Nexus 4, Nexus 10 now available in the US Play Store, get’em while they last [Update: Nexus 4 sold out]

by: Bogdan PetrovanNovember 13, 2012

Update 2. The Nexus 4 appears to be sold out, in both the 8GB and the 16GB version. The Nexus 10 is still available, but users encounter errors when trying to order it. However, earlier today users in the UK reported that the devices were pulled, only to become available again after a few minutes, so do check out the Store a bit later.

Update. We’ve already received reports about the Play Store throwing out errors while customers try to order the new Nexus devices. It seems that Google’s servers are buckling under the load of so many users eager to get their hands on the latest Nexuses. We’ll keep you posted.

They’re here folks. After  making their debut in Australia and Europe a few hours (and promptly selling out), Google’s latest Nexus devices can be now bought from the US Play Store.

The Nexus 4 goes for $299 for the 8GB version and $349 for the 16GB version. The Nexus 10 tablet costs $399 for the 16 GB version, while the version with 32GB of storage goes for $499.

If you’re interested in one of the two Nexus devices, we suggest that you make up your mind quickly, unless you are OK with waiting an indeterminate amount of time after the first batch sells out. If the other markets where the Nexus 4, new Nexus 7, and Nexus 10 started selling today teach us anything is that people are crazy for Google’s new devices.

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  • 16GB nexus 4 still in NOTIFY ME status… What’s with that…?

  • AndroidBrian

    I think there sold out. Wont let me purchase one, even tho it says in stock..

  • Tom Arana-Wolfe

    the Nexus 4 32 GB is still listed as “Coming Soon” as well as the bumper

    • Man there is not such thing as nexus 4 32….. OMG had to go with the 8GB one… But can’t proceed with the order… A yellow box on top says there is a proble.. Try again later.. WTF google???

      • Yvanho

        if yo uget the yellow box…keep clicking

  • sunil

    wen i can get in India?

  • tman

    Nothing has even changed on the Canada website… I’ve been refreshing since 8:50am PST

    • wmgallagher

      It was sold out by 8:50 pst. i was on at 8:35 pst here in canada and the N4s were up for sale, was able to grab 2 and less then 15 mins later. back to the “Notify Me when in stock” button

      • Jesse Wilson

        Same here. Apparently the 9am PST release was bullshit.

    • sean

      I got a 16gb one at 9:34 MST Calgary

    • Wackawackawacka

      it was sold out by then. It went on sale at 8:36am. sold out by 8:50am.. at least the 16gb one was

  • Steven T

    Both models are now listed as “coming soon”. That was fast. I should have ordered more than 2.

    • AndroidBrian

      You actually bought 2? What time was your purchases?

      • Steven T

        Bank account says I actually bought four. I must have refreshed one too many times during the process. Transactions were 12:01 and 12:02

        • AndroidBrian

          Bank Account? Smh. Google told me they wont charge my card until they ship the item.

          • Steven T

            Same here, the charge is pending.

          • Steven!! Please!!! Don’t cancel them all… Keep two… What capacity did you order?? Please sell one to me! I’m begging you! I sold my GS3 for this phone and couldn’t buy the thing… My transaction freezed up and didn’t get through….. I could send you the money via PayPal!

          • Steven T

            I cancelled the ones my family won’t use right away. Google will have more for sale before I have mine anway. If you need to overpay for one right now, it looks like some people have auctions on ebay.

        • AndroidBrian

          I take that back. I see the transaction on my bank too

  • omar w

    Says comming soon at the nexus4 both sizes, bumper is up for sale $19.99

    • wmgallagher

      Already sold out in canada by 11:50 est or 8:50 pst,

    • Shank

      Yes, both are sold out. 8 gb was there a while ago. i wanted 16 gb.. will google sell them again any time soon?

    • sean

      The bumper is now “Coming Soon” as well. Sold out of bumpers as well. LOL

  • OMG…. Too late… Already sold out… My transaction freezed up.. Calling my bank ASP to see if the thing went through!

  • MGray1014

    Google sucks. They don’t notify you when it does come out and no one can get through to buy them. They sold out in like 15 minutes.

    • MasterMuffin

      No, you suck. Why would you even want to buy Google device if it sucks so much?

      • AndroidBrian

        Hes right. Google did suck just now. Failing to notify when available. Then when they claim its in stock, not being able to purchase it. What part of that doesn’t suck and not extraordinarily frustrating. Stop being a lopp.

        • MasterMuffin

          I don’t even no what “lopp” means, but just because of that you can say that the google….

          • AndroidBrian

            Huh? Wtf does that mean? Just saying let the man express his frustration.

          • MasterMuffin

            ? Well whatever

        • Paruhang Chamling

          Well, even if they had notified, not everyone would be able to purchase because of limited stock anyway. Moreover, notifying everyone would put even more stress on their servers.

          • AndroidBrian

            Then they shouldn’t have made it an option for people to be alerted when it was available. Some people didn’t think they had to keep checking online they just stood patiently by waiting for there opportunity. Doesn’t matter googles reasons behind it. People have the right to be upset. I was lucky enough to get one. I’m sympathetic for those who missed out.

  • I guess we all have too bad of a fucking luck!! Nobody got theirs

    • wmgallagher

      speak for yourself, i was able to get 2. i think a few others got one also. they must have only stocked 7 or so

  • AndroidBrian

    what was the earliest time somebody say the Nexus devices for sale??? I saw it about 835. So i guess they went on sale since 830?

    • wmgallagher

      my order went through at 8:35 pst so it was posted a min or two before that because i just checked at 8:30 pst went to grab a snack came back and they were up

  • Danny j

    if you got 4, can i buy one off of you?

    • Steven T

  • wmgallagher

    Canada Play store, 8gb N4s back in stock

    • goods4woods

      Holy F*%# Already gone again, i saw it, added it had a problem, refreshed and gone

      • Shank

        yep it was just gone

  • opfighter

    just got my 16gb nexus 11:53am cst (or 9:53 pst) keep refreshing guys

  • pram

    can get a nexus 10 even ?

  • Fucking assholes bought a boat load of devices to sell and make profit on eBay. I hope you BURN IN HELL

    • Seriously? Isn’t that illegal-ish? Can we report customer protection or something?

  • Shank

    will google sell them again any time soon? in Canada

  • they didn’t say anything about Canada, they just said its
    was sold out in US and Austrilia. Am i right?? ;[

  • They didn’t say anything about Canada, they just said it’s sold out in US and Australia. Am i right?? ;[

    • Lionel Keeping

      I just bought a Nexus 10, 16gb! In Canada.

  • FK THIS im suiciding

    • Paruhang Chamling

      LOL’d hard at that.

  • Mike

    can someone tell me how much they payed for the 8 or 16gb model of the nexus4 with shipping and taxes? thanks

    • AndroidBrian

      $390.04 total cost. $14.00 to ship….. I live in California.

  • Guest

    can someone tell me how much they payed for there nexus 4 8 or 16 gb with shipping and taxes?

    • AndroidBrian

      $390.04 total cost. $14.00 to ship….. I live in California.

  • g0vt_h00ker

    There should be a limit of one/person /:

  • Austin Cooper

    I tried to order the Nexus 10 32GB and got to the very end and it gave me an error. I tried to reorder it and it said “Coming Soon”. Ya, I’m pretty pissed.