LG Nexus 4 and Samsung Nexus 10 get benchmark tests done, can now be compared to the competition

by: Joe HindyNovember 3, 2012

Nexus The LG Nexus 4 and the Google Nexus 10 are just 10 days away from launch. That’s exciting news for Nexus fans. Over the last month or so, we’ve gotten a lot of information about the Nexus devices. We know their specs, their ship date, some exciting features coming on Android 4.2, and apps being updated to work with the Nexus devices. Of course, it’s not all good news, as there is some bad news about the Nexus devices as well.

One thing people won’t have to guess at is the real world performance of the Google devices. They are sure to be awesome. But how do they stack up against the biggest and brightest devices out right now? AnandTech got their hands on both the Nexus 4 and the Nexus 10 and ran it through a number of benchmarks to answer that very question.

If you’d rather view it than read it, the pictures are below. You may notice that there is no Quadrant Benchmark scores or any other kind of graphical scores. This is likely because graphic tests are generally taken with a grain of salt as they don’t measure real world performance very well.

So how did the Nexus devices do on the benchmarks?

They did very well, but not as well as some would expect. While the Nexus 10 topped at least a couple of the tests, the Nexus 4 had a lukewarm performance. Granted, all these test scores are impressive, but there was a little higher of an expectation there.

In addition to being tested against other Android devices, they were also texted against iOS devices like the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S. Needless to say, they blew the iPhone 4S out of the water. It’s to be expected when you put this year’s tech against last year’s tech.

AnandTech also notes that there are a few tests where the Nexus 4 should at least be doing as well as the dual core Snapdragon S4 devices. Spoiler alert, it didn’t. There are a few times where the Nexus 4 was beaten out by devices like the US variants of the Samsung Galaxy S III and the AT&T HTC One X.

You can view the results of each test below. Are you a little disappointed in the scores, or is just being among the best in the world good enough? Let us know your thoughts.




  • Akshat Mittal

    I am now confused, is Nexus 4 Good? I think rooting and Installing a custom Rom will be a good Idea!

    • Nessim

      So strange to see such low scores for the Nexus4 (snapdragon S4 Pro!).
      The best way is to take many benchmarks and see the diffrences.

      • Also keep in mind that the phones aren’t exactly weak sauce either. The SGS3, Droid RAZR HD and the HTC One X are the flagship phones for Samsung, Motorola, and HTC respectively this year. So the LG Nexus 4 at least stacks up with the best this year has to offer.

    • SuyashSrijan

      Its running unfinished software, dude. Ofcourse the benchmarks will be lower. Wait for the final 4.2 build to hit the Nexus 4, then see the benchmarks.

  • Keep in mind this are all browser benchmarks!!

    • MasterMuffin

      *that these
      And you’re right :)

    • Jimmy

      Thats right, the rest are only quicker due to 4g/Lte right?

      These arent actually “hardware” benchmarks…

  • Stian French

    I’m a little sad when I see it losing to the iPhone 5, but then I remember that it costs less than half the price and it does about 90-95% as good as the iPhone and then I’m happy!

    • Why feel sad by comparing to anther device? confused.

    • mintslice

      And yet, given how well the iPhone5 benchmarks, but that I’ve seen real word tests where it’s been slower, I think this is a better indication of how hard Apple works (and always has) to benchmark well.

      What I’ve been reading of the Nexus 4 suggests that no benchmark is needed. It’s just fast and responsive an a pleasure to use. What more do you need to know?

  • inLoveWithNEXUS4

    Disappointed?…really? For $299 this would be the best nexus phone yet. This phone would be the biggest success in the history of LG’s record books.

  • Can’t wait to get these two!

  • Kristoffer_Feber

    All the recent (p)reviews is based upon unfinished software. These results are asinine and should not be taken seriously!

  • Jogn

    People are going the wrong way around this.

    The Nexus 4 has to be compared to phones on its price range, the same way every other consumer good is!

    That means vs the iPhone 4 8GB, that is sold today by Apple as the “budget iphone” for $450.

    • EKfine

      but then again people wants to know the comparison against the much more expensive gadgets.

    • AndroidBrian

      Haha it has to be compared to phone in its price range? Lol y? Cuz its cheaper it should be held to a different standard?

    • Sad

  • shaurz

    Are they comparing Chrome on the Nexus 4 to the old Android browser on the ICS devices?

  • All these results are from Nexus 4 review units, lets wait for the finished product to see the real deal!

  • Ben

    Google just released some performance updates for the new and still unreleased Nexus devices… hopefully that should improve the browser scores

  • SilverNine0S

    According to AnandTech, there seems to be a thermal throttling issue going on with the Nexus 4. It seems that the Nexus 4 is running hotter than expected and as a result, throttling became an issue for the tests.

  • Why is it that people keep on using browser based benchmarks ffs? USE taiji basemark or GLbenchmark egypt HD 2.5!!!!!!!!! this messures real time hardware performance!!!!!!!

  • Marsg

    lol how does the galaxy nexus outperform the Nexus 4 ? lol these benchmarks are ridiculous.

  • Twisted247

    Can anyone enlighten me why iOS can’t be bench marked on antutu or quadrant. I understand thet are different OS’s but what process so they use to do the tests that the other run. . When are they going make a benchmark system that will run both like those two do the rest

    • Guest

      There is no Antutu nor Quadrant version for iOS. Stupid developers can’t be bothered making one

  • mevvan

    My galaxy note 10.1 gets 15600 in score how the hell is nexus 10 lower

  • i think people should bare in mind that the android version run in these products are not the final versions and wait for the device to release to see actually how fast it is…….

    • Randy Sylmar

      What are you talking about? Google’s newest flagship phone running Jelly Bean 4.2 is not running the newest android version on their phones? I find that hard to believe

      • i meant its not the final build of that version….i mean don’t you find it odd that nexus 4,whose hardware is EXACTLY the same as LG optimus g,scored quiet a lot lower than optimus g which is running on ICS???there MUST be some problem with 4.2 otherwise they both would have scored approximately the same in benchmarks……..therefore, i think that the 4.2 on the nexus 10 and 4 is not yet the final versions of 4.2……

  • Darktanone

    The benchmarks and real world tests I’ve read and viewed show the iPhone 5 and iPad 4 trouncing all comers. Check out Anandtech.com. The A6 SoC is a powerful beast beating even the quadcore processors.

  • Flavio

    These results are not consistent with Android Communuty’s:


    Nexus 4 is somewhat faster than One X. Anyway, we should wait for the official release to know for sure.

  • All Nexus Price range are justified now.

  • Tcv4

    Explain to me how the nexus 4 performs worse than it’s lesser sibling in the dual core form? I think google has some software updating to do and we may see benchmarks that are less sporadic.

  • Maung Moe

    I don’t give a rat’s arse about the benchmark. Nexus 4 seems to hold its own and above all, it’s totally unlocked. That alone is worth more than anything on these charts. I’m getting at least four nexus 4 phones. And it only costs $300 US. Insane!

  • Amusing to see the Android kiddies freaked out by Apples superior hardware.
    FYI this copy of Anandtechs work did not show all of their benchmarks which include far more hardware benchmarks.