Nexus 4 launches on Canadian carrier Fido

by: Brad WardFebruary 5, 2013


Good news and bad news folks. The good news is that the Nexus 4 has finally launched on Canadian carrier Fido! Bad news is that those interested in purchasing the device will not be able to due to Fido being out of stock.

Fido earlier announced that the Nexus 4 would become available “early February”. While it’s not currently available to purchase, Fido mentioned this on its website: Please note that order fulfillment for the Nexus 4 device will start on February 5th, 2013.”

The Nexus 4 on Fido normally costs $100 on a new two year contract with the carrier or $425 for purchasing the device outright. If you’re willing to wait a little while longer though, LG previous claimed that stock issues in the Google Play Store should be resolved by mid February. This is because the company claimed to be increasing Nexus 4 production.

In other words, the Nexus 4 should be available for everyone to purchase from the Google Play Store soon. After all, it is cheaper than purchasing the device from a carrier! Pricing from carriers have been outrageous, but Fido’s Nexus 4 is much cheaper than WIND and Videotron’s.

Will you be getting a Nexus 4 on Fido when the device becomes available again or will you be waiting for the Google Play Store to see more stock?

  • Ugo Marceau

    Anybody from Canada here ? What do you think of Fido as a service provider ? I’ll be going to study in Canada soon and am considering Fido for my current GSII. But 100$ for an N4 might just be the little push I need to choose them.

    • jeremy

      Fido = Rogers. That’s what there service will be like.

    • shakeel O’Neil

      Go for it… I have been using since few years and I never had any issues with Fido. So, just go for it. Moreover, they have better unlimited plans. I pay $56.00 a month everything is unlimited (Data 2GB) roaming too. :)

      • Ugo Marceau

        Yeah they did seem to have the best unlimited plans which is what I have atm.
        But all the canadian plans seem really expensive comparend to ours.

  • nasdel

    Hello Ugo. Canada had 3 major wireless companies, Rogers, telus, and bell. Rogers does have the most consumers but IMO (and if you look up their towers online) they’re reception is slightly worse than the other 2. Fido is a parent company to rogers. Virgin (and solo mobile)to Bell, and Koodoo to telus. The reception between companies and parent companies is the same. Fido is a good company as there is BARELY a difference between these companies (telus and bell share towers) and my guess is you won’t even know the difference.

    Wind Mobile and Mobilicity are new to the game so their reception is getting there, but not just there yet.