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How much does the Google Pixel cost to make?

by: Robert Triggs6 hours ago
According to IHS Markit, the new Google Pixel XL's bill of materials costs almost the same as its high-end competitors, such as the iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7.
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AT&T is (allegedly) making millions of dollars selling your data to cops

by: Scott Adam Gordon7 hours ago
Documents obtained by The Daily Beast suggest that AT&T is making millions of dollars selling user data to law enforcers.
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Google working on update to minimize halo effect in the Pixel camera

by: Jay Decenella10 hours ago
Google is trying to fix the halo effect in the Pixel phone camera by developing some algorithms that could mathematically identify and remove the flare.
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Samsung Pay is expanding to three more countries and getting more features

by: Brian Reigh14 hours ago
Not only is Samsung Pay expanding to three more countries by the end of this year, but the app is getting even more features next month.
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What is Touchwiz?

by: Rithvik Rao15 hours ago
New to Samsung phones and curious about what this "TouchWiz" thing is? In this overview we give a brief bit of history about TouchWiz, and where it stands today.
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Skype update brings improvements to calls and voicemail

by: Jay Decenella16 hours ago
Microsoft will roll out a new set of updates to the mobile version of Skype over the next several weeks to improve the way users make video and VoIP calls.
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Google Fiber to pause its rollout of 1Gbps Internet access in US

by: John Callaham16 hours ago
Google Fiber is making changes in its operations, as it "pauses" its plans to expand to more cities, along with job cuts and the departure of its leader.
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Google Store cleans up Android Wear selection – adds some, removes some

by: John Callaham17 hours ago
The Google Store has begun selling three recently launched Android Wear smartwatches, but it has also removed two older devices from its site.
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T-Mobile could be the next carrier to merge with a big media company

by: John Callaham18 hours ago
Many financial analysts believe that T-Mobile could be the next wireless carrier to merge with a big media company, following the AT&T-Time Warner deal.
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Pixel demand exceeding Google’s expectations and causing shipment delays

by: John Callaham18 hours ago
Google has issued a statement saying that initial demand for its new Pixel phones has exceeded its expectations. Some pre-orders are seeing shipment delays.
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