Nexus 10, Nexus 4, 3G Nexus 7 (32GB), Android 4.2 Jelly Bean – all to be announced by Google on October 29

by: Chris SmithOctober 21, 2012

Even though it’s still the weekend in most regions of the world, it doesn’t mean we’re short on Nexus- and Android 4.2-related rumors and reports. Just yesterday we saw potential new Android 4.2 features uncovered and now it’s time to look at some exciting Nexus news.

A person familiar with the matter seems to have spilled all the beans on Google’s agenda for its October 29 event. Apparently Google “has been distributing a video recorded at one of its weekly all-hands “TGIF” meetings on its internal network” to present the new products coming in just over a week: the Samsung Nexus 4, LG Nexus 4, and the new Asus Nexus 7 (32GB Wi-Fi version and 32GB 3G + Wi-Fi model), all running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean (that’s right, no Key Lime Pie yet.)

Nexus 10

We already know the rumors: Google is building a 10-inch tablet with Samsung that’s probably going to be sold as the Nexus 10, although the name has not been confirmed yet. Most interestingly, it looks like the device is going to be unveiled during the media event on October 29.

The Next Web also reveals that the Nexus 10 is indeed the Android 4.2-running Manta product that we’ve seen in Google Analytics data and user agent profiles a few weeks ago, and that the device will feature a 10-inch display with 2560 x 1600 resolution, 16:10 aspect ratio and 300 pixel per inch (PPI) density. While back when the Manta first popped up in traffic logs we assumed it’s going to be a Motorola device, Google made it pretty clear during its recent earnings call that it’ll be a while until such devices will hit stores.

More details about the Nexus 10 aren’t available at this time, and we have no idea what the product will cost or when it will hit stores. Let’s just hope that Samsung does a better job when it comes to build quality than it did with its previous flagship tablet, the Galaxy Note 10.1.

Nexus 7

When it comes to the Nexus 7 though, we have no real news to report. We’ve seen it all before. The publication says that Google will unveil the 32GB Nexus 7 during the event, and that the tablet will come in two versions, one offering just Wi-Fi connectivity and the other featuring HSPA+ (3G) support. Pricing details for these models have not been mentioned though.

Source Could this be the new face of Nexus tablet franchise?

LG Nexus 4

Don’t expect any new information on the LG Nexus 4 because we have apparently covered it all. According to TNW, “earlier leaks have been 100 percent correct,” so there’s nothing new to see there:

This means that Google will launch the LG Nexus 4, featuring a quad-core 1.5 GHz Qualcomm APQ8064 Snapdragon processor, 4.7-inch 1280 x 768 display, 2GB RAM, 16GB storage, an 8-megapixel rear-facing camera (and 1.3-megapixel front-facing snapper) and a 2100mAh battery.

The LG Nexus 4 will also be powered by Google’s new Android 4.2 software.

Android 4.2

As you can see, these new devices will come with Android 4.2 on board, an Android version that will be still branded as Jelly Bean – probably Google doesn’t want to fuel more criticism regarding Android fragmentation by releasing Key Lime Pie at a time when Jelly Bean updates are hardly available for flagship devices.

That said, Android 4.2 will come with a new focus on content:

Speaking of the OS itself, we have some details on that too. It has been confirmed that as part of Android 4.2, Google will introduce ‘Content in the center,’ which will allow users to access Play Store content from a widget and ‘Tablet Sharing’ which will suit families and enterprise users, providing them with a simple and easy to switch between several users on a tablet, each with their own email and apps.

Think Windows user switching, but now on Android.

Our source says that Android 4.2 will compete with Apple’s iOS 6, in that the panoramic camera settings will be updated to support both horizontal and vertical movement by default.

That last part about multi-user support seems to confirm something we have just covered this weekend.

What’s your take on all of this? Are you planning your next Nexus purchases yet?

  • Alex13809

    Oh please let there be a 32GB model available! who in their right mind would release a flagship phone with only 8/16GB of storage, WITHOUT a microSD slot!

    • Justin

      Well I believe the unit that got reviewed was an 8GB model. Hopefully Google and LG only limited that model to test phases though and will not release it. Ideally I’d rather they announce a 16GB version initially with a 32GB model coming. I think that’d alleviate a lot of concerns about storage for it.

      • Several sources confirmed the 8 and 16 GB Nexus 4. Don’t put your hopes to high to see a 32GB version.

        • Justin

          Not putting my hopes anywhere. I probably won’t even end up getting the thing. It’s just that 8GB is very low for such a powerful device.

    • mike smith

      Not to say I would not like a microSD slot on my N7, but what’re you envisaging putting (and keeping) on something like that that goes over 16G?

  • Nexus 7 with wifi+3g is gonna be a killer :D
    Waiting for it ;)

  • KEvin

    The need to get These Updates out quicker before releasing new ones
    I have have the S3 and still have Ice cream Sandwich

    • Teroni

      You need to learn about the benefits of custom roms.

      • Josh Legbandt

        There are a lot of people that are not technical enough for custom roms Or cannot use them because they require root (enterprise users)

    • Cebastian Rosing

      Or, if you care so much for timely updates, get a Nexus ;) from what I can tell though, 4.2 is a pretty incremental update, nothing huge, wait and see.

  • Twisted247

    Hook it up on the Nexus 10, I would love a pure google platform running jellybean or better and built by samsung. Especially with the specs on hand it will be a beastly display! I am on the market for a tablet I never knew how great of an addition they can be to your smartphone till i used one in my household. I OBVIOUSLY want an Android tablet but I know new ones are in the works right now and with how smooth JB runs I want one with that out of the box. So we shall see what is in store for Android products this last quarter of 2012!!

  • Alexander Garcia

    I’m very excited about the LG Nexus 4 (if that is still what they are gonna call it). I’ve always wanted a solidly built phone running stock Android and I really think LG can deliver and finally give us hope that they can stay relevent. Hopefully in 2013, it’ll be Moto’s turn. =)

    • DainLaguna

      agreed on all points!

  • Hewhomustnotbenamed

    There is a 32GB model I work for a retailer and we just received them today and can’t sell them until the 25th of October.

    • Sniper Man


  • aholsteinson

    Cannot wait for the Nexus 10 tablet.

  • Cody Crudgington

    —– they could have announced these systems before I bought my first run.

  • quadtronix

    I’ll take a Samsung Galaxy Nexus 10 please!

  • Dropbox eliminated my need for SD cards. It really did.

  • DainLaguna

    i cant wait for all of it. but for the love of God…PLEASE dont have galaxy or tab anywhere near the n10’s title

  • Samsung Nexus 4? WHAT>!?!?!?!

    • Karendar

      No no, LG Nexus 4. Samsung Nexus 10. Asus Nexus 7. Re-read.

      • King7Dom

        “Apparently Google “has been distributing a video recorded at one of its weekly all-hands “TGIF” meetings on its internal network” to present the new products coming in just over a week: the Samsung Nexus 4, LG Nexus 4, and the new Asus Nexus 7 (32GB Wi-Fi version and 32GB 3G + Wi-Fi model), all running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean (that’s right, no Key Lime Pie yet.)”

        Its a typo I think, the writer got too excited over nexus 4

  • Mark

    I can’t wait to get android 4.2 on my Galaxy Nexus. Also I might consider buying the nexus 10 or the 32 gb nexus 7.

  • Zenstrive

    Well, if Nexus 10 has processors equal to Snapdragon S4 Pro and sold internationally, it’d be like a hot cake among anime viewers

  • Harish Dasari

    “Samsung Nexus 4, LG Nexus 4, and the new Asus Nexus 7”. It should be Samsung Nexus 10

  • Al in SoCal

    Wondering if I should return the Note 10.1 I just bought and wait for this one? My gut says YES … anyone else?

  • mintslice

    Looking forward to the Nexus 4 but really want LTE.

  • Mrr

    It could’ve been better designed. I am wondering if google designers are blind?

  • Cycad007

    ASUS, not Samsung, makes the best Android tablets. I’m gonna wait til either Asus makes its own Nexus 10 device or perhaps see what Motorola has up it’s sleeves.

  • furn

    Who needs 3g connectivity when most owners will own an Android phone capable of tethering.

  • OldMcHuew

    I already see the headlines: Lawsuit #55512 concerning Patent #12442 “Windows user switching” Microsoft sues Google…

  • Rahul
  • Prasana

    It doesn’t fucking matter. India’s not getting any of the devices. So STFU everyone in India. You have nothing to be excited about. You just another cheap b** for companies like Google and Samsung. We only need your money. We neither respect you nor care for what you want in your device for we’re really cool and we give a shit about Indians.

  • Very interesting, the 4.2 actually was a smart move, I can’t imagine what would happen if they indeed did not let most devices get Jelly Bean before their own devices got a whole new OS>