Nexus 4 eligible for free 50GB offer

by: Chris SmithNovember 17, 2012

LG Nexus 4

About a year ago, announced that it’s offering free 50GB Box Personal accounts to all LG Android devices in the U.S., both tablets and smartphones, running Android 2.1 or higher.

According to the official blog post of the company, the 50GB of extra storage will be on offer until December 31, 2012:

Want to claim your Box 50GB? Just log into Box for Android on your device before December 31, 2012. If you don’t have a Box account yet, be sure to download the app on your LG Android phone or tablet. You’ll have 50GB of free, secure file storage and sharing for the life of your account.

So the obvious question is, will the offer work with the brand new Nexus 4, which happens to be made by LG? The answer is yes: xda-developers senior member ap27 reports that he was able to enable the offer on his Nexus 4 unit and upgrade from 25GB to 50GB of storage after downloading the Box app and logging in.

Taking advantage of deals that offer users more free storage in the cloud is the only way to go with Nexus devices that lack microSD support in order to “upgrade” the memory.

8GB Nexus 4 users will probably be very happy to hear they’ll have even more memory in the cloud to store some of those files that don’t necessarily need to be stored on the phone’s memory, but do need to be within reach at all times.

Are you taking advantage of this offer?

  • 50GB? With JottaCloud I already have 80GB of free cloud storage.For every friend who signs for a free account you and your friend will get additional 5GB for free. You can get up to 100GB of free storage through inviting your friends to JottaCloud. There is already a very nice Android app available on the Play Store which allows you to sync all your stuff like contacts, sms, pics, documents, music and videos! If you use this link to sign up for free you will automatically get 10GB of cloud storage instead of 5GB!

  • Justin W

    Hell yeah I’m signing up. 50 gigs for free is a dam good deal.

  • Cmty5000

    Still with the 100MB file limit I presume (I have 50GB from another offer).

  • BrutalGreen

    does this include Canada (I know the article says US but many times things also tend to work up north too)!?

  • LampshadeZombie

    I’m going to do it on my current LG Optimus Slider now and then I’ll have the 50 gigs anyway.

  • And if you already had it extended, will it double? Meaning 100G instead of 50G?

  • At this rate, I doubt my Nexus 4 will arrive before the offer expires.

  • Tmv

    Wish it was Dropbox instead. I have 50gb of Box memory now but I don’t even use it. The 100mb limit is a killer. I can’t even upload 1 movie. Dropbox have better desktop synchronizing as well.

    • Jonas

      What about google drive?

  • is absolute crap