Nexus 4 back on sale in the UK and France, already sold out in Spain

by: Robert TriggsJanuary 30, 2013

nexus4 on sale

If you’ve been waiting since the news earlier that the Nexus 4 is about to re-stock on the Google Play website, in the hopes that you’ll be able to get hold of one today, then you’d best hurry on over there fast.

That’s right; the Nexus is back on sale in the UK, France and Spain, following the handsets re-release in US, Canada and Germany yesterday. Well actually, if you’re living in Spain there’s some bad news; both the 8Gb and 16Gb versions of the handset have already sold out again. To be honest, it might now be long until everywhere else follows suit.

Pricing is set at £239 or £279 for the different models if you’re living in the UK, and $299 or $349 in the US respectively. Meanwhile, mainland Europeans can get hold of the 8Gb model for €299 and the 16Gb version for €349, so the exchange rate seems a bit off. If you manage to get hold of a Nexus 4, expect shipping to take 1 to 2 weeks.

Here are some quick links for those who are eager to get their purchase in: 8Gb model, 16Gb model. Go go go!

  • Pablo

    In Spain the stock has only last 9 minutes, incredible.

  • Nicolas Lochet

    I was lucky enough I could order one around 4PM French time, when the device became orderable again, but it was “TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK” for either 8GB or 16GB since 7PM.

  • Christian

    I ordered mine. Can’t wait. Seems stock is still available in the UK! Don’t think I can wait 1-2 weeks though