Next on Samsung’s security feature list: retina scans

by: J. Angelo RacomaJuly 13, 2014

Samsung Retina Scan

Mobile devices are increasingly becoming personal and ubiquitous — which means you’re probably carrying more personal information on your smartphone than your wallet. This comes with a host of security issues, of course. If you lose your smartphone or tablet, then whoever picks it up might be able to glean a lot of information about you, to the extent that your device can be a potential threat to the security of your identity.

You lock your phone anyway, you say? But a Consumer Reports survey done earlier this year indicates that only a third of Americans bother to lock their devices with at least a four-digit PIN. Most don’t even bother with a swiping screen lock. Perhaps one of the reasons for the lack of security is the convenience. Rather than spend a few extra seconds fumbling for the correct pattern or PIN, just swiping away the lock screen (or pressing the power/sleep button) is much, much easier.

Developers and platform owners have tried to address this through biometrics, such as fingerprint recognition and even the not-so-popular face unlock feature on Android. Flagship devices from both Apple and Samsung come with fingerprint scanners, for instance. And while the primary goal is to improve access to security features whilst unlocking the phone, fingerprint scanners can also make it easier to do financial transactions like online payments.

Yet another technology being tested today involves retinal scans. In a tweet on @SamsungExynos, Samsung teases that eye scans could be an added security improvement unique to the company. This is likely to go beyond unlocking the device itself. The scan also has potential use in authenticating a user when making online payments and purchases.

Now the question is which biometric unlocking technology would you want to come as standard on your device? Or should we be content with using PINs, passwords and patterns?

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    How would this work in dark to poorly lit areas? What if I have contacts or eye glasses?

    • hunt goes on

      I think it just can’t.

    • margaretjkoester

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    • ThunderCrackR

      It should come accompanied by an IR LED which will solve this problem.

    • Will S.

      Like Face Unlock…It won’t.

  • plantain

    I still prefer the old pin, (since it’s in my head nobody can use it), my best friend’s girl is really a jealous person, she waited until my friend fell asleep and unlocked his cellphone with his thumb (he has an iPhone 5s), so I don’t trust in that :/

    • VickieFCameron

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    • Eric

      I know the feeling. My twin brothers gf is evil like that and has rummaged through my phone several times.

    • Dee Norbert

      Well with retina scan she can’t do that.She need to open his eyes and her BF will wake up.

  • hunt goes on

    I don’t trust Samsung. Samsung always say big about upcoming features but done it in very impractical gimmick ways.

    S4 eyes scroll, it just detect your whole head which is rather tiresome and annoy than useful.
    S5 finger scan, you have to pull your finger in a very direct precise way thus becoming annoy when you have to hurrying unlock your S5.

    • Vyshak K

      u r ryt abt the s4 feature, bt i dont agree wid u on s5… if u swipe thru homebutton it ll surely unlock…u cn try it properly if u hav 1…

      • BZ

        What?!! And no the swipe feature does not work “properly”if anything it only works half the time, I hope they improve it with the Note 4

        • hunt

          Samsung finger show off scan only work about 1/2 or 1/3 of times like you said so my sister’s S5 went back to pin code.

          Samsung always on marketing thing so they put finger scanner just to compete with iPhone 5s.

  • Naitik Joshi

    Other flagships will have to bring something more great elz samsung will keep ruling the market

  • Matthew Brown

    I may be alone in this but I truly think that Knock Code is secure. Nobody I have encountered knows how to use it and it’s not like it’s not convenient because you can do it from screen off! The only problem is finger prints that may be left on the screen.

    • hunrHunt

      I agree I have LG G2 and I feel very secure.

  • MasterMuffin

    The smart screen on/off thing and video pause has never worked for me, so I doubt this will either

    • hunt

      We knew that Samsung always be like this.

  • Will S.

    I liked the idea of having a fingerprint scanner in the display…What happened to that??

    • h IMF

      That’s very Samsung to me.

  • Arturo Raygoza

    Can’t wait till we get DNA scanners in our phones!! After all the NSA can never have too much information

  • Discuss

    As a geek, I’d really like this on my new note 4!

    • hunt

      Just do it properly this time but don’t expect much from Samsung.

      I hope this time will not be just marketing like Samsung always did.

      • Discuss

        Lol the scanner is just an icing on top of all the other awesome features that make up a galaxy phone. I’m getting the note with or without the iris scanner. And as usual it will be the best phone available. Any objections?