Nexus 4 gets Bluetooth 4.0 certification, Bluetooth SIG says

by: Chris SmithMay 15, 2013

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The Nexus 4 has received Bluetooth 4.0 certification with just a few days to go until Google I/O 2013, according to the Bluetooth SIG.

As you can see in the screenshot below, the handset has recently received its Bluetooth 4.0 certification. Before you ask, this is the same 3G-enabled LG Nexus 4 you may be using right now (model number LG-E960), according to the Bluetooth SIG, and there’s no mention of that Nexus 4 LTE model that’s rumored to arrive at Google I/O this year.

We’re particularly interested in Bluetooth low energy (BLE), a subset of Bluetooth 4.0 that’s energy efficient, and which isn’t available on the Nexus 4 and other Android-based mobile devices.

The Nexus 4 does have the hardware necessary to offer Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity (BLE included), but Google hasn’t so far offered support for the low-power Bluetooth spec. This could change in the near future, as the company could announce BLE support officially coming to Android via a new OS update.


This isn’t the first time we hear that Android will soon offer BLE support. A meetup posted on revealed just a few days ago that HTC will talk about BLE and OpenGL ES 3.0 during a special event on May 16, a day after Google unveils new products during its developer conference, suggesting that Android 4.3 may support such features.

We’re live at Google I/O 2013 this year, so keep following us for detailed coverage on all things Google.

  • Bone

    The more Nexus 4 info appears the less likely the Nexus 7 upgrade gets revealed right now. There should be leaks and benchmarks and photos and FCC info.

  • Ruzveh

    I know that our mobile phones consume a lot of power when it is interacting with our nearby network for its voice and data service due to which we cant remain online for more then few hours while we can comfortably remain days on standby mode.. Is there any improvement of any power consumption here? Just by decreasing hardware processing power or tweaking of software wont help.. We need to find out the middle patch somewhere.. Who agress?

    • matt_helm

      BLE is different than “normal” Bluetooth. Matter of fact, it wasn’t part of Bluetooth to start with, but a different protocol (Wibree) that was added. It polls the devices, instead of connecting to them all the time, so the radio is off 99% of the time, and the radio is what uses 95% of the power. This also allows you to seem to be connected to many devices at once (really switching between them VERY quickly)