Last week, Google unveiled a variety of new Nexus-branded products, such as the Nexus 4 smartphone, the Nexus 10 tablet and the new 32GB Nexus 7 models, but they were not launched immediately after the announcement.

Instead, Android fans have to wait for November 13 to come in order to get their hands of the most interesting new additions to Google’s Nexus lineup, the LG smartphone and the Samsung tablet.

But it now looks like the latter has already been spotted in a Walmart location, where one customer was able to take a picture of a 32GB Nexus 10 tablet resting on a shelf. Apparently he didn’t try to purchase the $499 tablet, but it would have been interesting to see whether Walmart would have sold the device with five days to go until actually allowed to do it.

The Nexus 10 is Google’s first tablet that will be directly challenging Apple’s iPad, and it will certainly be fun to watch this new battle. Are you buying a Nexus 10 tablet this holiday season?

  • So where was he?! Because I took tomorrow off and if it is within a 8 hour drive there, I will go, do a really bad amateur unboxing for you guys to post and enjoy knowing I got one early.

    • MasterMuffin

      Wow your english :D

      • To excited to remember proper grammer. I was serious though. If the Wal-mart was within 8 hours of me I would drive to buy it.

        • MasterMuffin

          Why drive? Lets fly together and get it first!! :D

  • twisted 247

    Definitely making my first tablet purchase on the Google Nexus 10!!!

  • Randy Sylmar

    Can anyone tell me honestly because I will be making my first tablet purchase and want to make the right choice. I’m an android fan when it comes to phones but when I tried a Nexus 7 at Fry’s most of the apps look like a scaled phone app comparing to the iPad apps where it looked specifically designed to work on a tablet.

    I really don’t want to pay for an iPad because I’ve been spoiled with android’s freedom. However, I do not want to pay for a 10 inch tablet at the same price point and have just regular scaled apps which most nexus 10 hands on reviews show it’s just a phone app scaled to fit a nexus 10.

    For example, I saw the nexus 10’s music player and it literally looked like how it looks like on my phone and it was ugly.

    • valerio

      Ios uses static graphic object with fixed placement, the developers can do it because they perfectly know which device will run the app.
      Android instead adapt the objects placement over the screen, developers can’t write an version of the app for each resolution available in the android world.
      This is the reason why if you run an iphone app on ipad, you only see a small rectangle in the center not scaled at all. On ipad you can fix it but you need to jailbreak it.
      In android the app interface is (almost) always coherent between tablets and phones, not bad imho.

      • If you are not a developer, you are possibly the smartest tech consumer I have ever heard. Being a developer myself, it’s hard to present your statement above without getting a blank stare and this reply “then why not make the app for only the (insert specific tablet or phone)”.

        • ValerioT

          It’s a developer choice, tom tom did it. But remember that less devices supported means less users, less users means small gain from app selling or advertising in case of free app.

      • Chester Brock

        How is that Plume (Twitter App) is able to do it ? it works different on both Tablets and Phones.

        • ValerioT

          Probably the developers has made different version, as I told before it is a developer choice.
          Anyway Ios NEEDS a version for each screen resolution, android is able to run the same version on any screen.