Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 launch set for afternoon/evening on November 13, at least in Germany [Update: morning]

by: Chris SmithNovember 12, 2012

Google’s new Nexus products are almost ready to be launched, as we’re just a day away from November 13, the official release date for the Nexus 4 smartphone and the Nexus 10 tablet. And just in case you forgot, there are also new Nexus 7 flavors to go around also.

But when will Google actually launch them? A recent report revealed that Google will not let buyers pre-order any of the new devices. Instead, they will be available for purchase on November 13, and ship in the following days.

Now, Google Germany’s Stefan Keuchel is warning Android fans that there’s no point waiting around for November 13 midnight to arrive to get their Nexus orders in. Apparently the new devices will start selling at some point in the afternoon/evening in the region, which could be true for all of Europe. Here’s what the Google employee said (Google translation):

As I learned today, the ordering is, however, open only on Tuesday afternoon / early evening. So it makes no sense today to persevere at midnight in front of computer to buy a Nexus device. I like to keep you informed as soon as I get new information.

So does that mean that North American buyers will be able to get their orders in tomorrow morning? We’ll keep you updated.

Update: the same Keuchel posted an update on the matter, letting buyers know that shopping can start tomorrow morning instead of afternoon/evening as previously indicated. Here’s his Google-translated message:

Update: Your will for me crazy explain (and rightly so), but I have just received the news that the Nexus devices (N4, N7 and N10) now but tomorrow morning (for breakfast) will be available through Google Play!

Will U.S. and Canadian buyers be able to place their orders at midnight then?

  • GermanPhoneGuy

    Nope, Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 will be available Tuesday morning in Germany:

  • Thorben

    it has been updated:
    it now states “morning”

  • Schw4rz

    Update: Ihr werdet mich für verrückt erklären (zu Recht), aber
    ich habe eben die Neuigkeit erhalten, dass die Nexus Geräte (N4, N7 und
    N10) nun doch schon morgen früh (zum Frühstück) über Google Play erhältlich sein werden!

    Ich hoffe, dass Ihr das auch als gute Neuigkeit betrachtet.

    Sorry für das hin-und-her – aber ich halte Euch quasi in Echtzeit auf dem Laufenden…

    Better Transaltion: You will think i am crazy (and you are right), but i just received the news, that the Nexus devices (N4, N7 and N10) will be availible tomorrow in the morning (at breakfeast (time)) via Google Play.

    I hope you look at that as good news.

    Sorry for the back and forth – but i am keeping you up to date in real time.