Nexus 4 giveaway to celebrate 100k YouTube subscribers!

by: Derek ScottFebruary 3, 2013


Hey you! Guess what? It’s a time to celebrate at Android Authority, as we’re just about to reach 100,000 YouTube subscribers! Because of this, we’ve decided to  celebrate by giving away a Nexus 4 to our loyal fans!

To enter the giveaway, we are making it unbelievably easy! All you have to do is enter your name and email address in the Rafflecopter widget located on the bottom of this article. Easy right? It really is that simple.

Of course, the usual rules apply: only one entry per person, and we’ll be checking our list and checking it twice to make sure there aren’t any sneaky serpents about!

We here at Android Authority live to serve you, and we value your feedback immensely! We will continue to improve the ways in which we can serve you, so we need your help. If you have a spare second we would really appreciate if you could fill out the feedback form located below. It shouldn’t take longer than one minute, and it will help us get better, so we’d sincerely appreciate it!

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  • Ignacio Martín

    Is this giveaway only for the US or we folks in Europe can also participate?

    • worldwide I guess

    • It’s international. None of this “US Only” nonsense here at Android Authority! Good luck everyone! We will take all of your feedback to heart, so thank you in advance!

      • Ratheesh V

        Thank u for your time.

  • *crosses fingers*

  • Can I haz cheeseburger? And by cheeseburger, I mean this Nexus 4.

    • No, you can only cheezburger. The Nexus is MINE! >=D

      • Lol. I guess you didn’t know that the Nexus is mine. :-D

    • OMG!TonySimons! …I’m now hungry for a Cheeseburger.

  • Gl guys

  • Pegasus195

    I need a nexus!!!

  • brararsh

    I want.. :D

  • Ratheesh V

    Awesome giveaway :D

  • R0d3ricK

    hope it’s international…

  • Congrats on 100k subs! Keep it up!

  • I want :-)

  • bhatt_utkarsh12

    I need a new phone……. desperately

  • Please !!!!!

  • Remcom00

    I can haz Nexus 4? :D

  • Siddharth Desai

    Too be the Nexus 4 isn’t available in my country. It would be awesome to have it here.

  • Laurențiu Selei

    you deserve it… great content

  • Less than an hour in to the giveaway and we have already received a ton of great feedback! Thanks so much.

    I also would like to let everyone know that we have a new site design and mobile version that will be released in the next little bit. Stay tuned in the coming weeks.

    • MasterMuffin

      Finally we get the mobile version back, thanks!

      • inchhigh5137


      • yeah

        I actually prefer the desktop version

        • MasterMuffin

          Well I don’t and I’m sure that many people with <4,5" screen agree with me!

    • sagar makkar

      thanks alot for mobile version..this was my only complaint i made in what you dislike about AA…
      keep up the good work guys..:)

    • international giveaway that’s a biggy waiting for the results..

    • hi derek, i don’t know if my entry was counted. i submitted the form before i logged in with my fb acct. will you still know who am i if you read my entry?

      • Hi Darwyn, the feedback form was optional so no worried there. As long as you entered your name in rafflecopter then you are in the draw!

    • manish

      bcs this is on hell of offer

    • Wes

      I feel like my feedback might have come off as too negative. It’s really not the case. I really enjoy this site and I only spent so much time on the areas I dislike because I want to see AA become even better!

    • Hi there :)

    • Guest

      Wao! I guess my feedback is implemented :)
      Feels proud

    • NICE xD :)

    • Rocketfish717

      Excellent, that was the only feed back I gave was the site design.

    • Just make good of my feedback already! This was only one of the things I mentioned.. Where’s the other stuff? /jk
      Keep it up, you guys are brilliant.. :)

    • Lim Yu Yang

      How to check whose the winner ? Who can give me link please ?

  • i wanna nexus 4!!!!!!!

  • WOOOOOO 100k SUBS!!!!!! :D

  • Martin Barilík

    So, Good luck to as :)

  • Nexus 4 for NZ please!

  • Just gave the feedback, I hope something is implemented :p

  • $/G/R !

    nexus 4 ….hahahahhah….

    here i come

  • nexus 4 the hottest device ever:)

  • Tolulope Aina

    Oops i tot my browseer was broken i did it 3 times b4 readin d instruction :'(

  • The greatest phone ever I want it….correction I need it.

  • How they know how to contact me if I happen to win the giveaway prize ?

    • MasterMuffin

      Sähköposti piti antaa, että sellai…

      • Oli työpaikan vanha Win Explorer käytössä niin ei näkyny ollenkaan kohtaa josta astutaan arvontaan mukaan. My bad..

        • MasterMuffin

          Jaa… Voitto Suomeen!

    • Enter your name and email in RaffleCopter and we will email the winner.

  • 750,000+ already

    Here’s a feedback/suggestion/tip, can Android Authority write an article about the Nexus 4 production rate?

    The Verge, Techcrunch etc…wrote about it back on January 3rd when 375,000 Nexus 4 were produced. It is now over 950,000 and the production rate has speed up immensely.

    according to XDA-Developers users (thread title: [INFO] LG Nexus 4 Production Date and Place Identification), production rate is as followed:

    October: 70,000 devices produced
    November: 90,000
    Dec: 210,000
    January: 500,000+

    from decoding the serial number

    Phone produced in Oct had serial#
    10000 19th of Oct, AUS8BK
    20000 USA
    60000 AUS
    70123 ATMOBK (t-mobile)

    Something like 70k devices produced in October

    73000 1-th AO2UBK (O2 UK model)
    75000 5-th AO2UBK
    80000 5-th AO2UBK
    85000 21-th (?) AUKGBK – strange,
    90000 9-th AUS8BK
    92000 10-th AUS8BK
    95000 – USA
    109000 – GER
    110000 – UK
    132000 – USA
    138000 – USA
    150000 – USA
    160000 – AUSGBK

    265133 14-th ADEUBK GERMANY
    266133 15-th AHKGBK Hong Kong
    267133 15-th AHKGBK Hong Kong
    268133 15-th ADEUBK GERMANY
    269133 15-th ADEUBK GERMANY
    270133 15-th ASWSBK SWS Switzerland (looks like around 500 units)
    271133 16-th AISRBK Israel
    272133 15-th ADEUBK Germany
    273133 15-th AHKGBK Hong Kong
    274133 15-th AHKGBK Hong Kong
    275133 15-th AHKGBK Hong Kong
    277133 17-th AHKGBK Hong Kong
    278133 17-th AHKGBK Hong Kong
    279133 16-th AMYSBK
    280123 17-th AMYSBK
    289000 18-th UK
    300123 19-th ADEGBK
    305112 19-th ACA8BK
    306000 28-Oct (?) AUSGBK, 211KPPB306000 “csn” is also very different from the “surroundings”
    306001 8-Oct AUSGBK 211KPHG306001 esnoutgodate=null >>Never shipped?
    306009 4-th Dec AUSGBK 212KPHG306009 esnoutgodate=null
    306010 19-th AUS8BK 212KPYR306010 esnoutgodate=null
    306020 19-th AUS8BK esnoutgodate=null
    314001 19-th AFRGBK
    314002 19-th ADEGBK
    314050 19-th ADEGBK
    314123 19-th ADEGBK
    315112 19-th ADE8BK
    319123 20-th ADEGBK
    320123 20-th ADEGBK
    321123 20-th AAUGBK
    325112 20-th AUSGBK
    330123 20-th AUSGBK
    340123 21-th ACAGBK
    350123 22-th AUS8BK
    360123 26-th AUSGBK
    365123 27-th AUS8BK
    370123 27-th AUSGBK
    374110 28-th AUSGBK

    January 2013
    375110 2-th AUS8BK
    377110 3-th ASFRBK
    381110 2-th ASFRBK
    385110 3-th AGBRBK GBR “UNITED KINGDOM” – a new retailer? Play store was a AUKGBK
    390110 3-th AUSGBK
    395110 4-th AUSGBK
    399110 3-th ATMOBK
    400110 4-th AUSGBK
    406110 4-th AUSGBK
    445110 9-th ATMOBK
    450110 9-th ATMOBK
    451110 8-th ANEUBK “EUROPE OPEN” – something new
    455110 8-th ANEUBK
    456110 8-th ACAGBK CANADA_OPEN
    461110 8-th ATMOBK
    463110 8-th ADEGBK
    465110 8-th ADEGBK
    467110 9-th ADEGBK
    469110 9-th ADEGBK
    471110 9-th ATMOBK
    474110 9-th ATMOBK
    476110 9-th ATMOBK
    479110 9-th AUS8BK
    482110 9-th ATMOBK
    487110 10-th AUKGBK
    489110 10-th AUKGBK
    491110 10-th AAVCBK VIDEOTRON – seems to be a Canadian telco?
    493110 10-th ADEUBK
    495110 10-th ADEUBK
    497110 10-th AISRBK
    499500 10-th AUKGBK
    502035 11-th AUSGBK
    507035 11-th AUSGBK
    512035 11-th AUS8BK
    513035 11-th AUS8BK

    650986 – 18th of January
    752,xxx – 22nd of January

    834,xxx – 27nd of January
    933,xxx – 30th of January

    From techcrunch:

    How did they do it? They’ve taken the IMEI numbers of their phones and backtracked the production number of their devices using an LG mobile link that’s usually used for finding new firmware. An IMEI number, or International Mobile Station Equipment Identity number, is usually printed on the battery compartment of the inside of the phone. It can be used to prevent stolen phones from accessing a network.

    If you take this link and put your IMEI number at the very end, this LG site will spit back out the IMEI followed by a long string of characters that looks something like this: “LGE960 ACAGBK 212KPHG188745 20121206 GLOBAL/GLOBAL N N”

    If you break this string apart, you get:
    LGE960 = phone model
    A = ?
    CA = Country where the device was sold. (Others include ‘US’ for the U.S., ‘HK’ for Hong Kong, ‘AU’ for Australia and so on.)
    G = Storage (G = 16GB, 8 = 8GB)
    BK = Color
    2 = ?
    12 = Production Month (November)
    K = Production Country (Korea)
    PHG = ?
    188745 = The line or production number, showing that phone was the 188,745th device made.

    • 750,000+ already

      At the current production rate,

      650986 – 18th of January
      752,xxx – 22nd of January
      834,xxx – 27nd of January
      933,xxx – 30th of January

      The 1,000,000th device in the production line is probably being produced on February 1st or February 2nd.

    • These numbers are not correct. They are only speculations. A lot more devices were sold than this. There’s your official article :P

  • Jaki

    I wish I win this time! :D

  • I hope the feedback gives the community an helping hand. Good luck and congratulations on the 100k subscribers. :)

  • MoeAlani

    I wish I would win this amazing prize :D

  • Is this international giveaway?

  • Danny G.

    nexus 4…… mmmmmmmm…………….

  • me :P ?

  • egk

    Wish I win

  • I would love to have this phone!

  • Why is it 12 days? Now IOt’ll be so hard to win

  • I would like to win. Good luck to every one else

  • blg

  • I want this phone so badly..because it is not available in my country..and i love this phone so much..hope will get it..!!

  • I want 1

  • Awesome

  • homi3kh

    It would help me a lots to have this, cuz i’m an Android developer in the outside world

    • MasterMuffin

      Well so are 1,000,000 other people and you can just be lying…

      • Nelson

        Boom! Headshot

  • anand

    great giveaway

  • FRGuzman

    Thanks for this opportunity guys! Keep the site growing!

  • Yash

    I want it so so badly .

  • Good luck to everyone! :)

  • Bradley Larcher

    Wow. If i win this i won’t sleep until it arrives

  • MasterMuffin


  • Ronaldo

    Thanks for all your videos and this amazing giveaway guys!

  • Guest

    congrats on 100,000 subs on youtube
    continue to make videos and reviews

  • androidsavvyy

    hope i win!

  • Debashish

    The simplest giveaway competition ever. Love it. The nexus devices are never available in retail in my country. This is a great chance to get my hands on one. All thanks to android authority.

  • I will do anything for a Nexus 4 !

  • I would love one I want it so bad it’s like the best smartphone out there well in my opinion

  • Supershev

    Would love this handset.

  • It’s nice to not have to do16 things to enter. Thanks guys

  • Alain Lafond

    Keep on the good work,… I was happy to leave my words…

  • Odinoize

    Keep it up guys!

  • tony

    i cant even buy nexus 4,,cos there isnt a goople play store here in

  • nice work :)

  • Michael Baranski

    Best giveaway this year.

  • Fernando Ruiz

    This is a great giveaway!! Thanks android authority!!! :)

  • Win. Win. Win.

  • Oh my God, if I won, I could have a heart attack

  • Bilal Mahmood

    Great ! now we will have mobile version i hope you also make an app

  • Bilal Mahmood


  • May The Best FeedBack Win! =)
    & May the Light side of Android force be with you! ;)


    GOOGLE NEXUS 4 I WANT IT BADLY, ITS NEVER RELEASED IN INDIA SO I AM HOPING TO WIN IT………………………. thank you_ android authority for this opportunity
    and good luck everyone…………….

  • I want it

  • Kshiyij Bansal

    we all want it bad!

  • Luis Reynaldo Corcino

    Really nice! I hope i win the Nexus 4 :P

  • Cool

  • heat361

    I hope I win, I could use a nexus 4.

  • Just took the survey, hope you listen.

  • Kieron Quinn

    Entered when there were 6 and there’s over 2000 now :O

  • rikomenzies

    Now, this is actually random, right? You’re not just going to pick people who suck up to you? Plenty of those going around.

  • wish it was a 16gb model, but it’s cool if I win.

  • Alexander Borsi

    Did we explode rafflecopter? Just spins and spins…

    • Alexander Borsi

      Had to switch to IE because it kept failing in Chrome.

  • Nikhil Rathi

    thanks for this opportunity..

  • Pie Yepjio

    Hopefully I will counted among the winners! I wish the same for the all first 100k subscribers of the Youtube channel.

  • Would thank you guys from the bottom of my heart if I get the device. Keep up good work AA :D

  • DeadSOL

    Good luck to you all! :)

  • I would like this phone so badly. Its so good. and I think you guys at android authority are doing a great job, keep it up :)

  • yay

  • Anthony Wohh!

    Thanks for the opportunity, haven’t had a like for like a phone lmao, yeah too lazy to get a new one. Anyways gd luck everyone.

  • Jason morro

    hope I win the phone if not someone who needs it

  • Err.. you still didn’t announced the winner on the last Nexus 4 Giveaway! WTF?

  • Bambang Hermanto

    Woot! Another Nexus4 giveaway! Go AA. Btw, why is the pjone and tablet section gone? Anybody else has this problem too?

  • Mitchel Errol Suarez

    Android Authority FTW!!!

  • Nexus 4 *_*

  • WOWO

    haha, give me one!

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    Bismillah, i hope i can get my first nexus :)

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    i have an htc hd7….im in dire need of that nexus beast

    WP is poop

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    Can I have this?’ :)

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    Thanks android authority on updating us on the new android phone and i hope you pick me

  • Nexus!!! <3<3<3

  • Victor Meira

    I live in Brazil, I am allowed to participate?

    • Yes, this is an international giveaway.

      • Victor Meira

        Thank You for the response!
        *cross fingers*
        Submitting my entry..

  • Luis Fernando RodriguezA.


  • Thank you Android, thank you Android Authority! I hope I win, and good luck to everyone else!

  • Paulo De Freitas

    I’d really love to get a Nexus 4. In my country, South Africa, LG has decided that THEY (LG) don’t think that the Nexus 4 will sell well. Apparently this decision is based on their sales history in South Africa (um… that’s because most of LG earlier Android devices were crap)…

  • Please let me win.. I really need a phone… Thx AndroidAuthority
    from Sean Ng

  • Amir

    Tq for another giveaways, hope i win!

  • Goy Gustilo

    nice one android authority! great giveaway!

  • thanks Android Authority for every days info you give to us…thumbs up.





  • The precious is miiiiineee*, hobbitsessssss, the preciousss isss miiiiine!

    *crossing Gollum fingers in hope.

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  • u guys rock.thanks for the great infos on android.

  • Great Giveaway!

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    I want that n4… I need it….

  • I would really really like to see tablet version of Android Authority APP.

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    android is incomplete without ANDROID AUTHORITY

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    Biggest AA fan here in africa.nice work guys.
    I use AA majorly for news,reviews,rooting and howto.

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    After that Superbowl upset i need some cheering up

  • David Son

    win me

  • I love you guys

  • @androidauthority:disqus waiting for the mobile version of my favorite Android News website. Thanks and Cheers on reaching the 100,00 milestone .

    • You’re going to love it :) I sure do.

  • Blowntoaster

    Generous as always; AA. Keep up the good work and can’t wait for the new mobile site.

  • shahagra

    i am in

  • Zam

    The should have like a apps of the week segment :)

  • alixjohn266

    I am extremely impressed with your writing skills and also with the layout on your blog.Graphic Designing

    Is this a paid theme or did you customize it yourself? Either way keep up the nice quality writing,Web Development

    it’s rare to see a nice blog like this one these days

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  • the giveaway gadget loads forever there’s no place for me to write my name

    i filled the survey though

  • Ryan

    Android authority is awesome

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    I think I sent the feedback without logging in and it doesn´t let me do it again :( and I wanted to win coz in my country google doesnt sell that device

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    I LOVE YOU GUYS! I am truly happy for you AT! And i wish you much-much more success! And ill always be a loyal subscribers/Fan of AT

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  • Guest

    I wish I could win this phone. In South Africa LG refused to ship it here because of disappointing sales from previous Nexus phones.

  • Leaving feedback is good!

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    Hope I win I dream of having a nexus phone.

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  • IN?great!

  • mobile too!

  • Boom! Feedback given :)

  • good luck to all

  • i dont have a phone my mums unemployed. my father works a part time job so they cant afford to buy me a phone. im not lying. well i hope i win.

    • vin

      Absolutely the most desperate and pathetic plea ever!!!!! And you are lying…
      1) lift up your couch cushions
      2) Goto 7-11 and pick up a pre-paid phone
      3) stop whining
      4) tell your dad to take the money from his part-time job and instead of using it to buy you a phone, spend it on food and clothing for his 8 kids and not on booze

  • count me in

  • nexus

  • 1 entry vs. 5800++??!!! ahhahaha… Good luck to me… :)

  • so i just give my email and name.. thats it? couldn’t find the feed back form..

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  • EPIC :D thank you so much

  • Awesome guys///my dream near my reach..

  • I wish i win this awesome phone!!

  • Wow so many entries!

  • New year big things from you guys..this device is not sold in my country and now my new year resolution of owning a nexus device is going to be fulfilled. Thanks guys

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  • i want it this nexus 4

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    Thanks for sending ‘it’ my way ;)

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    I am not gonna win the nexus.. I am a unlucky guy

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    I’m the recently owner of a Galaxy mini GT-S5570L and I’m already in love with Android and this site!! So thank you guys for this oportunity!! **cross fingers**

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    I can’t wait to see who wins this, as I want to congratulate the winner on his luck for getting what appears to be one of, if not the best android phone out right now!

  • Finally a mobile phone give-away during a time dominated by tablets!
    looking forward to this!

  • thats cool!


  • Hope i win! Goodluck to all of us guys!

  • There really isn’t much you can do with only 8gb. If I were to win this, I would just sell it and by a 16gb one.

  • heykal

    hope you choose me.. P:
    I’m Malaysian..!!!

  • Sükriye K

    Interesting article with great comments!
    If you have any ideas how the smartphone of the future could be like, you can take part in the international idea contest for students and win €10.000. /

    Best thing is that you don’t have to realize your idea, but upload a 3-minute-video and present your smartphone of tomorrow in order to new design / new features / new functionalities etc. It’s worth to take part in the contest, because the videos will be promoted on Facebook and every Like counts!

  • Dan

    hope ill win this!

  • almost two days till the competition is over.crossing my fingers on this

  • Hope i win!

  • Ramacher

    I entered this give-away as a “why not, worth a shot”. Last weekend the screen on my trusty S2 went out, so now my attitude has changed to “please, please, please let me win” :P I feel like an addicted gambler at the slot machines with only a couple coins left haha.

  • Another day, another comment… Hope I win!

  • Hope I win this one, need an android experience :)

  • Kshiyij Bansal

    i can only hope to win this!

  • kidilej

    Checking Android Authority is one of those activities you must do everyday like you have to check your email. I have like entered all the previous Nexus 4 giveaways with great anticipation of winning a glossy, sleek Nexus 4, and have not won. So, it would be extremely awesome if I could win that phone!

  • wao once again another awesome giveaway!! :)

  • Mika uytdewilligen

    I really hope that I win

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    Man, it’s getting close, I can’t wait to see who wins!

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    fix up your android authority app its slow and laggy


    quiet excited about the giveaway and hoping to win

  • Dehaha1

    One thing I might add to the survey that I forgot. I was wondering if you could address the optimization of the website, the main page specifically, as it seems to lag my whole computer.

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  • 16 more hours! Can’t wait! :D:D

  • so near yet its so far

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    I have been waiting to see if I can win. Good luck to everyone who has entered into the competition. P.s I really hope that I will win.


    1:20 minutes left greatly excited and please give me nexus 4


    waiting 4 the results…………………..hope 2 win

  • Been dying to try one of these out – would love to own one!

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    going to sleep … two or more days to know who is the winner. i’m sure


    3 minutes left

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    Who is the winner really excited..

  • So, who’s the winner? (Me?!!)

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    How to check whose the winner ? Who can give me the link please ?

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    Can i haz cheeseburger? By cheeseburger i mean n4!

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    I hope i win this!!

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    So who’s the lucky guy who won?

  • We have a winner! The winner is Chance Jia ( )from Malaysia. This is the 2nd time in a row that someone from Malaysia has won. Thanks for all the great feedback, we have listened to everyone and will be making continuous improvements to AA this coming year!

    • heykal

      hey, i’m also from Malaysia but why I can’t win this ??

  • So who won ?

  • who is the lucky one?

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    who won po here? ty! <3

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    who is the winner? as always there is no link or any announcement like it was with AA community nexus 4 giveaway.

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  • When will the winner be anounceD?

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