Some Nexus 4 users running into issues after installing KitKat

by: Andrew GrushNovember 25, 2013

moto x vs nexus 4 aa design n4 back design
Last week the Android 4.4 KitKat OTA update finally started rolling out to Nexus 4 users, after a fairly long wait. Now that the update has arrived, it seems that some unfortunate Nexus 4 owners are reportedly experiencing issues including problems with the lockscreen, a broken dialer, a non-working home button, quick setting issues and more.

Not all of these issues are necessarily experienced all at once, with some folks reporting just one issue and others being plagued by several problems. Those that have ran into issues seem to have one thing in common — they used the OTA upgrade to go from Jelly Bean JWR66Y over to KRT16S.

It’s important to note that these errors are only affecting some users, and its unclear just how widespread of an issue this is.

So what’s the fix here? While Google has yet to chime in, there are a couple suggested fixes. First, you can always perform a factory reset and hope things go better second time around. Of course this also wipes any apps or files your have stored on your handset.

Luckily there’s also a second solution for those that don’t want to mess around with backups and factory resets: you can use ADB to run the setup wizard again, which is said to fix several of the above-mentioned problems. Within ADB, you’ll need to send the command: ‘adb shell am start -n‘ .

For those that have yet to upgrade, should you avoid the OTA? Honestly that’s up to you.

If you don’t mind troubleshooting in the (hopefully rare) event that something goes wrong, than go right ahead and grab the update as soon as it becomes available. If you’d rather not have to worry about dealing with any potential bugs or other upgrade issues, you might be better off waiting a bit longer until Google releases some kind of fix.

Once again it’s important to note that these errors are only affecting some users, and its unclear just how widespread of an issue this is. We’ve reached out to Google for comment and will update if and when we hear back.

Have you ran into any of the above issues with your Nexus 4 KitKat update? Any other tips or tricks on how to solve the problem? Let us know in the comments!

  • Nikolas Bravo

    I upgraded OTA and on boot it was stuck on the 4 circles. I had to use fastboot to reinstall 4.4

    • dileep yegireddi

      Even i was struck on the 4 circles. It has been on that screen for an hour now. How to use the fastboot.

      • Nikolas Bravo

        Just make sure to unlock the bootloader before flashing (use the command: “fastboot oem unlock”), and lock it back if you want to keep your warranty (“fastboot oem lock”).


        • Ivan Myring

          That guys videos are always pretty good

          • dileep yegireddi

            Is there a way to backup my data now? I didn’t backup my data before installing the update :(

  • Bob Gamble

    I “think” my phone had shut down on its own over the weekend. But I can’t say it’s from the update as that might happen any time for whatever reason. I’ll keep a closer eye out. So far, I’m not real sure what the update brings aside from UI upgrades.

  • Matheus Rangel

    Last week, my Nexus 4 running KitKat reboot twice in the same day. I’m having a problem with multitasking, when I leave an app, it seems like I’m leaving two (because it leaves the one I’m and one I’ve used before) and the gallery app doesn’t show in recent apps. The last one is really weird, but…

    • zamroni

      Flash factory image. Clean install is always the best.

  • Romain

    Manual update via Fastboot, no problem so far.

    • anonymous724

      Same. Working great

  • amak77

    Ota update to kitkat.experiencing problems with wifi,answering calls,removing widgets and somtimes with the camera.

  • Kind of disappointed

    Extremely high android OS drain in battery stats on mine.

    • Pear

      Me too, after OTA update battery up time is much smaller.

    • gommer strike

      Locate the Google settings icon and perform the following setting tweaks.

      1) Location Reporting = OFF
      2) Location History = OFF
      3) Google Now = OFF

      Monitor your battery stats and you should see a marked difference.

      • andreja

        everything turned off as you suggested. battery consumption of “exchange services” is about 50% after update to 4.4

        • andreja
          • gommer strike

            The worst part about this is, Google changed the way that battery stats and wakelocks are accessed(hence many of the diagnostic tools on Google Play no longer work, until they figure out what Google changed).

            Also the default Android Google email client is pretty bad. You can’t set peak hour and non-peak hour polling. The exchange massive battery drain is one of many problems with 4.4 which Google needs to release a patch fix on. Users are reporting all kinds of issues…some reporting the drain as you illustrated, while others only intermittently receive email at all.

            One suggestion is to *try* Touchdown for Smartphones(just the trial version which last I believe 15 days), just to see if it helps resolve the battery drain problem. This would at least pin down to whether it’s the email client that’s at fault, or the exchange connector.

      • Imperatrix

        4) Phone = OFF

        Works best for me. My battery life is stellar.

        • gommer strike

          5) Smartphone = SOLD
          6) $10 fliphone = PURCHASED

          there, battery life which lasts a month between charges

  • Ryu

    No problems with the OTA on my N4.

  • jim

    Stock email client no longer syncs exchange account.

  • Harsimran Singh

    It’s been 2 days since the kitkat update and no problem persists whatsoever…. Happy with the update….

  • Nathan Buffington

    Tbh kitkat SUCKS on the nexus 4. Nothing new except blue is now white. No “ok Google” no Google homepage no transparent keys or top bar. It is nothing special

    • anonymous724

      Install Google experience launcher. That will get you transparent keys and OK google in home screen. Or if you want, install nova launcher, but it has no OK Google, but its still transparent

      • Nathan Buffington

        I Dont want to have to download stupid launchers! Its not hard to give me transparent homekeys Google. Just irks me

        • Justin Rebar

          I agree Nathan. As a Nexus owner we shouldnt have to download anything to get it. How can you not include transparent bars for any of the other Nexus devices? Is it really that difficult? This update was pretty lame. Love my Nexus phone, but I am very disappointed with Google.

          • Jesus

            Yeah we already got that.

            If you’re gonna talk a lot, add something new to the discussion.

          • Justin Rebar

            Sorry dictator. I wont voice my opinion.

          • Jesus

            Nigga relax, just saying that your opinion, has already been said.

          • Justin Rebar


          • MC Wong

            Then there’s no differentiation between N4 and N5, I wouldn’t trade in my N4 for the other minor features. It’s the GEL launcher that’s the selling point.

      • Moose

        Not getting transparent notifications with Nova on 4.4.

        • heiti

          you have to use the beta version of nova-launcher

    • Jesus

      You can do “OK Google” if you’ve the language of GOogle Now to English (US).

      And yeah, Kitkat SUCKS on the Nexus 4.

      All I wanted was the transparent bars.

      • Nathan Buffington

        U can’t do ok Google I live in usa

        • Jesus

          Doesn’t matter where you live. Just need to set the language to US English.

          • Nathan Buffington

            R u stupid? It is set to us and english I live in america everything is 100% american I have 4.4 kitkat on my nexus 4 and there is no ok Google on the home screen!

          • Jesus

            No I am Jesus, noob. And WTF are you saying? Ever heard of commas, full stops etc.? Use them. And nigga, relax.

          • Nathan Buffington

            This isn’t an english paper I don’t need perfect English.

          • Jesus

            You don’t need perfect english, but you do want to be understood, yeah? It’s about communication.

          • Tuấn Ankh

            Hi Jesus. If you cannot understand him, you aren’t good at English either. :3

          • Salaried tips

            He doesn’t mean on the home screen, you need the the google experience launcher for that, he means inside the google now app you can just say google instead of clicking the button.

          • G.

            Are you sure? Your English certainly doesn’t indicate that you live in America.

          • Nathan Buffington

            I am one of the most american people in America, thank you very much

          • Jesus

            I like how you added a comma there.

      • kthdex

        Hi…just changed to English us voice…ok Google now works on nexus 4..thanks.

        • Jesus


    • heiti

      if you use altanative launchers like apex, nova or the nexus 5 launcher, you do have transparent keys and top bar^^

      • Nathan Buffington

        Look at my other comment further down this thread

      • chris pinkston

        Make sure your google search is on latest version 3.1. Then google Nexus 5 launcher apk. Install it and now you have full 4.4 Experience.

      • Pushpendra

        Hey.. Could you please post the version paid or free I should download for transparent Navigation bar…

    • Randeep

      Bro u have ti install google experience launcher for transparency and change google now language to english us for “ok google”

    • zamroni

      Yes, kitkat with jelly bean taste. And M&M’s boot logo.

    • Bhans


      • RVC

        My nexus 4 keeps crashing after the update

    • After installing KitKat it hang on loading screen.

  • The Patman

    No problems with OTA, and I downloaded the nexus 5 launcher, and it works perfectly on my nexus 4!!

  • Hass

    Only one issue after manual update via fastboot – the Gallery app does not appear in multitasking menu, even if its the last used app.

    • javon27

      I can confirm that bug. It may be due to the fact that it’s been changed to a service… I recommend using the Photos app from Google

    • Tim

      My gallery app would complain there is no external storage or some such thing and immediately close. After a rebooot it was fine.

  • Josè Emmanuel España Marroquin

    I updated manual via fastboot, but my nfc not works, i tried pass information a s4, htc one and htc one + and show me the same error in the 3 phones

  • Brian Mc Manaman

    My Issue after upgrade is exchange push not working to great some times i receive messages other time nothing for hours until I refresh tried restarting and nothing. I will try doing the factory reset and will see later one. if not back to 4.3

    • needa

      u able to use gmail?

      • Brian Mc Manaman

        Yes I can use gmail and it work great but it’s the other email client for Office365 that is working little bit finicky. In general so far I love the new OS it’s fast stable, i don’t have any other issues as other are experiencing.

  • No problems with OTA here.

  • Justin Rebar

    Im just a little upset that with this update we dont actually get the full 4.4.

    • Jesus

      I don’t feel sorry for you, because your name sounds like Justin Bieber.

      • Justin Rebar

        I dont feel sorry for you because your name is Jesus.

        • Jesus

          Well I’ve died for your sins. WTF did you do besides ruining music for this generation, little girl?

          • Justin Rebar

            What?? I thought you picked my food

          • anthony909

            LMAO Justin Bieber lol

    • needa

      its a bit apple’ish isnt it at least its an apk that will no doubt be released others. only without the always on function.

  • Jesus

    If you’re PISSED OFF that the Kitkat for nexus 4 doesn’t have transparent bars, install the new Google launcher apk.

    Then, you’ll have the transparency, like on the nexus 5.

    But then, you’ll also get bigger icons that makes the whole thing look just childish.
    I am dissapoint. FU

  • Jesus

    The only ‘big’ change is that the colour of the time is now white, from blue.

    All the other changes… hardly make any difference. FU

    • zamroni

      New dialer is also suck & confusing.

  • Balraj

    But how many people know to do that…
    I would say, get it to service centre n downgrade to jelly bean

  • george

    I have another lock screen issue. I have a pin set up and when I turn my Nexus 4 on from sleep the pin page doesn’t show. I have to press one of the soft buttons to prompt the phone to show the pin page. Is this something unique to my phone?

  • prinju

    My nexus 7 gives CREEPY SOUNDS during music playback….when Touch sound is enabled…after KitKat update for my nexus 7 2012…plz resolve…when unlocking my tab….that sound comes…its like playing an old scratched CD….

    • javon27

      I’m getting the same sound when playing music through my Bluetooth headphones and I lock/unlock my Nexus 4 on Kit Kat

  • Ernest Christian

    Well, I’m still hope 2nd KitKat update OTA for my Nexus 4, with same features on the Nexus 5 (GEL, HDR+ photography, lowe power audio playback, touchscreem improvements, immersive mode, ART runtime more stability)…

  • Tessoro Desoto

    I find my N4 to experience some lag, which had never happened before, plus the blue status bar text, plus nothing really new. I am hopping I can go back to 4.3 without much pain.

    • needa

      does the n4 come with art running? or is it dalvik. i know on my moto that i had a good bit of lag every time i picked up the phone. switching over to art fixed all but a bit of lag once a day unlocking from active notifs.

      >setting>dev options> select runtime

  • Frank Luba

    I can longer control volume on Bluetooth speaker with Nexus 4 with 4.4. Just blasts at full volume. Volume controlled when music plays on phone or Bluetooth headphones. WTF

  • 11hrr

    I cant play videos anymore… I tried files that were working before the update and nothing works

    • Alice Mt

      Same here, I got the loading error from every video player. Not even on YouTube, I cannot play any video.

  • chaztech

    I have the ota 4.4 I use my hmdx jam Bluetooth speaker a lot now when I use it and put the Nexus4 on the Q charger it makes a strange noise when the screen goes to sleep.
    Also using the nexus 5 home screen.

  • still not sure if 4.4 is better than 4.3.

    • zamroni

      At least there is ART

      • Alvin Adiwira Santosa

        still in beta and not recommended by Google. Wanted to try it, but afraid that I might brick my phone

    • Tom

      I’m going to say no.

      My battery icon in the status bar no longer changes when charging via NFC. That’s annoying.

      The grey icons are harder to read against the back background and the blue/grey status info the old ones conveyed is lost. Stupid change. Wish I could get back the 4.3 status bar.

      I’ve already had the dialer freeze a popup window of some sort (not visible, UI locked) when I tried to bring up dialpad on my N4. Only happened once but was annoying.

      Dialer used to be nice dark theme, now its this awful bright atrocity. I’m considering shifting to a third party product to get my dark background back. Why the heck isn’t there a dark theme? Does everyone like being blinded at night?

      Used to be, I had the default Messaging app installed and Messaging 7 (which looked a lot nicer) and both just worked. Now only ONE (the default) app can send SMS (why the new restriction? seems dumb to me). Of course, this came with a new registration mechanic so now my chosen dark-themed messaging service now doesn’t work (until the Dev can get around to figuring out the registration service and updating his app).

      Lately, all google has seemed to do is take functional apps and break them. I’m beginning to think I should turn off all system updates and app updates from Google (if I can even do that). I’ve never owned a piece of hardware before where the firmware reloads and breaks my long-established usage patterns. (This begins to feel like MS relocating every admin tool each new windows rev, but at least then it wasn’t done in a minor point release…..)

  • Stan

    OTA update here and got a really annoying bug where phone rings and plays any media using the front speaker and not the rear loud one…

    • Elvis2000a

      I had the same problem. Then it occurred to me that I had been playing with the settings in Skype trying to get it to work with a bluetooth earpiece (no luck). While in a call, Skype lets you change where the sound comes from (front, back, or bluetooth). Apparently, I had selected front speaker and (also apparently) that setting carried over to my phone, in general. All sounds were coming from the small speaker on the front of the Nexus 4 even when Skype wasn’t running.

      So, try this. Open Skype and make a call to the Test Call service. While the call is active, press the blue speaker icon and see if it switches the sound to the rear speaker.

  • Randeep

    I also face issue with the broken dialer and somekind of halt in song playing when i unlock my phone while listenig to bluetooth headsets….

    • javon27

      Yeah, I’m experiencing the same annoying sound when locking/unlocking the phone with BT headset and playing any kind of music app

  • bobka

    very little advantage, lots’ of disadvantage
    android agenda doesn’t work
    wakelock detector doesn’t work
    better battery stats doesn’t work
    flash no longer works in firefox, maxthon, photon (and probably others) where it worked before
    generic qi charger still doesn’t work properly (can’t leave phone on charger when fully charged or it discharges quickly and doesn’t restart charging at any level as long as it’s on the charger)
    overall a huge waste of time for little if any benefit.

  • Mr T

    Got the OTA on both my Nexus 7 (2013) and my Nexus 4. I was disappointed at first as my Nexus 7 still felt a bit sluggish at times while I had read 4.4 was supposed to be better in that respect.

    Then I decided to do a factory reset on both my devices. I think it does help as I haven’t run into any bugs so far, and my Nexus 7 feels noticeably snappier. So I’m pretty happy for now. Even fixed the led issue on the Nexus 4, finally.

  • Umar Budhiawan

    The only issue i have is that with haptic feedback/vibrate on touch. The vibrate strenght is very low. Is it on me or anyone else having the same issue?

    • javon27

      I don’t think it’s an issue, they deliberately set it lower, I think, for battery purposes.

  • asif

    we chat app is not working properly on nexus 4 updated to android kitkat. the “people nearby” n drift bottle functions are not working which were working on android 4.3.whats the solution?

  • devansh

    Still not got the 4.4 KitKat

  • xyz

    Can someone tellwhich launcher is better to experience the nexus 5 transparent notification bar and also share the link

    • Jesus

      Just get the native Nexus 5 one.

  • Ako Si Doodz

    You know what we are bless because we have an update for our one year old nexus 4 and we have no right to condemn the new kitkat version, if you don’t like it just simple switch your phone to another phone..right.

    • SSDROiD

      That’s the most insanely idiotic thing I have heard all year. Not only is that “we have no right” sentence just wrong (people will always complain about anything, so basically humans shouldn’t have any rights at all then?), but you make it sound like switching phones is like switching a toothbrush.

      • Sourabh

        Hey Ako then probably you should not breath because we do not have any right on air also !!! I mean for that we will need to buy oxygen mask based on your logic…

        • SSDROiD

          Helpful hint: Press the reply button under the comment that you are actually targeting. I do appreciate seeing your comment and that you agree with me, but just for future circumstances, it can become very confusing if you respond to the wrong message :)

  • PopeyesChickenEatingMofo

    For the people who are complaining about not getting GEL on their nexus 4’s, you must understand that nexus devices are made catering to developers and tech geeks. If you own a nexus device you gotta do your research and have some knowledge on how the device works. Google isn’t going to spoon feed you all the things you want. You either don’t get it or you do, it all depends on if you are willing to work harder for them.

    • Jesus

      No CBF and it shouldn’t be like that.

      There’s a reason why people buy Nexus – It’s a cheap Galaxy S4 alternative. I mean, it gets the latest Google updates, with the latest software features.

  • Arungoud

    after the update i cannot find my device in playstore !! #nexus 4 #kitkat

  • CG Teh

    After the OTA update, only ‘problem’ I had was not being able to invoke the easter egg. Any suggestion, anyone?

    • zamroni

      Flash factory image.

  • Johan

    My bluetooth isnt working ATAL after i installed KitKat and I use it all the time…. fcuking sux!

    • Johan

      As soon as I turn it on I just get a message saying that bluetooth sharing has a problem and it turns of, then It turns back on just to crash afew secounds later… rinse and repeat untill int seems to crash the phone…

  • JitendrA Shah

    Got 4.4 OTA on my Nexus 4. Some bugs:

    1) On lock screen, Camera widget when you move towards extreme right there is a white cutting line that appears around camera window.

    2) Pick up a widget place it on Home Screen and flick it towards the up direction to remove it where “X Remove” appears and live it in between path.”X Remove” remains even after removing widget and until you select the another widget.

    3) Set any custom wallpaper and restart your device, wallpaper will be zoomed.

    Find attached ScreenShots.

    • amak77

      Have the same bug. Is your wifi experiencing any issues?

  • JitendrA Shah

    Got 4.4 OTA on my Nexus 4. Some bugs:

    1) On lock screen, Camera widget when you move towards extreme right there is a white cutting line that appears around camera window.

    2) Pick up a widget place it on Home Screen and flick furiously to it towards the up direction to remove it where “X Remove” appears and leave the widget.”X Remove” remains even after removing widget and until you select the another widget.

    3) Set any custom wallpaper and restart your device, wallpaper will be zoomed.

    Find attached ScreenShots.

    • Sai Rameswar

      I am also facing the same problems

      • JitendrA Shah

        Hope Google takes this into the consideration!

    • Eriq KS


      • Eriq KS

        but I have Moto X

      • JitendrA Shah

        Very annoying. Google just don’t pay attention to these small things and did injustice by not giving all the features like N5.

  • Neeraj

    My battery consumption has increased ever since i have upgraded.Ttried everything from reduction of brightness to logging off locations etc but even without use of phone, it is depleting in less than 8 hours.
    Can I go back to my previous version. if yes. how

    • javon27

      yeah, you can fastboot flash the jellybean stock image. Do a Google search for step by step instructions. Before you do that, you may want to sit on your phone for a couple of days. You may notice battery life getting much better

  • Kumar Manish

    My power button does not work sometimes ! Cant even get to switch on the phone ! What is going on !

    • javon27

      This sometimes happens to me when my phone first starts up, or if an app is updating. It usually resolves itself in a few minutes

  • Laura Lin

    Kit Kat was pushed to me last Thursday and it’s been seamless. I still have “OK Google.” All my apps work fine. OS seems a bit faster.
    The only possible glitches I’ve personally noticed is my Google keyboard seems more sensitive and the keyboard and I are kind of relearning each other, and my SMS lost some settings which were easy to reset once I noticed.

  • Jack C Crawford

    My Google Now stopped working on my Nexus 7. All I get is a search bar.

  • Eric Santos

    Yep. Broken and sync issues for me. Just naturally got it via OTA on my fully stock N4.

  • Sourabh, India

    Its really bad that Goggle has done such discrimination. I’m facing even network issues on Nexus 4 after Kitkat update. 3G and 2G problems. And they have given gray top icons for Signal strength and WiFi which does not change color or notify after getting connected or disconnected. 4.3 had blue icon and arrows to notify that the connection is established. I did not like this update from Goggle especially after so much hype around it. I think 4.3 was far better and well groomed for Nexus 4.

  • Salman Al Awami

    Its all just fine after OTA update to 4.4

  • Jonathan

    I’m having issues controlling volume on Bluetooth devices. I use my UE Boom Box for music at home, the volume control on my Nexus 4 no longer effects it since i installed kit kat… Only bug I’ve noticed, so far.

  • Devon Garber

    I was having some problems, but running the setup wizard again fixed it. THANK YOU!!!

  • sai prithvi raj

    ota works just fine on nexus 4

  • Boris Yomkippur

    OTA update, exactly as described. In the beginning I got the 4.3 update to JWR66Y and then, immediately KRT16S. No changes, except root.
    Issues: overheating, unexpected reboots, flickering in notification bar, disconnection from the WiFi, etc (some other minor issues, fixed with the applications’ re-installing). Removed almost all third-party applications. Cleaned the dalvik and cache, fixed permissions. Nothing helped. After reading this article tried what was written (setup activity thru Nova launcher).
    Status – 12 hours without issues. Continuing the observation.
    Nexus 4, 4.4, stock, root

  • Alvin Adiwira Santosa

    so far no problem using 4.4 KitKat. Been using it for a week now (updated via OTA). But no transparent google search bar and ART is still in beta state, not recommended by Google. I like the white though, makes it look more neutral, not ruining my wallpaper.

  • Reloj

    My camera on my nexus 4 keeps crashing. I am able to take pictures but sometimes the camera stops working and the phone restarts.

    Also the screen freezes at random times and when usibg the keyboard sometimes does not display what I am typing. I have the latest kitkat on the phone. I am so ready to go to CM.

  • LG

    having battery drain issue with Nexus 4 after kit kat upgrade.. also phone is getting hot

  • lostacustomer

    fuck google. never buying again

  • Varunkr999

    The dialer gets stuck, can’t cancel a call. Can’t edit comments in FB. Somebody please tell me how can i go back to Android 4.3 or 4.2, that was really kool

  • Glenn

    Those who face this issue can go to safe mode and backup their data while on boot screen just keep pressing up and down volume button for some time phone will get into safe mode and can be backed up. After that perform a data wipe. This way you wont loose any data.

  • Maximilian Deister

    battery is crap on my Nexus 4. but maybe it’s the new launcher. not sure.

  • Asim Aryal

    My Google Now is now disabled! I used to use it normally before, after I flashed the factory image of 4.4 KRT16O, turned it off just once as an experiment. Now there is no turn on/off button where it used to be and help and feedback says google now is turned off for your domain. I am running 4.4 KRT16S now( yes, had high hopes of it being fixed) but the problem persists. It is not necessarily bad but the update could have been a lot more hassel free! Also, the hangouts app is the most annoying. While chatting, the notification sound keeps ringing even though im active on the chat. This is absolutely unfixable whatever way I tried going around.
    The exasperation is high as my comment suggests.

  • the81538

    I downloaded the update when prompted yesterday. It rendered my phone useless. I emailed and went through the possible fixes with a Google rep. None of them worked, and my computer does not recognise the device anymore, so no way to fix it via usb. The last communication I received from Google was to say ‘We are aware of this issue and we have no fix for it at this time. Thanks for reporting it.’ Very disappointing. It’s enough to make you want an iphone.

    • PreachJohn

      May I pls suggest that you Uninstall ADB and Nexus Drivers in Device Mgr and USBDeview. Unplug your Nexus. Then Reboot your ‘puter. I think you’ll find it recognizes it now.

  • neil

    Once upgraded to Anroid 4.4 My battery on my nexus 4 is getting drained .I have reset it to factory defaults but no luck

  • M.

    Hi I’m on O2 in the UK using Nexus4 and have lost 2G/GSM, only have 3G -O2 do not seem to be able to help -anyone got any ideas?

    • PreachJohn

      Settings/Data Usage/More Mobile Networks. But Network by Philipp Mangelow in Google Play may be what you need.

  • timy

    Don´t change to ART if you’re using whatsapp it’s gonna crash!!!

  • pfunk

    Ota upgrade yesterday. since upgrade the bluetooth headset (plantronics m50) is not working any more also extremely quick battery drainage. in fact i woke up today to a dead phone cause i did not realize that would drain out the battery overnight. this is a really poor upgrade from google. disappointed!!

  • Anil Munda

    I had updated to kitkat version.I want to ask if after factory reset my nexus7 then which version I’ll get.

  • Delidumrul Mani

    guys chill!
    Searching for “Google Experience Launcher For Nexus 4” will help you about how to install it on N4. Of course it will need “New Google Search” to work. I installed and works fine without Google Cards, and honestly i dont know why Cards didn’t work.
    Now i have transculent bars, buttons, large icons. Liked this changes but i hate main screen starting with left instead of middle!

  • PJ

    I live in a non-3G area so used to switch between 2G and 3G regularly in my Nexus 4 to get signal. I am now stuck on 3G with 4.4 KitKat. Does anyone know how I can switch back and forth in 4.4 Kitkat on my Nexus 4?

    • PreachJohn

      Just what i said above:

      Settings/Data Usage/More Mobile Networks. But Network by Philipp Mangelow in Google Play may be what you need.

  • coolthud

    Kit kat does not seem to have a good memory. It’s constantly asking me which launcher to use despite having pressed ALWAYS everytime regardless of it it’s the default android launcher or everything home or buzz launcher or move etc. Same problem with all. Also copying text crashes everytime. Sucko. Not a happy bunny. :(

  • Abhishek

    Im getting force close for while copying files from pc to phone..:( in the middle of copying suddenly this shows up n sometimes doesn but the copying stops on one file itself.. After couple of tries again n again sometimesit does copy. N sometimes i have to manual do dont copy so it doesn use the time used to copy other files.. Copying files was such a pain..:(

  • I use google voice to accept calls. And after the update I no longer receive incoming calls to my phone coming from google voice. I can’t figure out what’s going on. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling google voice. I tried tweaking the call settings but nothing works. Not sure what to do. Everyone has my google voice number.

    • PreachJohn

      Does Phone/Settings/Internet Calls pertain to your issue?

  • drbajwa

    Camera stopped working altogether :( any quick fixes ?

    • coolthud

      Buy a Kodak? :-D Only kidding. I’m no Android expert so hopefully someone can help you. Have you tried a different camera app to take the picture with? Good luck with it, if I see any pages with an answer I’ll come paste and pass it on.

  • Prashant Ahuja
  • jimzips

    I want 4.3 back.
    4.4 just slowed everything down to a crawl – Very choppy .
    I started deleting apps.

    I did a factory reset and it seemed to improve a little but not much.

  • kronz602

    The main problem for my n4 after the 4.4 OTA update seems to be the battery.

  • Stephen

    Worst upgrade ever is kit kat. Lost my wifi on Nexus 7 AND 4. What to do?

  • Thomas Mwangi

    I have the Nexus 7 and just upgrade to Kit Kat. Now, some of my apps are running slow – FIFA 14, for instance, has lost its smooth graphic feel and is now annoyingly choppy.

  • Minying Cai

    I have Nexus 4, after updating android few days ago, my Wechat encounter several problems. I can’t find friend and I can’t have call/video call based on WeChat….

  • Jess

    I’ve had nothing but freezing issues. My phone has frozen constantly since the upgrade.

  • Rory Campion

    Still getting sleep of death issues, tried a factory reset which stopped it happening for a few days but back with a vengeance today…

  • hadi

    mee to.

  • Unions_Suck

    My Nexus 7 is giving me worse headaches than before the 4.3 upgrade. 4.3 was a very nice upgrade. Now I regret touching that Update button this time. Unexplained shutdowns, lag, video stopping, programs stopping, and battery dying quite a bit faster has made me thinking of getting an IPad. Should I?

  • Raj

    i have purchased nexus 4 2 days back and got kitkat 4.4 on same day but after just one day i faced hang problem screen was hanged it was showing 2 screens at a time. one was actual screen and other one was not changing …………..

  • jediscuba

    Kit Kat is the worst …. I can’t diale out, I can’t pick up incoming calls. when I can dial, I can’t get back to the tt pad to use touch tomes to respond to verbal questions on automated systems. this is the worst “UP_DATE” I have ever seen. I now intend to do a total rebuild back to the initial roll out software. Google, you’ve wrecked my wonderful phone!

  • just a name

    Repeated network disconnections which can only be solved by restarting the poor thing.

  • Kanhaiya

    I have problem with wifi and also the menu looses text sometime.. its so irritating..

  • Nikhil Menon

    Lots of my apps keep crashing randomly after i did the upgrade to Kitkat. It is extremely annoying. some of them are whatsapp, transZilla, facebook messenger and a few more. also the option of copying called number to the clipboard has been disabled??? so if you need to forward a number that is not in your contacts it is a task.

  • in addition to other comments …don’t like the color scheme on the call history…annoyed the wifi symbol always staying white…google voice no longer seems to work from the phone a few days after installing 4.2.2…every call is from my cell number and the “ask me every time I make a call setting ” is ignored.

  • thisisaproblem

    Doesn’t install. At around 30% shows a picture of a dead android and says error. Then phone turns off. When I switch it on again still 4.3. My device is nexus 4.

  • Paul Passarelli

    battery life improved — probably because nothing works!
    Can I go back to Jellybean, short of a factory reset?

  • Rajat

    I am having many issues.. Like dialer not appearing during an incoming call. Home screen button not working. Phone hanging and restarting. All these issues plagued my phone since kitkat upgrade. Jellybean was perfect.

  • Guest

    Every time i call home screen gets locked, i can’t cut the cal..disappointing

  • haseen wazid

    Every time i call home screen gets locked, i can’t cut the call..disappointing

  • Sreyon Chatterjee

    My launcher has stopped working suddenly. Home screen menu button not working! I’m facing all of the problems at the same time :(