Nexus 12 tablet concept, more Nexus 8 rumors hit the web

by: Chris SmithNovember 12, 2013

Nexus 12 concept

While the Nexus 5 is the only new Nexus device that was launched by Google alongside Android 4.4 KitKat, new reports have detailed new alleged Nexus 8 sightings and a Nexus 12 tablet concept.

Meet the Nexus 12 dream

From the start, we’re going to tell you that this is a concept, imagined by an Android fan who posted the render above on DeviantArt, right next to some specs for the device.

We’re looking at a 12-inch fantasy tablet that would be made by Asus for Google. Let’s see what TheTechnoToast imagined for the tablet when it comes to hardware:

  • A 12-inch screen with a 5120×3200 Gorilla Glass 4 capacitive touch screen at 503 pixels-per-inch
  • 4GB of RAM (expandable to 6GB)
  • A 2.6GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 1000
  • Android 4.5 Kit Kat (an incremental upgrade to 4.4)
  • A 3MP front facing camera
  • A 13MP back camera that can shoot up to 4K
  • 5 powerful neodymium magnet speakers on either side of the device
  • Windows RT and Chrome OS Ready (multi-boot)
  • Optional official pre-root with partnership with the creators of SuperUser and Cyanogenmod
  • All tablets shipped with 4G LTE ready chips
  • And then the usual stuff (NFC, Bluetooth, etc.)

Again, this is just a concept, and while it looks lovely on paper – not to mention that many potential tablet buyers would love to get their hands on such a product – we’ll have to wait a while to see something like this hit stores.

Speaking of things looking good on paper, suggested pricing for such a high-end device sounds too good to be true, but since it’s a concept, we’ll show it to you anyway: £200 for 32GB (LTE-enabled), £280 for 64GB (LTE-enabled), £360 for 128GB (LTE-enabled).

When it comes to real products, we’ll remind you that Samsung is expected to launch a 12-inch Galaxy Note Android tablet at some point in the future, while Asus has been rumored to work on a 10-inch Nexus 10 (2013) tablet for Google.

More Nexus 8 rumors

Earlier this year, a Nexus 8 concept image hit the web alongside similar Nexus 5 and Nexus 11 concepts (check it out here) at a time the “Nexus 8” name was still one of the possible names for Google’s new 2013 Android tablet.

Nexus 8 leak

Purported Nexus 8 posted by Google on the Nexus 7 (2013) page and later replaced. Notably, the rumored Nexus 8 has slimmer bezels.

But then a few days ago, an image spotted on Google’s Nexus 7 page showed us a tablet that looked nothing like a new Nexus 7 (2013) unit – see it above and again below. That’s when the Nexus 8 rumors started again, at least until Google updated the page and removed the image, which is most likely a bad Photoshop job.

However, another “Nexus 8” image has been discovered on Google’s Nexus 7 landing page, bringing back the 8-inch tablet rumor:

Nexus 7 (2013) lifestyle image

Nexus 7 (2013) lifestyle image posted on Google’s Nexus 7 page. The top bezel is slimmer than what would be expected for a Nexus 7 (2013) model. | Image source: Google and Quba HQ

It’s highly unlikely that we’re looking at the Nexus 8 there. Chances are that that’s yet another bad Photoshop image, which explains the thinner top bezel of the device.

Nexus 8 rumors

Comparison between Nexus 8 purported images: new sighting (left) vs old. | Image credit Mobile Geeks

Furthermore, another image that’s apparently part of the same set of photos taken for Google, shows us that it’s actually a Nexus 7 tablet that’s held by the same person (check out the following image).

Nexus 7 2013 lifestyle image

Nexus 7 (2013) lifestyle image posted on Quba HD in the same Nexus 7 (2013) photo shoot collection. | Image source: Google and Quba HQ

With all that in mind, while a Nexus 8 would make sense for Google and for many buyers, these rumors aren’t really presenting any solid evidence that would back up the Nexus 8 rumor bandwagon.

We’ll also add that the Nexus 7 (2013) and Nexus 5 have not been the best kept secrets in the universe, and traces of a Nexus 8 should be available elsewhere in case the product is real.

Meanwhile, Google is yet to announce the new Nexus 10, if there is indeed a 2013 model in the works.

  • Santeri

    That concept is just a random dream by an Android fan..

  • D’Ander McSullivan

    Daaaaaaamn, dem specs! That’d be akward to hold, though.

    • Fievel

      That…. unfortunately….. is not what she said……

  • MasterMuffin

    Dat concept. Some concept makers just take it too far!

  • Mayoo

    “A 13MP back camera that can shoot up to 4K”

    Stop it already. Every single person who uses a tablet, and I’m including IPads, to shoot videos or take photos are looking like dorks. I used my camera only 1 time on my N10. The picture was awful, not because of the camera, because I was too shaky and was afraid of dropping the damn thing. Just imagine with a 12inches.

    Fantasy is fun when it is something you will use.

    • IDontKnowMyName

      I agree.
      To be perfectly honest, and this is just me, I would rather have absolutely no camera on the back. A reasonable front facing cam to use to video chat or something like that is enough. That will also make the thing a little cheaper.

      • Cole Raney

        A little cheaper for the manufacturer to make. I doubt they would actually sell it for any cheaper.

  • Jack Parker

    Only £200 for the 32gb model, are you high? also, its a nexus. it wouldnt have the option to have windows and chrome os installed.

    as for the specs, dream on. i doubt we’ll see anything like this for another 2 years

  • SwankMonsta

    Oooohhh lord, please stop the i already.Matter of fact delete this article. Stop the rumors and dream specs.



  • conspiracy

    Can we stop fooling ourselves here. The Nexus 8 is not real and the prospects of a Nexus 12 are very low especially considering that the updated 10 is right around the corner.

    • Fievel

      “considering that the updated 10 is right around the corner”
      I dunno….. that’s starting to sound like the biggest rumor-to-not-pan-out this year!

    • Ironey

      Yep no need for a N8 or a N12 for now anyway, I want my first tablet to be the N10 2013 so I wish you’re right about it…

  • jclgan

    Concept? More like wishful thinking. Concepts are supposed to be grounded in some basis of realism and believability, no? Expandable memory? 500+ DPI on a 12″ screen? Optional pre-rooting? That price point?! Give me a break. Why not just say it’ll project an interactive holographic interface as well?

    • poop

      Oh, did he forget to mention that?

    • Grman Rodriguez

      Lol true that is some crazy concept. I hate those kind of concepts? Why not being creative instead of just saying big numbers? Look at my tablet concept : 7million ppi and 64 TB of Ram, expandable to 5 5 million teras. Snapdragon 1 trillion and all for $10 the 100TB version

  • Cal Rankin

    Windows RT and ChromeOS ready? wow, that’s crazy. Microsoft probably would talk Samsung into dual-booting, and ChromeOS really doesn’t have much of use on tablets.

  • darkshadow

    Hey AA, go to bed coz u r drunk.

  • [email protected]

    I want a nexus 60 with 4k resolution that I can hang on my wall and play fruit ninja on.

  • wat

    I think they’re just photoshopping out the ugly huge ass fucking bezel to make it look better

  • LiiIiikEaBau5

    Windows 8 lol!

  • Fantastico

    How is someone meant to hold the Nexus 12 if it has ridiculously skinny bezels???

  • Meowsefer

    Hey here are the RAM specs I found for the new Nexus 12. I think you guys got it wrong…It’s expandable to 2 Unicorns of RAM.

  • Oli72

    Nexus 8 will have my funds.

  • Dimitri

    i just want the nexus 8

  • raj

    i want Nexus 12

  • Cosies flatten

    If they were to make a 8 and 12 inch tablet they might as well make two phone sizes, one with a 4.2″ ish screen and the other 4.95″

  • Tyrone_83

    I can just picture the battery life on this bad boy.

  • Andye82

    I agree that they should just forget the back cameras on tablets and FOCUS ON THE FRONT FACING CAMERA. One of the reasons that tablets can’t fully replace the laptops is the awful front facing cameras. Hangouts and skype sessions are quite horrible compared to laptops. And if I ever need a camera it is especially during those times

  • Hugo Oskarsson

    I’m actually a little surprised that there are so many small tablets, yet almost none bigger than just a little over 10″

  • T Griffin

    A Nexus 8????? If there is a Nexus 8, that will be THE BEST tablet on the market. I have always considered 8 inches the sweet spot form factor. I love my Nexus 7, but I consider it just a bit too small. I’ve always said, if Google makes a Nexus 8, I will buy that thing off the delivery truck before they even unload them into Best Buy. A Nexus 8! That would be FANTASTIC and would really make my year!!!!!

  • Collin dubya

    first of all a 12 in tablet is WAAAY to big, 10.1 is the perfect size and shouldn’t be made any bigger, now the nexus 8 sounds like a much more probable idea.. personally i would get one depending on the display, it’s gotta have that nice point between the n7’s FHD screen and the nexus 10’s 2560×1600, if they can do that they’ve sold me on the n8..

    Also tho it’s time for google to start beefing up the internal storage if they do not want to give us micro sd card slots, 16 doesn’t cut it and all the base models should start at 32gb.

  • WoodyL

    I have it on good authority that Google has decided to stop producing Nexus devices. The Nexus 5 is the last one. You need to report that rumor.

  • Jillxz

    I’ll stick with the iPads. More attractive , thinner bezels . Too bad Google is second class.

    • some guy

      i think you’re on the wrong site dude…