Nexus 4 to have bumper accessories available, not for the same reasons as the iPhone 4

by: Chris SmithOctober 30, 2012

LG Nexus 4

The Nexus 4 and iPhone 4 seem to share some similarities. Both were lost in bars in California by testers working for Google and Apple, respectively, and both share the same interest in glass. Yes, the front and back of the LG Nexus 4 are made of glass also, and it looks like the device will get bumper accessories when it launches, but not for the same reasons.

The iPhone 4 was plagued at launch by an unexpected problem, the Death Grip, also known as Antennagate, which prompted Apple to offer free bumpers to users that observed cellular signal attenuation when holding the handset “the wrong way.”

The bumpers were supposed to serve as protection for the device, without hiding the front and back glass panels, but they ended up protecting the antenna of the iPhone 4 from human touch as well.

The LG Nexus 4 doesn’t come with an Antennagate problem out-of-the-box but buyers will apparently have access to a similar accessory to protect the glass design.

Moreover, the handset has an edge-to-edge screen, so a bumper may be indeed needed to protect it. Google’s Dan Morrill revealed on Google+ that such accessories will be indeed in stock:

We’ve actually got some bumpers (ring-like cases that wrap the side but not the back) coming as accessories for Nexus 4, if that’s how you roll.

On the back, there is indeed a small raised ridge, which should prevent scratches if not breaks.

He answered thus to comments to a recent posting in which he explained that his favorite Nexus 4 feature is that edge-to-edge glass finish, applauding LG’s design in the process.

So, will you buy Nexus 4 bumpers to go with the device?

  • Daniel Cavanagh

    Really considering a Nexus 4 with the bumper to protect it AND the wireless charging dock. The best thing about this is it will still cost around HALF the price of an iPhone 5 on its own and it is so much better then it. I love Google.

    • Observer

      Please don’t think this is an argument starter, I would prefer this stay civil but why is it so much better?
      I ask as I have the iPhone 5 and details on Nexus 4 aren’t readily avaliable for a head to head comparison.
      What makes you say it is better?
      Should I upgrade again?

      • HellG

        OS comparisons aside and remember you wont have a fragmented device and will get instant updates,the iPhone use a dual core Krait-like core the N4 have a quad core one,both screens have are made by LG but i would take that n4 screen over the soap bar like screen anyday!, build quality? i assure you that the N4 wont “chip”, for me i see better internals/externals and great OS and for less than the half price! dayum that’s one hell of a deal o_O

        • Daniel Cavanagh

          Better processer, better screen, double the RAM, beautiful design, pure Google UI and updates straight from Google, and it cost half the price

          • HellG

            Yup i forgot the ram but tbh we need more RAM than they do as we have true multitasking so Android is more resources hungry than iOS

          • Daniel Cavanagh

            @HellG:disqus Yeap but not much more, i’d say 500MB more is more then enough. 2GB is killer, my old laptop from a few years ago had 2GB RAM, that’s crazy haha.

          • HellG

            the Computer i’m using right now have 2gig of ram… XD

          • Daniel Cavanagh

            @HellG:disqus I have 4GB, looks like next years phones will have that :P

          • Caleb Olson

            My desktop from a year ago had 1GB of ram. Lol.

          • Jon Langevin

            Wow, you guys all had/have shit computers, and you’re buying high-end phones? Fix your priorities! :-) My desktop has 16gb ram, and all of my laptops have 8gb ram :-P

          • Daniel Cavanagh

            That’s just my laptop lol my desktop is more powerful :P

      • Stephen Bruck

        Here is a good comparison:,Apple-iPhone-5/phones/7531,7378

        In many, many specs, the Nexus is superior.

  • Extra fittings for my Nexus 4 …? Ohh naah naah! Won’t that ruin the beauty?

  • I’m definitely getting the Nexus 4 and I’ve already decided I want the Wireless Charging Orb (dependant on price, of course) but I was wondering if they’d release some kind of protection for it. I’m definitely interested in getting one, I’m sure they won’t be as pricey as Apple’s bumpers were. I’m sold.

  • RarestName

    Why did they put glass in the front and the back?

    • Dan

      You need glass on the front so you can see what you’re doing on the phone :)

      • RarestName

        Oops, I meant the back.

  • winner

    no lte lol fail goggle

    • Abdulrahman Aljassar

      well nexus 4 have two issues that everyone was talking about…

      1- it does’t have LTE : for me LTE is not important because it is not supported yet in our country

      2- low storage with only 8 gb or 16 gb onboard …
      this might be a problem if i don’t have a cloud storage acoount becuase then i’ll have to save all my photos on my phone which will take all the space , but since i have a dropbox account it saves me about 10 to 15 gb ,, so don’t let those to negatives make you skip this amazing device with this amazing price

      i have the solution for you with these two issues …

      solution for the first isseu : HSPA+ is still very fast and saves more battery than LTE , and if there is lte then this phone wouldn’t be unlocked and updates doesn’t arrive fast , like what happened with the galaxy nexus LTE version from verizon , when the international galaxy nexus had the jelly bean update ,, the lte version had it after 2 months later because of verizon

      solution for the second issue : you should have a dropbox account , when you buy either galaxy s3 or iphone 5 they are both cost 200$ more than the nexus 4 so spend quarter of your saving when you buy nexus 4 and buy a membership in any of dropbox or skydrive or google drive they are all very good

      and believe me , cloud storage is really nice and save you alot of time and it’s really easy , to set it up on both your computer and you smartphone , and they are more secure , so if you lost you phone all your stuff will still be available for you to access , you only need internet which is found in every where in the planet nowadays

      so don’t make these two issues prevent you from buying a truly amazing device at such an amazing price

      and please, please learn to not just complain about the issues that you find ,, you can always find a solution for any problem that you find

      and remember this android not iOS so you are free to do what ever you want with you device , you can even connect nexus 4 to a usb storage because it has a usb host port

      • Robert Stevens

        Cloud storage is nice and all, but it doesn’t help people who want to install several games that use up several GB each. I’m personally not a game player but there’s a lot of people out there.

      • eric10234

        Cloud is good and all in US or Europe where you have fast internet connections. But in parts of Asia where there is a growing market, many are still on slow connections (despite being labelled as HSPA).

        I’ll be happy with a few Mbps connection. In reality though, I’m usually getting less than 1Mbps connection speeds and therefore, cloud isn’t an option.

  • Yes, for travel use only, not anything else

  • Anonymous

    Before the price was revealed, I was debating whether to get this phone or wait for something better (I have an iPhone 3GS still) since I wasn’t particularly a fan of LG. But the price tag of $359 (CAD) for the 16GB made it a much more attractive phone than it used to be.

  • bLUFF

    I am so waiting for this one!!!