Google and LG have had major issues keeping the Nexus 4 in stock due to the huge demand. Recently in an interview with, LG claimed that stock issues would not be a problem come mid-February. What was the problem when the device launched though? Google, being the product manager, handed LG a piece of paper with statistics on it. LG estimated the demand and began manufacturing based off of those statistics. It turns out that Google’s numbers were wrong, which is why there was such a shortage.

    The LG Nexus 4 will soon be available to buy in a lot of places, including Canada on numerous carriers and even Saudi Arabia! Rumors has it that South Korean carriers will be carrying the elusive device early this year as well.

    It’s great to see the Nexus 4 finally becoming available for a wide array of people! Will you be picking up a Nexus 4 now that the stock issues are slowly being resolved or do you plan on waiting until more information surfaces concerning the white version of the Nexus 4?


    • Alain Lafond

      I have some shame, as I always lokked at Apple fan as the were stupid. But YES I bought mine… What a shame!!!

      • FrillArtist

        What are you saying? Learn to speak proper English.

    • paxmos

      Bought confirmation yet…estimate of Feb 13th shipment.

      • FrillArtist

        Weird. When did you buy it? I bought mine two days ago and it’s getting delivered today.

        • paxmos

          UPS delivered it an hour ago…I am surprised.

          • FrillArtist

            Same thing happened with my Nexus 7. Ordered. Got no confirmation or shipping email. Two days later, it shows up at my door. A week later, I got a confirmation email followed by a shipping email the next day. Too funny. Probably just shipped it off and didn’t send any shipping info.

            • paxmos

     I have it. They can send me a notification any time they want

    • Alok

      I ordered it yesterday and status is “Pre-ordered”. Any idea how much time will it take for shipping?

    • FrillArtist

      Ordered two days ago and according to my UPS tracking number, I should receive it today. FINALLY!

    • Alain Lafond

      Right, surely, you only speaks american english…