Here’s a fan-made full 3D model of the next Nexus (5)

September 16, 2013
The slew of recent leaks allowed fans to create great renders of the upcoming Nexus smartphone. The most recent is an impressive full 3D model.

    nexus 5 render 3d model

    On Friday, we showed you a great render of the “Nexus 5” (Nexus 4 2013?) created by Reddit user Vovicon based on the leaks from the past couple of weeks.

    While Vovicon’s design was certainly impressive, another Reddit user took the idea to the next level. The interactive model below is a mockup made by Redditor Annihilia:

    The model seems to include all the cues that we got about the new Nexus from the wide ring around the camera, to the positioning of the headphone jack, and even the apparent absence of the earpiece.

    Would you buy a Nexus smartphone that looked like this?


    • Haseeb Ahmad

      Nice ph

    • Sebbe257

      Not bad…

    • cmonman

      all photos (and this render) show that the earpiece is located in the same place as on the Nexus 4, so what’s up with that?

      • Bogdan Petrovan

        The Nexus 4 has a cutout earpiece, the renders and seemingly the pics in the FCC docs don’t have the cutout.

    • Paul K Deuster

      I would buy it!
      Love material of the new Nexus 7. Hope Nexus 5 will have it too

    • D-RoQ

      I also noticed that the FFC version doesn’t have a speaker. I’m really hoping that they add a decent speaker because the one on the N4 sucks.

      • Bjajjull

        I would guess on something between the new Nexus 7 and Nexus 4, which is decent.

    • Kyle Gustafson

      Do we know if this will be available to Verizon customers?

    • anthonypricejr

      I just needs to come in 2 colors…One for me and one for the wife and I am sold

      • Mayoo

        Cases my friend, cases! Don’t base yourself on color to buy an electronic device. Remember Dell does it, remember Apple does it.

      • Perv Bear

        If you came 2 colors I’d see a doctor… And fast.

    • dhinchak nautanki

      You know what would be cooler than this?
      If some one could you just print it in a maker bot or something!!!
      That would be fantastic!!!!

    • Blobfish

      Some people really have way too much time on their hands

      • Mrkud

        This is excalty what I thought.

      • IDontKnowMyName

        Actually if you are good at modeling something like that doesn’t take that long. I remember when I first started modeling in Blender about 6 years ago I was real slow but after a year I could model the same object at about 1/4 of the time and the results were much better. Something like that probably took about 2-3 hours to do. And it’s fun too if you are good at it :)

        • Perv Bear

          Masturbation is fun and i am good at it doesn’t mean I spend 3 hours on it.

          • IDontKnowMyName

            maybe you should :P

            • Perv Bear

              Wanna give me a helping hand?

            • Ivan Budiutama


            • MasterMuffin

              WOW. BTW do you know this guy called pedo bear? I think you’d be good friends x)

      • Chris

        *COUGH* troll *COUGH*

    • Lazardus

      Power button is too high!

    • OMGgary

      S’alright. I still think the pics that appeared last week, with the notch cut out at the top, show a fake cover. Whatever is under that notch looks suspiciously shiny, more like glass than internal phone components.

    • LeoSanjuan

      i love all nexus phone accept the camera.

      • gphillimo

        Why would you hate a 13 mp camera?

        • LeoSanjuan

          the aosp camera on the nexus take picture slow and the picture quality is bad too. i hope this nexus 5 with better camera

          • José A. Medina

            lesbihonest, AOSP camera sucks.
            Hope they get it right (or better at least) with 4.4 with the 13mp camera

      • Duh

        Do you mean except?

        • LeoSanjuan

          yes pure android camera suck.

    • aaaa

      the sides of nexus is a bit too empty,perhaps a dedicated camera button?

    • Cal Rankin

      This looks absolutely fantastic!!!! Now I can get a great phone for prepaid, especially since AT&T offers LTE to prepaid customers.

    • Cal Rankin

      My main curiosity is why the traditional Android browser is shown. Nexus devices don’t include that to my knowledge, it’s just Chrome.

    • gphillimo

      That’s really accurate if you check on phonedog they have the actual phone pictures up.

    • Danny G

      Google please let Oppo make the Nexus 5!

    • Shehab

      to be honest I’m quite done with LG making nexus phones, Give me a Sony Nexus and I’m all for it.