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Verizon prepares to roll out Jelly Bean to Galaxy S3, puts up support docs online

by: Bams SadewoDecember 13, 2012
Following the numerous pre-release Jelly Bean builds that have leaked onto the Web, it seems Verizon is now ready to make the rollout official, as the carrier has posted instructions for Galaxy S3 owners on how to download and install the JRO03L.I535VRBLK3 software upgrade on its website.
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New Samsung GT-I8262D passes certification in China

by: Rob TriggsDecember 13, 2012
The new Samsung GT-I8262D has been spotting passing though certification in China, and we've also got our hands on some initial hardware specs. Based on the information provided, the handset will only be a sporting a single-core CPU clocked up to 1GHz, which suggests this phone could be gunning for a mid-range price tag.
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Expect at least five companies to announce 1080p smartphones in H1 2013

by: ŠtefanDecember 13, 2012
HTC, we applaud you for being the first company to launch a 1080p smartphone, but be warned, the competition is coming. According to our favorite Taiwanese rumor site DigiTimes, during the first six months of 2013 we're going to see 1080p handsets from Samsung, Sony, LG, Huawei, and ZTE.
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Google Maps now on the iPhone. Finally!

by: J. Angelo RacomaDecember 13, 2012
Any iPhone users out there? You might find this interesting. Google has recently announced the launch of its official Google Maps application for iOS. This comes after Apple opted to ditch Google Maps in favor of its own Maps application when it released iOS 6 along with the iPhone 5. This also comes after three months of ridicule, finding of alternatives, fired executives and managers, and lost travelers in Australia (just this week!).
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Caltech students invent terahertz chip that gives your phone x-ray vision

by: ŠtefanDecember 13, 2012
Students at the California Institute of Technology have invented a new chip that spits out terahertz waves at a rate of roughly 300 times per second. What does that mean for consumers? In the not too distant future, you'll be able to buy a phone with a camera that can see through certain materials.
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Sony releases a new GIF creator called MotionGraph; $0.99 on Google Play

by: ŠtefanDecember 13, 2012
There's a division within Sony called "Sony Digital Network Applications". Today they released an application called "MotionGraph" that lets you easily create animated GIF files. Here's how it works: You record a brief video, trim it down, and then use your finger to select which parts within the video actually move. The rest of the video stays static.
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Google has no plans to support either Windows 8 or Windows Phone

by: ŠtefanDecember 13, 2012
Anyone remember the late 90s and early 00s, when Apple was just starting to get their groove back, but PC users made fun of the company because all the cool and interesting apps were on Windows? The same thing is happening today, but with Microsoft.
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HTC on the Windows Phone vs Android debate, specs and design DNA

by: J. Angelo RacomaDecember 12, 2012
Going beyond specific devices like the Butterfly and the 8X, what's going in the collective minds of HTC's executives when they plan out smartphone (and tablet) designs, business strategies and corporate alliances? Chief product officer Kouji Kodera gives us a peek into how HTC is keeping two platforms -- Android and Windows Phone 8 -- in balance.
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Kindle Fire for sale to Amazon Moms only

by: Varun RajDecember 12, 2012
Looking for a hot Christmas gift? Amazon is offering all Kindle Fire tablets at a discounted rate to Amazon Prime and Amazon Moms members. The prices are super low, so be sure to get yours before they run out!
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Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Oppo Find 5 [video]

by: Mike AndriciDecember 12, 2012
We have another fight between top Android devices: Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Oppo Find 5. Who will win?
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