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Less than 3 days left in the Tylt Energi 2K charger Kickstarter Campaign

The Energi 2K is the "Worlds Most Affordable Wall Charger with Battery by TYLT," but is that good enough for you? Other chargers and power packs might be a better fit for you.
by Jonathan FeistJune 16, 20148

Comcast wants to use your router to help start their national Wi-Fi network

Comcast plans to turn wireless Internet routers in private homes around the country into publicly available Wi-Fi hotspots. Comcast will offer Wi-Fi from roughly 8 million hotspots in ...
by William Neilson JrJune 14, 201429

AT&T customer data compromised

AT&T is now confirming that a data breach occured between April 9 and April 21. AT&T will not confirm how many customers were affected but did say that those who were received emails ...
by William Neilson JrJune 14, 20149

Samsung Smart Bike – designed to keep you safe with a “technological soul”

Enter the Samsung Smart Bike, a product that is meant to offer green and healthy transportation while keeping you safe with its smart technology.
by Edgar CervantesJune 13, 201416

Homey voice-activated smart hub takes your smart home to a whole new level

Homey is a smart hub is currently receiving massive levels of attention via Kickstarter, with its promise to bring its users a powerful voice-controlled smart home experience.
by Andrew GrushJune 13, 201415

Chromium code points to Project Athena, a new interface with improved touch functionality

According to several references in the Chromium Project, it seems that Chrome OS could eventually introduce a new interface with improved touch-functionality referred to as Project Athena.
by Andrew GrushJune 13, 201411

Qualcomm promises new chip to improve in-home 4G LTE coverage

Qualcomm is introducing a new chip that will improve 4G LTE wireless data service inside and outside of a house. Qualcomm will offer a low-cost chip, FSM90xx SoC, that should be ...
by William Neilson JrJune 13, 20142

T-Mobile says 2G speeds are enough for global travel

T-Mobile's executive vice president of B2B, Drew Kelton, admitted recently that even though T-Mobile has received some criticism for the 2G roaming speeds, fewer than 1% of T-Mobile's ...
by William Neilson JrJune 13, 201413

Motorola will replace damaged Moto E, G and X display for free, if purchased directly from Moto

It seems that Motorola will fix existing Moto E, G and X displays for free if broken accidentally, as long as the phone was purchased directly through Motorola or customized with the ...
by Andrew GrushJune 13, 201410

Moto 360 will reportedly cost £199 in the UK, the same as Gear Neo

The price tag is still one of the big unknowns of the Moto 360, but, if one UK retailer is correct, we’ve finally got ourselves a solid clue.
by Bogdan PetrovanJune 13, 201414
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