Nexus 4, Nexus 7 Android 4.2 / 4.2.1 Wi-Fi issue still present, ‘Issue 40065’ not exactly publicly addressed by Google

February 9, 2013


    In case you own an Android 4.2.x Jelly Bean device – which means a Nexus smartphone or tablet because we’re talking about the official Android 4.2 and 4.2.1 builds – then you too may have experienced or are experiencing some Wi-Fi issues.

    In fact, our tipster points us to an unresolved, but apparently closed thread on Google Code that’s filled with complaints regarding Wi-Fi connectivity on Nexus devices, a bug that has been observed since Android 4.2 came out.

    Issue 40065 as it’s called – or “Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 Wifi drops connection Android 4.2” – has 464 people talking about it. The thread has been started on November 20, 2012 and closed on February 1, 2013, without Google acknowledging any issues with Android 4.2/4.2.1 that affect Wi-Fi experience on Nexus devices.

    Please describe the problem in detail. Be sure to include:

    - Steps to reproduce the problem.

    Wifi will drop connection after a period of time (looks to be while in deep sleep. Shows normal signal strength but google sync has been lost (grey status bar icons) and no connection

    - What happened.

    Connection drops completely

    - What you think the correct behavior should be.

    Shouldnt drop connection at all. [sic]

    Happens on both Nexus 4 and Nexus 7
    Setting static IP does not fix. Keep wifi on during deep sleep set as always. Have to toggle wifi on/off to get it to connect again.

    The Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 were obviously launched running Android 4.2 out of the box, so some users started experiencing these Wi-Fi issues right out of the box. But is it a hardware problem?

    Considering that other Nexus devices have shown similar Wi-Fi symptoms only after getting Android 4.2/4.2.1, this seems to be more of a software issue, one that will be most likely resolved in a future Android release, most probably the Android 4.2.2 version that we keep seeing in reports lately but also in our traffic logs.

    While the thread has plenty of responses detailing personal Wi-Fi issues and some workarounds, it’s not clear how many devices out there are affected by the problem. At the same time we don’t expect all Nexus owners to know about the existence of this thread, and many people may have turned to other resources for fixing the issue.

    Most notably, an xda-developers Forum thread (see Source link below,) started on December 30, 2012 and titled “Wifi network connectivity issues and a possible fix,” details Wi-Fi issues on the Nexus 4 and a possible fix. While not official, this could help Nexus 4 owners get rid of the Wi-Fi issue until Google releases a new software update. But that’s definitely not the way things should be handled.

    Why isn’t Google acknowledging the problem? Even if it’s affecting only a small number of devices, the problem can be seen on a variety of Nexus products – in addition to he Nexus 4 and Nexus 7, the Nexus 10 and Galaxy Nexus also appear to suffer from similar problems.

    We have no answer for that question, but we can only imagine that admitting that your latest Android OS version has a flaw that affects Wi-Fi connectivity will not get you great press. But Google wouldn’t be the first or the last company to admit there are Wi-Fi issues with its devices, and it wouldn’t be the first or the last to try and fix them.

    Samsung Nexus 10


    So why isn’t it publicly addressing them, and why hasn’t a fix appeared in the almost three months since these issues were initially reported? After all, smartphones and especially tablets that can’t connect to Wi-Fi are definitely a hassle, with the latter being useless without a dependable Internet connection. And customers will complain about such issues, and take additional measures, like returning faulty devices and asking for their money back.

    This is where Android’s fragmented state comes in handy at least for Google. Imagine what would have happened in case Android 4.2/4.2.1 were available for multiple non-Nexus devices, and they would have all experienced similar issues after the update.

    On the Google Code thread mentioned above, Google only intervened a few times to comment on the situation, without actually saying that it’s a software issue. Instead, Google reps asked users posting reports about their Wi-Fi experiences to provide router model and firmware details.

    Only on February 1, 2013 did Google sort-of mentioned its findings for these Wi-Fi issues, but it didn’t say they have anything to do with Android 4.2/4.2.1 code:

    Thanks to folks who provided details. Some issues have been identified:

    * Scan failures with certain routers
    * Channel selection for non US regulatory domain
    * ARP filtering

    Other interop issues continue to be investigated. For new folks reporting issues, please include router model/firmware version alongside the symptoms to help with repro.

    Not clear when fixes will go out at this point – some will go earlier than others

    At the same time, the status of Issue 40065 was set to “Future Release,” but users can still file comments on the matter.

    Let’s hear it from Nexus device owners out there, are you experiencing any issues with your Wi-Fi connection?

    Thanks, Jason!


    • Wes

      I’ve been so disappointed with my Nexus 10. I have a Note 10.1 on the way and I’m going to use them side by side and see if the lower resolution doesn’t bother me. I gave up my first 10.1 to get the Nexus, but I assumed Google would be on top of the problems, but they don’t seem to care. My 10 randomly reboots about twice a day, and always during the worst time.

    • Richard Borkovec

      My Nexus 7 definitely has this problem, but it maybe happens once a week. It’s frustrating as hell though when it does. I know my router is an older one, but everything else connects just fine without dropping signal.

    • CHRIS

      Ok how many issues have already surfaced since the Nexus 4 came out??? Yet it is still the “best” phone or highly acclaimed why???? NOTE 2 ALL THE WAY!!!

      • Matthew

        Have fun with your ugly touchwiz

        • Peter Beyer

          Ahh, the ignorance. My Note II is running CM10.1, and it simply couldn’t get better.

          • Matthew

            Awesome for you, but most people do not run custom Roms, I doubt the guy above does, I would like to know where you managed to gather the facts that made my comment seem ” ignorant” it was a simple comment, not delving into the depths of android. Also, a note 2 without touch wiz is boo longer a note 2: it loses far too many features to still be considered one

          • Tomi Golob

            Yeah,because it is his fault he didn’t read your mind … The majority don’t flash custom ROMs so stfu

    • glovesave

      If I’m near the microwave oven and turn that on my WiFi drops and doesn’t start up again it seems. Its a nexus 4 BTW and I love it. Toggling WiFi off on fixes it (when the microwave is off again)

      • Matthew

        That is because the microwaves interfere with the mix of radio waves your phone sends and receives, not a software issue, simply the science of waves.

      • PleasantDrive

        You might consider not being so near the microwave.

    • Maung Moe

      My first nexus 7 had the same problem. One morning I woke up and I could not get my tablet to connect to my Wi-Fi. After talking to tech support, many reboots and toggling airplane mode on and off several times it was able to connect to my Wi-Fi. But Google tech support replaced it and I been using it problem free since.

    • Marco Mendoza

      I have no problems

    • Nizo

      Haven’t had any Wi-Fi issues on my Gnex since updating to 4.2.

    • Fedemyth

      I Have Nexus 7 with 4.2.1, No issues.

    • Paulo

      Yes I have this stupid problem on my nexus 7. It’s so annoying! Hope they fixed this very soon.

    • LiiIiikEaBau5

      My Nexus 4 have WIFI issue and im writing this from Norway!

    • Marc

      I own a Nexus 7 and I’m not experiencing any issues with Wi-Fi, besides when using the gMail application. It drops connection and re-connects some of the times when I refresh the app to check up on my new mail.

    • danmcsw

      I’ve a Nexus 7 32GB, running 4.2.1 and experience no problems with the Wi-Fi.

    • Junior Rosario

      Nexus 4 here… issues at all!!!

    • G

      Nexus 7, I get this problem every now and then.

    • louis kurian

      I guess its the WiFi router that disconnects nexus device after a specified period of inactivity (no data transfer happens for a specific amount of time, set in router settings)

    • Jeff Langer II

      Nex 7 no probs here as long as crapy At&t doesn’t go out.

    • hanktam

      Nexus 4 here. I’ve been thinking it’s a router specific issue. Wifi connection problems at work (2wire), but not at home (belkin).

    • Gary

      If Google care about their customers they have a funny way of showing it that’s for sure.

    • callum

      my nexus 4 wifi does not work round my house the connection just times out but when i go round someone else s house it works perfectly

    • Irelandman

      Nexus 4 sold it to my mate, couldn’t deal with the WiFi issues, completely sick of it, I may buy another N4 when they fix the problem. (if they bother to fix it before Key lime 5 comes out)

    • Baz

      Nexus 7 out of box running 4.2 and it always drops very dissapointed

    • Sadi

      Sorry but some ppl are so lazy that they can’t just do a Wifi off – on …. rather they wanna give up with the device ^^ – hilarious

      • Tomi Golob

        That is the dumbest defence I ever heard… Lazy people who pretend their device works as it should ,right?

    • Pradeep Viswanathan R

      To all those having problems with the WiFi, i would suggest to please play with the router settings and try your luck.

      • Rabid Rotty

        Why would I do that when my laptop, my nexus one and nexus s do not have those issues, only my GNex and N7 both with 4.2.1

        • Pradeep Viswanathan R

          if you wanted a solution to your problem you would ! that way you keep your N7 working rather than throwing it into the bin

        • PleasantDrive

          I had a similar problem with another device. Everything else worked fine, but the tablet would not stay connected. After a month of getting no help whatsoever and finally giving up on the “Why should I do that when my laptops, phones, and other tablet do not have those issues” approach, I spent 5 minutes resetting my router to factory default and adding the security. All has been fine ever since. That’s why.

          • Rabid Rotty

            Thank you PD, but as of this Friday I am ending my relationship with Google and everything that is associated with Google. Not because of this issue, but because of a combination of things, one that came to a head this evening. As of Friday my Google Accounts and all my Nexus devices will beeactivatedand returned to Mountianview. I do not know what my alternative may be, I hate Apple, and dislike Winows 8. I mayh hav to get a dumb phone and wait for UUbunto to release their phone, or just go off grid comletly.., who knos.

            • Tomi Golob

              That would be an unfortunate overreaction on your part. Well,good luck with WP8 …because LUCK is what you sorely need if you’ll go down that road.

      • Tomi Golob

        Captain Obvious to the rescue

    • Matt

      I have been having the same problem, I thought it was just me. I have to constantly shutdown the phone. Turing the wifi off and on does not fix the problem for me, and often times when I turn off the wifi, it won’t turn back on.

      It seems to only happen at work where I go between 9 apple airports. Pretty much everyday.

    • jdrch

      This happens occasionally on my VZW Galaxy Nexus too.

    • Alwin

      Nexus 7. Exact same problem. During normal use. I think switching apps even triggers it. Got a netgear wndr3700 router.

      • Alwin

        Now that was funny : I closed dolphin and dripper, immediately opened Facebook and I lost the connection. Within 1 minute after sending message.

    • L

      Maybe the same issue as 2.3.6 wifi dropping. many threads on google about it. problem solved buy changing the disconnect setting on the router to two weeks instead of leabing it at the default never disconnect

    • rvichar

      I can confirm that I have WiFi bugs on my nexus 4 on an otherwise flawless device.

    • Nick

      No wi-fi issues here…but plenty of GPS issues, with it constantly dropping the gps signal

    • holydookieitsj

      I have the issue on my Nexus 7. I use my tablet a lot, and it occurs 3-4 times a day. it is extremely flustrating. i have other devices on wifi which do not experience any similar issues so it is clealry the Nexus. I fully understand turning in the device for the issue. the fact is, there are other tablets that dont have the problem, so why should we have to near through it especially since Google will not respond on the issue. although the pricepoint is relatively good, why spend that kind of money on anything flustrating?
      As amazing i think this device might be otherwise i will never recommend it to others until the wifi and bluetooth issues are resolved (bluetooth headsets drop sound for 1-2 seconds approx every 30 sec or so).

    • Scott

      Nexus 7, constantly dropping WiFi while in less than two minutes between drops. Have to turn WiFi off and back on to get it to reconnect. Other than that, the device is a gem, but if they can’t get a fix out soon I will have to return it…just not useful without a connection (it is basically an e-reader now…and even my first gen Kindle still connects to a network dependably).

    • robrooter

      Seen this in stock code. Not as much in cm 10.1. Funny thing I thought when reading this….we are the beta testers with Google powered devices like the nexus. No wonder they are so slow to update 2nd party devices like Samsung, or HTC. If it too broke for us than they can not roll out an update till it fixed inside the nexus circle. No wonder my gs2 updates are so slow ;-)

    • Rabid Rotty

      GNex and N7 when in sleep mode both loose wifi. wifi sleep policy is set to never turn off. Also when using wifi will drop on both devices. Not only on my cisci router but on any that I am connected to.

    • Mark

      Owner of a Nexus 7, for a few weeks now. Experienced connection issues after a week of running fine, and tried everything I could find online to fix it. No avail. I called Google, and the last option they provided was to do a system reset. So I lost everything I had downloaded on to it, but it worked. A week and a half later, it’s doing it again. This thing is a piece of junk.

    • Chris Carter

      Both Nexus 4 and 7, no WiFi issues at all.

    • Vhvgy

      Poor article, dump this Writer.

    • jade

      I get it happening on my nexus 7 too :( otherwise perfect but hafta go into air plane mode and out a few times a day to kick it back into working

    • trlovejoy

      My 7 drops wi fi at home but is solid as a rock at work. i always assumed it was my home router that was the issue (and still do). I toggle airplane mode and comes right back. But that’s only at home. Never an issue at work.

    • Jstett

      My third Nexus 7 is working like a charm. No problem with support and prompt delivery of the replacement units. Interesting that the support staff is unable or unwilling to discuss the specific problems.

    • Olly

      My Nexus 10 is constantly dropping out of wi fi connection and freezing while every other device we have connects fine without issue. I will NEVER buy another Android device again; their lack of acknowledgement is a total insult.

    • Ciaran

      Yes my Nexus 7 has this problem. I’ve tried everything, disabling NFC etc etc assigning a static IP address, nothing works. The wifi only disconnects when we have several devices connected, and someone starts using the Nexus. As we say in Ireland, a hape of shite.

    • Ali

      My friend and I both bought N4. Wifi and bluetooth cannot work together. One should be off for the second to work. We both got replacement but same issue. Google support suks

    • Ali

      Btw, I got the 4.2.2 update and still, wifi and bt do not work when both are on

      • Rob Mickus

        Same here. Loses Wifi gotta turn off / on to restore. Problem is the handset does not know wifi is down, so 4g goes to sleep. So no data at all.. Tmobile

        • James Moir

          I finally found a fix for this.

          Under the Advanced Wi-Fi Settings there is an option “Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep”. You need to select the option “Always”.

          I believe the Nexus 4 thinks that it is going into sleep mode (when it shouldn’t) and the Wi-Fi is being turned off/disabled.

          Obviously this option can drain your battery faster, therefore it is a good idea to install an App such as JuiceDefender which is a lot more capable at managing Wifi and battery, etc..

          • BumferryHogart

            Doesn’t fix my problem. Have wifi on during sleep but my main wifi connection drops out even when I’m sat next to the router. other wifi signals from the same router work fine (although these are public wifi address and slower than my private one) but even that cuts out randomly.
            Hopefully a new update is around the corner and this issue will be resolved.

    • James Moir

      I finally found a fix for this.

      Under the Advanced Wi-Fi Settings there is an option “Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep”. You need to select the option “Always”.

      I believe the Nexus 4 thinks that it is going into sleep mode (when it shouldn’t) and the Wi-Fi is being turned off/disabled.

    • Donal Gavin

      Nexus 4 here. Just had the issue last couple of days. didnt take notice until today. Just couldnt connect to the wifi. was like my router wasnt there. was picking up other wifis but mine would drop in and out. Restart the phone fixed it for now.Really annoying bug

    • streamer man

      Nexus 7 and 4.2.2. Updated a week ago and since then realtime video streaming hasn’t been working properly. For a minute or two it streams ok, then there starts to be hickups. In less than 5 minutes the device stops to receive stream. Before updating, the real time streaming worked on this device without issues for 3 months.

    • Mona Holzinger

      Nexus 7 owner; returned home after using wifi at different locations and cannot connect to my router at home. So Frustrated.

    • Bruce Wonder

      Nexus 4 here with issues every now and then.

    • Nikhil Turaga

      YES I AM FACING ISSUES WITH MY NEXUS 4… IT BRAND NEW got it on 25th march 2013. AND IT HAS DETECTED THE WIFI ROUTER BUT DOES NOT CONNECT TO IT.. Goes on saying “obtaining IP address”. thats all. the OS is Jelly Bean 4.2.1…

    • Nik

      obtaining IP address. thats all. The OS is Jelly Bean 4.2.1.

    • PolitickGA

      Just started having this issue with my nexus 4 and my mothers galaxy nexus about 2 days ago.

    • Lynne

      I have a Nexus 4 and experience WIFI difficulties every single day.

    • sabrina

      I’m having w-fi connection problems with my nexus 4, all I am presented with is ‘authentication problem’. I purchased the nexus 4 on Thursday and have been having problems since then, how do I fix this because I practically cannot use the phone without it?

    • Felipe Mafra

      My Nexus 4 has painfully slow WiFi since day one. Already sent one device to RMA thinking it was a hardware problem but the new phone has the same issue.

      I’ve been following this thread since I got the phone in January, and had I known Google support was so ridiculously slow I’d have never bought a Nexus 4. Now it’s been months I’m with this brick in my hand that can’t even play a single YouTube video without buffering a million times. I have tried every single possible fix listed on the internet and nothing works. On the other hand, my iPhone 4S, laptop and Galaxy S are connecting with full speed always, no hiccups at all.

      And just to make things better, I had to wait 2 months after my purchase in November to receive the Nexus 4. NOT WORTH THE WAIT!

      I’ve been waiting too long for this fix. I give up.

    • Barrie Graham

      yes, intermittent problem with Nexus 7 dropping wifi – need to go to Settings > Wifi > Scan, it then finds the signal again, but keeps dropping it frequently, even though the device has not gone to sleep! Very frustrating and needs a fix (presumably Nexus software/firmware?) anyone got a fix? I’m using an Apple Airport Extreme for my router.

    • sjeggy

      I have to be in a 2 meter radius of my router in order to have ”proper” internet (3 stripes) please help

    • Shahriar Farkhan

      I posted this on the Google Thread wondering if anyone’s listening…. Sigh

      Nexus 7 16GB – just replaced by Google for the screen separation issue so it’s brand new.

      OS: 4.2.2

      The wifi says it’s connected (blue) but the internet is non responsive and the wifi indicator has an arrow that is constant. Restarting the router only has a temporary effect. Restarting the tablet has a temporary effect. I’ve wiped and reset the tablet with no effect.

      I have 6 devices on my router and none experience this kind of issue. Furthermore, this issue is replicated in the wild on other people’s Wifi. I’ve given the device its own IP address on the router to make sure it’s not an IP issue and I’ve turned off NFC. Nothing has helped and I’m using it less and less…

      *frustrated rant*

      Coming from owning Apple devices and wanting to switch – The last device with this many issues was my iphone 3G, 4 years ago… I want to switch to Android but the issues this thing has had (I’ve had 3 Nexus 7s, 2 replaced by Google Warranty because of issues) since I bought it in August 2012 have made it a bad experience. Google is tight lipped as Apple when it comes to these issues. My last iPhone, iPad, and current 5 have minor issues compared to this.

      Wifi is a primary function of this tablet! As my friends ask me about my experiences with Android, I will be telling them of this, sadly – It’s the second Android device and each time I’ve been quite unhappy :(

      I was looking forward to the Nexus 7^2 but I’ll probably purchase an iPad mini because of the continuing issues – I feel like a beta tester

      *end rant*

    • Walter

      I have a Galaxy Nexus with 4.2.1 and Samsung won’t aknoledge that I have Jelly Bean. I intermittently have both the wifi and 4g or 3g grey out. It is so frustrating especially when I am using iheart radio.. it is sprint service

    • Alex Gheorghe

      My Nexus 4 16 GB 4.2.2has this problem, it happens only when I`m connected to my home wireless. It`s not ok because my laptop is working, galaxy nexus, htc one s, one x , 8s and other phones like LG L5, L7 were working on my home wi-fi network. Google should release 4.2.3 or 4.3 very quickly

    • TwoLiveCrew

      Old News, but the problem is still there. Got my Nexus 4 a week ago and can’t connect to my wifi. Sad to see that it’s still not fixed.

      But that’s not the only problem I have with that device:

      - Random shut downs. If there’s no computer around I have no way of getting it back on
      - Sometimes a dialogue appears (sorry, dont know the exact English equivalent) with two options: report and ok. But whichever one I choose, the dialogue won’t disappear. Basically, if that happens, I can to nothing with my phone. After a couple of hours (!!!), after hitting OK or report like a million times, it will disappear, but there is no way of telling what causes it to appear or disappear.

      Overall I am not impressed. Will try to return it and get my money back. If you ask me it’s a POS device.

    • FedUp

      My Nexus 4 will not automatically reconnect to my wireless network after it has been out of range. You have to turn off the wifi on the phone and turn it back on and then it connects automatically. It will however reconnect automatically if i have been connected to a different wifi network in the meantime.

    • maax

      Nexus 4 here, about one month old. And I have this problem when i turn screen-off that I won’t get any messages (like whatsapp) untill i turn it on! Annoying!

    • SkidmarkD

      Got the Nexus 7 32GB in January. After struggling to get it to connect with my WiFi, it worked like a beast. Have had absolutely no issues with it whatsoever. Updated to 4.2.2 about 2 weeks ago, constantly dropping the WiFi now. So far while typing this it dropped twice. Seeing that just about every app I use requires a stable active internet connection, this Nexus 7 will soon be demoted to paperweight. Gonna search for the good old 4.2.1 again. Cause that worked rather well.

    • angrybird

      Yes.. My nexus 7.. Got the same line drop issue.. Reset a few times.. Now running jb 4.2.2

    • Digid

      Samsung Galaxy S4 – netgear wireless AP 2.4ghz spectrum also dropping and wont authenticate? Old Galaxy S3 with android 4.1 still working perfectly?

    • Zack

      Nexus 7…yepp WiFi drops and bad connection unless in same room as router, and WiFi still drops sometimes

      • Zack

        Droid 4.2.2 btw

    • Tony

      Nexus 4, cannot connect to wifi with long (63 chars) WPA password. Short password (10 chars) works. Nexus 7 on the same network does connect with the 63 char password. Help!

    • big papa t


    • Matt

      my Nexus 7 is happy at home on my Billion router, but hates the Apple Airport Extreme at work :( Never used to be an issue but now the Airport drops on and off the wifi list every 30 secs or so… extremely annoying.. (see what I did there?)

    • Jay

      I had the same problem . And played around with wireless router setting. Following changes were made and issues is fixed. Please make following changes and see if this solves wifi issue.

      Wireless Settings
      Channel Bandwidth : Standard 20 MHz Channel

      Old setting was Wide 40 MHz Channel.

      Refer to my screen shot for rerence

      I am using Linksys Dual-Bank Wireless N ADSL2+ Model Plus Router WAG320N.

      I hope this will help.

    • Joe Mac

      Nexus 4 here. It drives me nuts. The wifi I am connected to drops out and shows as not available. I disable the wifi, re-enable it, and we are good to go.


      Google Nexus 7 Tablet…. same issues as everyone else! Have to be sitting right next to router to not experience drops. This Sucks! Otherwise tablet is great!

    • David

      I have a Sprint Galaxy Nexus, whichever that is. My girlfriend has the exact same phone. My Nexus has issues with the WiFi and hers does not. It looks like what happens is I get connected until I try to access the router, then the router kicks my phone off. I have tried everything I can think of, including resetting the device. Nothing.

    • David Humphries

      obtaining IP address, driving me maf

    • Fmartins

      My Nexus 7 32 GB has a low signal wifi and keeps dropping making it really hard to browse and impossible to skype. A Samsung Galaxy Phone, performs even better with the same connection.

    • Dlowey

      so far my nexus is crap… it will connect to my smartphone ‘hotspot’ (expensive), but will not connect to my ‘home’ wireless. Could be a nice unit if the wifi were dependable but at this point I am glad I won it in a draw… feel sorry for you folks that actually paid for one! Think I will stick to my windows 8 tablet!

    • Martins

      Nexus 7 here, with that exact problem. Wifi constantly dropping, and even when connected, super slow

    • per

      yes my WiFi connection drops all the time. I have to turn off WiFi and then on again to g
      et it to work

    • Yoda

      I have a 2.4 Ghz Wireless-N network at home. Whenever I turn on Bluetooth and connect to a device (Speaker, headset, etc), the wireless connection just drops completely. Called Google and they said I’m the first one calling about this…… I’m willing to excuse issues, but not incompetence in the handling of the issue.

    • Ken

      Since Google closed the 40065 issue, I’m relying on this thread for updated info. I’m hoping that Android 4.3 fixes the problem. My solution was to revert to 4.1.2.

      • kuni

        Android 4.3 did not fix the problem for me. After update to my 2012 N7 yesterday, I had several episodes of dropout. N7 would show connected, signal strength excellent, and all bars lit on the WiFi symbol in the status bar, but in gray, not blue. I’ll look at router and range extenders, but very frustrating. No other devices exhibit this problem.

        • Derp

          I have the same problem, but It happens occasionally . But it gets annoying when it starts doing it a lot for a while. So I tried installing this wifi fixer app on play store and it stopped doing it.

    • MAD

      Here is how I solved my issue : I simply disconnected another router
      that is in the same range ( same level , a neighbor’s router ) , the router signal was very week that I can’t read it untill I go near to my home door. the signal of the neighbor router is not available inside my home. however disconnecting that router solved the problem !!!

      1) internet works for few seconds this stops , I saw few bars , either blue or gray
      , I tried all suggested solutions here , like go to plan mode then disable it ..etc , nothing changed that behavior.

      I installed the “ping” app and did a continues ping to the router
      gateway IP, pinging works ONLY after you immediately enable wifi , then
      it fails in few seconds , sometimes it send 5 packets then fail to
      continue ,sometimes it lasts for a minute sending 20 packets then fails. you know it fails
      when it stops pinging.if you tried to start pining it will not work. when it fails it will keep failing and internet will NEVER work , until you disable then enable WIFI again.

      3) when the pinging fails , I have to DISABLE then ENABLE WiFi to make it work again.

      even though pinging the default gateway fails after few seconds, if you
      tried to ping any other device IP in the same network ( connected to
      the same router ) it will ping normally and works fine. also you can
      ping the cell phone ( Nexus 4 in my case ) IP from any connected laptop.
      I can’t explain that , if the cell phone wifi can send packets to another device THROUGH the router , how it can NOT ping the router it self ! ex:
      router :
      Nexus 4 :
      Laptop :

      while the pining fails from nexus to router, the pinging works from Nexus 4 to Laptop and vice-versa

      5) the router in the next door that i disconnected , was not
      appearing in the “available networks” , this what does NOT make
      sense to me , I am not sure how the other router affected my signal .
      may be the Nexus 4 doesn’t show very week router signals. however this
      very week signal was causing me a headache for a whole week.

      Changing security settings of the router is not related to this issue,
      however I changed my security now to the simplest form “WPA-PSK” , I
      already tried this settings before I disconnected the other router and it didn’t solve the problem , but
      I will leave it as it is for now, I will not change it back to WPA2 until I
      verify that I will NOT face any more wifi issues for next week. sorry I want to feel happy for a while :)

      at the end , I am not sure why the other router was causing the problem
      , it could be related to multiple share the same CHANNEL . not sure. I
      will not change anything now , will leave it running for another week.

      NOTE: the problem does’t happen with Samsung S3 and even Samsung Ace , so it seems that google pure drivers are not as good as drivers written by samsung , do you agree ?

    • Michael Chikindas

      Here is my “line of events”:

      1. Nexus 7.2 did connect to the WiFi and went through the device-required upgrades.
      2. After Nexus 7.2 was upgraded, the connection disappeared. All attempts to re-connect led to one of these events:
      i) Nexus 7.2 was reporting the targeted WiFi address as being “out of range”, or
      ii) while connecting to the selected WiFi, Nexus 7.2 was suddenly stopping the attempt to connect without any notice.
      3. Being uncertain of the nature of this failure, Nexus 7.2 was taken to two different locations with different brands/models of modems and routers. In addition, the “WiFi connectivity experiment” was conducted using my HTC One cell phone and my Fujitsu M2010 laptop. None of these two devices were previously connected to the mentioned two WiFi. The result was exactly as described in 2.i and 2.ii. At the same time, HTC One and Fujitsu M2010 were able to connect to each of the two WiFi in a matter of seconds.
      4. Coming back home to the original WiFi, I changed the channel and repeated the same experiment – and, again, it did not work.
      5. Feeling extremely sad, depressed, dissatisfied and disturbed (I hope the emotional tension is conveyed well enough), I restarted the device by erasing everything and bringing it back to the condition of nativity. After the nativity condition was restored, I have tried again to connect to my optional WiFi (first at home and then at two mentioned “experimental locations”). Nexus 7.2 was unwilling to recognize existence/availability of any of these
      three WiFi. It was DEAD.

      I think it is a time to call for the lemon law on most gorgeous but very sick Nexus 7.2.

    • dave

      Nexus 7 drops WiFi arbitrarily, requiring WiFi to be turned back on (even though it was never turned off). Fix it, Google, or I will switch to something more reliable.

    • Frank Booth

      Same problem on the new G2, will connect for 1 second then nothing it hangs on my N routers, had the G-Pro and never experienced the problem. great hardware on the G2 but not refined for prime time, seems rushed to market will be sending back

    • Marcus Isidar

      We got 4.2, and now 4.3, and still nothing has been done to solve this. =(

    • Hans Boslooper

      On my Nexus 7 I encountered the problem of loosing the WiFi connection during standby mode after the upgrade to Android 4.4.

    • Владислав Третьяков

      У меня nexus 4,попадается такая проблема : “что значок wi fi становится серым”. У меня андроид 4.3.1. пробовал перепрошивать,помогало. Но через два дня после перепрошивки появилась такая же проблема. Не знаю что делать. Помогите найти решение,как это исправить.