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Jeff Bezos: Amazon “likes” Android, will have more devices in 2013

by: AdrianSeptember 7, 2012
Amazon’s press conference was surely a demonstration of how you should handle such a public event. Of course, we did see a lot of bragging from the Kindle makers, but, unlike other similar events, this one seemed more organized and focused, lacking any attacks towards the competition and only concentrating on what was on show.
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What happened to the Amazon smartphone?

by: Bams SadewoSeptember 7, 2012
Contrary to our report-slash-expectation yesterday that Amazon would have an Android-powered phone to show off on its Santa Monica event, insiders quoted by The Verge indicated it was a sure thing. But we found out that the Kindle phone wasn’t on the menu for the day. .
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Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD coming to UK & Europe on October 25

by: Gary SimsSeptember 7, 2012
The Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD are leaving the USA for the first time. The two new 7" tablets, which Amazon announced yesterday, will be available in the UK and mainland Europe from October 25.
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Sprint finally updates Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S 4G with Android 4.1.1

by: nathanSeptember 7, 2012
Jelly Bean madness is spreading across the globe as the latest functional release of Android, and Sprint has decided to open the floodgates to their network. They've started with the popular Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S 4G, a duo of brains and brawn under the hood.
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Motorola announces new “exchange program”

by: nathanSeptember 7, 2012
We're not sure what the deal is with Moto, but they have a reputation for not updating their phones to the latest Android. I mean, seriously Motorola, why not just correct the problem instead of bribing people which adds to your bottom line?
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The entire Kindle Fire family will be ad-supported

by: Andrew GrushSeptember 6, 2012
As it turns out, all of the Kindle Fire models are now getting “Special Offer” promotions and advertisements via the lock screen.
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Amazon’s Appstore reaches new 50,000 app milestone

by: Andrew KalinchukSeptember 6, 2012
As if Amazon needed something else to brag about after unleashing an exciting new line of Kindle products, the ecommerce company has reached a new milestone to cross off the list.
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Sony Xperia Tablet S goes on sale in the UK, 64GB WiFi model only available in the U.S.

by: Bams SadewoSeptember 6, 2012
A mere week after Sony outed the Xperia Tablet S, the wedge-shaped tablet is already on its way to some markets, specifically the UK. We mentioned before that Carphone Warehouse already reserved a spot for the first Xperia Tablet. But since the retailer hasn’t made it available on its website, your best bet to score the slate is to get it directly from Sony.
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Amazon Kindle event is over, and man what a show it was

by: Andrew GrushSeptember 6, 2012
Today's Amazon Kindle event is over, and man what a ride it was. In the tablet world, Amazon's aging Kindle Fire was threatened by Nexus 7 and the upcoming iPad Mini. In the e-reader universe, the Kindle was falling behind the competition without its own fronlit model.
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8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD 4G LTE: $499, not including $49.99 yearly Amazon 4G LTE Package

by: Chris SmithSeptember 6, 2012
So we’ve seen the new, improved Kindle Fire that’s selling for $159, and we’ve seen the 7-inch and 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD tablets that will be shipping in mid-September and November, respectively. What else did Amazon announced during its recently ended California-based event? A 4G LTE Kindle HD model that’s certainly going to be very interesting to tablet buyers that don’t want to get stuck with Wi-Fi-only versions.
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