fullnexus service manual

The rumor train doesn’t stop, and, after the Galaxy Note 3 and the Xperia Z1 both became official, the focus is now squarely on the next Nexus smartphone. There has been a steady stream of leaks on the so-called Nexus 5, but this next leak promises to be the most detailed and hopefully most accurate yet.

An anonymous  user posted a document on Scribd, which is purported to be the service manual for the LG-D821, the possible model number for the next Nexus phone. The manual mostly contains diagrams and technical information, but there are plenty of tidbits that confirm some of the rumored specifications for the next Nexus phone, as well as full body images.

Here are some of the highlights inside the 281 page document:

  • 4.95″ Full HD IPS display
  • Snapdragon 800 clocked at 2.3Ghz
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 16/32GB of storage
  • 8MP rear facing camera with OIS
  • 1.3MP front facing camera
  • 133.9 x 68.7 x 9.1mm
  • 139 grams
  • 2300mAh battery
  • NFC
  • Slimport compatibility
  • UMTS/GSM/CDMA/LTE compatability
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Compass, Proximity sensor, Ambient light sensor, Pressure

The document is still a draft and there are a few quirks inside of it, one of them being that the phone is said to be compatible with Bluetooth 3.0 and not Bluetooth 4.0 and Bluetooth LE. The dimensions listed are also the exact dimensions of the current Nexus 4, but despite these minor quirks this looks to be the real deal.

The full body images of the next Nexus phone reveal a similar design language with the current Nexus 7 (2013), with the Nexus logo going across the device horizontally, confirming that the phone will be made by LG.

The 281 page document appears to be genuine and, while it’s still only a draft, it gives a lot of details on the next Nexus smartphone. Now all Google has to do is announce the thing.

We’ll be pouring over the document in search of more tidbits of information to share with you, but for now you can read over the document yourself if you’ve got a few hours to spare.

  • Cl3V3rNaMe

    why no 3000+ battery :(

    • Pradeep Viswanathan R

      why not ask for 5000+?

      • Mattia Brunelli

        Why no a graphene battery with infinite charge?

        • Nasko Hristov

          or Nuclear Power Plant….

          • APai

            ermmm. why not borrow the arc reactor from ironman :)

          • Balraj

            Lol..Why not get fuel cells..
            Wish someone shows interest in fuel cells
            Btw 2300 is less, very less

          • APai

            “Btw 2300 is less, very less ”
            roger that.

    • Matt

      I am disappointed too. The LG G2 has a 3200mah battery. Why the huge drop Google?

      • Jesús G. Pinto González

        It’s the same amount of mAh… They just inverted to digits, big deal!
        2300mAh, instead of 3200mAh… Probably just a preconceptual designing stage typo that got carried on…

    • Nasko Hristov

      Actually, it is really going to happen…. :D

  • Valtheus

    I must say i am not impressed from the design. I expected something more… but again i might be wrong. I will wait to see the final product. The specs are fine if google keeps the same price, and its awesome if they managed to add a 5″ screen and keeping the N4 dimensions at the same time. I am a little worried about the battery life.

    Does it look a little thick?

    • Mike Reid

      I see no reason why they wouldn’t go with the same Nexus 4 2012 strategy: reasonably good (enough) hardware with a US $300 or so price.

    • inspire

      are you really impressed by the design of Galaxy(s) and optimus(s)? Only Sony and HTC make beautiful phones but you probably know that the price difference is so much. So, still it’s a better deal thn buying a shitty designed galaxy

      • Valtheus

        I didn’t say i don’t like it or that its a deal breaker, i said i am not impressed. I would like a little bit more refined edges. Take Moto X for example, its not top class design but its got something. Still i said i wanna see the real thing b4 i have an opinion. :-)

  • Mike Reid

    >if you’ve got a few hours to spare

    I only gave it an hour, LOL. BCM4339 for BT/WiFi.

  • Pradaman Shorey

    Well 2300mAh battery is a bummer, unless they bring in ‘Moto X’ like battery saving features… people say ‘Moto X’ (2200mAh battery)has a pretty decent life on a single charge… Even if they match Moto X battery performance, it is going to be tough as Moto X has 4.7 inch 720p whereas nexus 5 has 4.95 full HD…and obviously Nexus 5 will drain more quickly.. not really sure what magic will google do..In any case, I am waiting like many others…

    • Bjajjull

      Android 4.4 might be the answer.

      • Andreas Polycarpou

        Oled display + x8 chip from motorola
        Thats the answer for me

  • Rishu Agrawal

    In page 10, the comment for Bluetooth reads ver 4.0 even if the hardware specifies it to be 3.0. There must be a mistake, the bluetooth has to be Bluetooth 4.0!

    • Nasko Hristov

      On every page it is listed as 4.0 and I am almost sure it will be, this is just a finished paperwork so they will fixed it at somepoint.

  • Luka Mlinar

    Stop complaining FFS! Its the best you will get for the money. When the manufacturers of the Z, One and S4 cut their price in half; then you can complain.

    • Jean-Claude

      Can’t agree more, the Nexus is faster than the 3 of those devices, has a slightly shorter battery life (Android 4.4 might even put the nexus on top with battery optimizations), a great camera (8MP does the job perfectly), stock and the latest version of Android as soon as it’s released, yet people still complain.

    • Mozaik

      only in usa and uk dude with that price.

      • Nasko Hristov

        Totally true, I am tired of people like this, do you know that in more than 100 contries the price is 100 bucks or less less than SIV.

    • Bone

      One more interesting finding: the manual states charging time is 3,5hr @1,2A. That’s crazy, with Qualcomm’s fast charge, the 3200mAh battery on the Note 3 fills up in just 2,4hr @ 2A. I don’t see why they’d cut corners there, or even think it is corner cutting. 1.2A charge doesn’t make sense, it’s the same SD800.

      • Cecil

        That might be for inductive charging.

      • Luka Mlinar

        Yea, i was thinking the same thing. Inductive charging takes longer then a normal wall socket charger. The point is to just leave it on the plate, on the desk wile your working so time is not an issue per se.

    • Oli72

      totally agree. everyone thats whines want more phone with less price. look what nexus has done already. way ahead of the game. the smart ones get it first.

    • Lil bit

      Please get real, you are talking about the price in a few countries, for the rest of us the Nexus 4 was the worst buy possible, poor cam, horrible battery, no LTE, no storage, and all of that at a horrible high price. It goes down in history as one of the worst ever, and I dont have high hopes for the Nexus 5 as well.

      • Sox05

        This has to be one of the worst comments ever in Android Authority.

        • Luka Mlinar

          LoL seen worse here, but had to come just to negative vote that one. Nexus is god! -_-

  • Pratik Tiwari

    Only 8MP on main camera ? :(

    • someguy

      yes seems a tad low compared with the competition??

      • Edwin Walker

        The HTC One has a 4MP camera. A good 8MP camera is probably all you need on a phone.

    • Tuấn Ankh

      The 8MP is old. The Galaxy Nexus had it (didn’t it?). I don’t know why it’s still 8MP this year.
      I expected 13MP.

      Anyway, 8MP is fine as long as the camera itself is good.

      • William Larsson

        Galaxy Nexus had 5MP on the rear camera, and isnt the megapixels that count, its the amount of light that hits the sensor that matters and the nexus 5 will have Optical Image Stabilization to readuce alot of blur caused by movements your hand make.

      • William Larsson

        Galaxy Nexus had 5MP on the rear camera, and isnt the megapixels that count, its the amount of light that hits the sensor that matters and the nexus 5 will have Optical Image Stabilization to readuce alot of blur caused by movements your hand make.

        • Nasko Hristov

          Yeap, also the software has some point, Galaxy Nexus wasn’t badass at all, but I must say that in the right light you can take a hell of picture…

    • Brendon Brown

      Don’t judge a camera purely on the amount of megapixels , the glass use etc. all play a major role in the devices camera :)

  • Issy

    I saw CDMA in the battery section. I know WCDMA is not the same thing but I did see CDMA in there. Does that mean a possibility for Verizon compatibility?

    • Seth Forbus

      Remember the last time Verizon got a Nexus? They never updated it and they put carrier apps on it. Which is NOT a Nexus phone. Verizon ruined their chance in my opinion. Its probably for sprint, who has also carried nexus phones in the past.

      • Issy

        I know. I’m dying here and I can’t really switch networks. :( Even with Sprint CDMA, still won’t accept Verizon sims regardless?

        • Seth Forbus

          Phone has to be unlocked to work with another carrier. With GSM, you can unlock the phone and use it on almost any network in the world. With CDMA the phone is locked down to that network unless its an international version of the phone with the GSM radio frequencies. (I work for a GSM carrier as tech support LOL).

    • Adam Koueider

      From previous rumors, it looks like it was the Sprint bands.

    • Nasko Hristov

      I won’t bet for sure on that, in the frequency range there is only WCDMA.

  • Petraeus

    i ll kill ya 2300 times google, you got that?

    • Bone

      NSA got that, they’re coming for you.

  • Balraj

    32gb version is a must !!!
    16gb is useless with such powerful hardware

    • Chirabrata Bhattarjee

      dude it support pendrive via OTG….

    • webster miller

      All depends on the user. I store ZERO media on my phone so I have very little need for storage. Music is all streamed via Spotify and all my photos are automatically uploaded to the cloud. I’m not a gamer and those are really the only apps that are large. 16gb is plenty for me.

      • Balraj

        I’m opposite
        So ya I need 32gb !!!your right.opinion varies :-)

  • Tuấn Ankh

    $300-$350. I’m sold.
    Well, even if it’s $351, I will still buy it.

  • Mihnea

    Same dimensions with Nexus 4. Big battery, but same weight. If it will be 350€ in Europe, I’ll buy one.

  • Sadman Hossain

    I think I like the design. The square shape really attracts me towards it.

  • Kostas Tsek

    Excellent specs but why on earth put such a small battery in a phone that your goal is to encourage users to stream from your services?

  • Bone

    Nexus 4 next to Nexus 5, Nexus 4 on the Nexus 5.


    As you see they are the exact size with the N5 having less bezels and less rounded corners, on the other hand the screen width is exactly the same (due to the N4 being 5:3) and the extra 0,3″ coming in height.

    • Bone

      BTW I still don’t get it why don’t they just put the speakers on the front, there’s the ear speaker anyway, why not use that, and/or put the speaker on the bottom, there’s the space.

      I guess having them around the USB is an improvement for the Nex5, but I see the hand partially covering them both in landscape and portrait, plus portrait will have the sound coming assymetrically from the right. Makes no sense. Put them on the front for crying out loud…

      • Nasko Hristov

        I don’t like speakers being infront of me all the time, I don’t like HTC One either, because of that. The best place for me is at the bottom, and no your hand won’t cover them, it will magnify the sound in both ways. And about the assymetrically sound you are partially right, but if you remember with the nexus 7 Google introduced featured Virtual Surround Sound from Fraunhofer so I think it won’t be that bad. One that I am concerned is that earpice which I find so far ugly, but we’ll see.

      • webster miller

        I carry my phone in my front pocket, screen facing my leg, top down. With the speakers on the front, I’ll never hear a notification as they will be completely muffled. On the bottom is the best place based on where most people carry their phones.

  • DAndre Bankzz


  • Brendon Brown

    The Nexus is cheaper than all of the main manufacturers such as Sony , HTC and Samsung and it is basically the same speed, its almost on par with some of the other specs and Nexus has the awesome stock android vibe to it with the constant upgrades flowing in ! Nexus is Awesome !

    • Oli72

      the smart ones get it first. totally agree with u.

  • Rogue

    Fact that a lot of ppl don’t seem to understand and that is that the nexus is only cheap for who can get it through the play store for the rest of us to get our hands on a nexus is approximately the same price as an S4,G2,Z1 or Htc One or what ever the flagships are. With that said if this thing came with a micro sd slot sure I would pay top dollar for it but it doesn’t as these American (never mind htc is from taiwan they abandoned card slots some time now) companies seem to want to force users to save there content in the cloud and for me that’s a no no especially with the NSA snooping around everyone’s content these days, I for one still like a little privacy if you know what i mean.

    • Pouk

      Why don’t you get it on the Play Store ?

      • Rogue

        It states when ever I try item not available in your country just like it does with whatsapp, google keyboard and the majority of games I always have to side load most of these apps.

  • Marcus

    Very good news, I look forward to the announcement ! I just disagree with the policy of $=€.
    Nexus 4 : 349$ = 257.47€
    French VAT for exemple (19.6%) = 50.46€
    So 307.93€ and not 349€.

  • Craig Nelson

    google take my money please. Give us a date

  • ProudToBePinoy

    If this phone will have a micro sd slot and cheaper than the Z Ultra, I think I’ll get it :) … and for the battery life I think google has a good plan for it, like what they did to nexus 7 they made the battery lower but the performance is better.

    • asd

      Your like me… Sd card is crucial to weather i would buy this or not

  • Oli72

    totally agree. its amamzing how some people will pay for top price phone but they updates will be limited instead of seeing the nexus or developer edition phones. stop whining and go and get the top price phone. also if u is on verizon good luck too with updates.

  • Matt

    Pretty disappointed in only a 2300mah battery. Was hoping for at least 3000mah.

    • kK

      This is half the price of many flagships. You don’t know how the Kitkat will be optimised, so keep the mood, friend ;)

  • CJ LaFleur

    so does the shot of it with no back mean a removeable battery and an sd card slot?

  • John-Phillip Saayman

    Did LG not struggle with the demand of the N4? I hope that doesn’t happen again, could be bad for Google. (meaning it’s just a dumb move to let a manufacturer make the nexus and they can’t meet demand)

  • nvitone23

    Where’s the mic?

  • Xavier_NYC

    I swear some people are delusional. You expect everything to be top end for a $300-400 price point. This phone will be amazing considering how much it cost. An 8 megapixel camera with OIS and 2300 mAh battery is still good hardware. If I didn’t already have the G2 I would get this.

    • lil bit

      It will cost almost the same as Z1 and G2 in most of the world. You willing to pay that for this? Neither am i.

      • Xavier_NYC

        No it wont. I paid $579 off contract with AT&T for my G2. The Nexus will cost 300-400 off contract that’s a big difference.

        • lil bit

          For sure I can’t buy the Nexus 5 for as low as $579, you know it’s not available in Play Store in most of the world. I’m not delusional if I say it’s not worth the price. Better to pay just a little more for Z1. Or Z1 Mini, will probably be cheaper than Nx5 here.

          • Xavier_NYC

            IDK what country you’re in but I know in the US it’s going to cost between 300-400 considering for the nexus 5.. The z1 will most like be upwards of $600 so whatever floats your boat go for it..

  • Junaid Ansari

    I sold my Nexus 4 already. I want this phone NOW! I love that the speakers are at the bottom. Now I don’t have to worry about flipping that phone before going to sleep :)

  • Sam

    Not all the info is correct/applicable to the Nexus 5. For example, the dimensions and weight (133.9 x 68.7 x 9.1mm, 139 grams) are the exact specs of the Nexus 4. Furthermore, the SoC (APQ8064) is too.

  • districtjack

    Hahaha. I missed the bus on this one. I just sent in a tip that the Nexus 5 manual has been leaked online. Now I’m reading about it on Android Authority’s post written 15hrs ago.

    You guys truly are the “authority” on android. I don’t even know why I bother reading other sites. Everything I need is right here.

    End of @ss kissing.

  • LiiIiikEaBau5

    I only wanted LTE and Full HD, not shut the hack up and take my entire pocket!

  • Cecil

    Honestly, a person w/ this phone needs a case. The landscape Nexus logo is one of the dumbest design decisions I’ve seen. On the Nexus 7 it makes sense but I can totally see people tilt their head to read that ridiculously large sideway logo. It makes the phone look unprofessional imo.

    • Edwin Walker

      Do you own books?