Nexus 4 Android 4.4 KitKat update now rolling out

by: Bogdan PetrovanNovember 20, 2013

nexus 4 android 4.4 kitkat update

Some Nexus 4 users are reporting that the Android 4.4 KitKat OTA has finally graced their phones. The update comes just hours after the Verizon Moto X received the same bump to Android 4.4 and after Google rolled out a bug fixing update to some of its others Nexus devices.

It appears that the KitKat OTA for the Nexus 4 rolled out with a slight delay to allow Google to fix the bugs found after the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 were updated last week.

Users on Twitter and on forums report that the update weighs in at 238 MB and that it brings the build number to KRT16S. You will need to have at least 20 percent battery and preferably a WiFi connection.

nexus 4 android 4.4 kitkat update 2

It’s only a matter of time until someones gets the download URL and then everyone can join in the fun. We’ll keep you posted as soon as that happens. If you prefer to wait for your OTA, be warned that updates of this type roll out in waves, and it can take days or even weeks until they reach all devices.

Android 4.4 KitKat won’t bring to the Nexus 4 the new Google Experience Launcher, but there still is a lot to look forward to.

Did you get your KitKat, Nexus 4 users?

  • Daniel

    Just flashed the new update KRT16S :-)

  • Tarek Assaf

    Already sideloaded krt16O

    • Ashisk2

      Is it any good Kitkat update ?

      • Tarek Assaf

        Some changes are obvious…

  • i’d like to stay with 4.3 untill 4.4 is on perfect condition.

  • Erich

    Still waiting for Kit Kat 4.4 here in the Philippines.

    • Nadeem Ansari

      The official update to Android 4.4 for Nexus 4,7(all models) and Nexus 10 was never easy!! Check it out right here!!

    • Carlo

      Same here mate. I haven’t sleep well cause I’m always checking my phone for the update notification -_-

  • Justin Rebar

    I hope my phone receives this by the time I wake up in the afternoon. Would be a good birthday present for me from Google.

    • LM

      Happy birthday!!

  • Nadeem Ansari

    The official update to Android 4.4 for Nexus 4,7(all models) and Nexus 10 was never easy!!! Check it out right here!!

    • Edd295

      You will have to install a custom ROM to get something like KitKat, Galaxy Nexus is no longer receiving updates.

      • chaztech

        In googles support I saw the Gnex I am almost sure itz getting kitty Kat!

  • Nadun Dissanayake

    When can we get the update for g nexus.. ?

    • aslan

      You cant, didn’t you hear that google is dropping support for it?

  • Cory Wilson

    I’m calling shenanigans! Not one single confirmed case of an update and no sideloadable update anywhere!

  • Matt

    Minor correction: Unless Google changed it, you’ll need at least 50% battery to install the update, not 20%.

  • NativeSon

    Still waiting here in Southern Nevada, and getting rather impatient as well…

  • killxswitch

    Still waiting in Indiana.

  • Fizzy

    Doesn’t even show that I can update to 4.4…..

  • KT

    No sign of update in India. Still waiting… :( This sucks. Makes me feel like i have a secondary phone. All Nexus should be prioritized same.
    Am not gonna buy Nexus 5 just to be in line to be first to get the updates.
    Hope the update shows up before the weekend. Hmp.

    • Tanishq Jain

      Its here bro.

      • KT

        Yes. Got it today morning. Not excited though. Nothing to boast about 4.4 on Nexus 4…sheesh :(
        But then thanks Google for the update. Hehe
        Hope the Nexus 5 home screen styles will comecome to N4 soon.

  • Lewis Mantilla

    I wanna sideload mine, i dont wanna keep waiting… But i cant cause i get signature verification fail, i was digging in the web and the only solution was unlocking the bootloader and i dont wanna lose my data sooo, i have to wait even if i dont freaking want

  • Lotus92

    Still waiting here in Australia for the Nexus 4…

  • Shiyaz

    Still waiting here on united arab emirates….

  • That White Thai Guy

    Hasn’t arrived in Thailand yet :(

  • Patience…

    I am waiting too guys but seriously get on with your lives it will be here soon :)

  • Rajvir Kumar Shaganti

    I bought my nexus 4 from Dubai and I stay in India… there is no sign of the kit Kat update!

    • Maddisetty Hemanth

      i have updated manually with factory image

  • yaseen khan

    Still waiting here in Pakistan …. Cleared Google Services Framework data but still no sign of update :p

    • Tanishq Jain

      Clear data and then force stop

  • Dave Doucette

    Still waiting here in Canada, haven’t heard of anyone with the KITKAT

  • Dave Doucette

    Hope they haven’t forgotten us.

  • Josefius

    Still waiting, nothing yet

  • Rom (US)

    Still waiting in Ohio!

  • birinahite

    Do Touchless control work on Nexus 4?

  • fireS

    sick of these news. There is no update after a week of waiting. Not first time we have to read bullshit news. Let ppl recieve damn update first and then write about it

  • chaztech

    Still waiting here Space Coast Florida ;!

  • Treybo

    Anyone know exactly how these updates roll out? Is it by the phone serial number, phone number area code, carrier, gps location, activation date, etc?

    I’m curious how to tell where a device is in the update line once it’s pushed out.

  • Sherri

    This wait is ridiculous. I should have stuck with apple. I chose the nexus because Google promised that the nexus was the first to get the updates… WOWWWW. WHAT A BAD FIRST EXPERIENCE TRYING THE NEW OS… NOT HAPPY AT ALL. DEF GOING BACK TO THE IPAD. ASAP!!!!

    • kronz602

      Bye! oh how much do you want for your nexus!!!

      • Sherri

        I’m gonna give it to my nephew that’s 8 yrs old. Thanks for the offer…

    • Sherri

      Don’t get me wrong I’m really not one to complain but it would of been one thing if Google at least gave us some explanation about what’s going on. Is that really to much to ask. For real???

    • SSDROiD

      May I ask, where/how exactly did Google promise you that the Nexus line would get updates first? Early, yes, but first? Seems to me like you misunderstood. We have all been counting on Nexus to get updates first, but I don’t believe they actually promised that to you.

  • Will Oren

    Flashed the factory image. No waiting here

  • Xan Nunya

    My 2012 Nexus 7 still hasn’t updated and my Nexus 4 hasn’t either. Its currently 10:23 am on Thursday, November 21.

  • steaw16

    Still nothing in Slovakia, but I bought my phone in the US so I think it will be a little bit earlier.

  • st3b3n

    Still wating on Mexico :(

  • mehdi

    im wait for kitkat in iran

  • Alfrancis

    Still waiting in CANADA

  • lukman

    i do too, flash it manually, not major update i guess

  • Kari

    Just got mine a couple of minutes ago and now I’m wondering what the hype was all about…

  • Sarah

    Just got it :P

  • Jesus


  • pxl8

    Downloading it as I type, I’m in the UK :)

  • nexus 4 India

    Got it. But no transparent menu bars on jokester

  • skywalker6131

    Got the update in brings all the new software features i the choice of changing runtime from dalvik to ART..but the interface is not transparent status bar..notification bar..this sucks..i wanted GEL mainly..all transparent and shit -_-

  • Tanishq Jain

    Try the Google Services framework method. I got the update in three tries.
    Goto Settings>Apps>All>Google Services Framewrk > Clear Data and Force stop > Go ahead to check update.
    Note : This is a trial and error method . You may or may not get the update.

    • Zizaco Zizuini

      Thanks man! Worked for me.

      • Burner

        Cleared the now says waiting to download over Wi-Fi till 26 th November

  • Still no sign of Kitkat on my Nexus 4 until now. Most of the people I know here already got theirs. – Philippines

  • Pat

    Just got the update here in Philippines!

    • Lance

      How? Still waiting. Also here in Manila.

  • bhavik

    I keep getting verification failed repeatedly!! Any reasons for that ??

  • ikhwan

    There’s a problem with the dialer. It wont show up when i pressed the dialer symbol. Why is that?

  • mehdi
  • dean clarke

    The force stop n update check just did the trick now just got note 3 in January to wait for lol

  • Sam B.

    Got mine (OTA) last week! -Sam from Guatemala (bought the phone used on ebay US)