For just about a month now, Samsung and Google (as well as almost every wireless carrier), has kept us all on the edge of our seats about the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. After Google and Samsung released the final specifications of the device, they even threw in a rather vague release date. November they said, and now half the month has come and gone without a single “official” word.


A rendered image of a concept design caught the attention of many tech pundits around the globe as the image was supposed to be that of a quad-core HTC smartphone clocked at 2.5 GHz and codenamed the... HTC Zeta.

One of Engadget‘s fans sent the image to the tech blog, which eventually found out that the image was just a concept and not a device that HTC is actually currently working on. ...


When word got out of Lenovo making plans on using the Tegra 3 chipset, it’s no surprise that other manufacturers are also joining in the bandwagon to develop new devices sporting the latest... quad-core offering from NVIDIA.

According to leaked User Agent Profiles (UAProf) discovered by Blog of Mobile!!, Acer has two upcoming Android tablets, the Acer Iconia Tab A510 and A511 tablets...


The new Galaxy Nexus™ will be available from Virgin Mobile when it arrives in Canada in early December. Plus, only Virgin Mobile Members can get this smartphone with a no-term contract on the Virgin Mobile SuperTab™. Whether it’s with talk and text plans or the hottest data plans, Galaxy Nexus™ can be hooked up to Virgin Mobile’s full range of plans – just pick the Virgin Mobile SuperTab™ amount and plan that’s perfect for you!


It has become a tradition for Google engineers to put Easter eggs in every Android version that comes out of their kitchen, and Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) is no exemption.  In the Gingerbread,... Google placed a horde of zombies, while it was a buzzing bee, of course, for Honeycomb.  This time, for Ice Cream Sandwich, they placed a flying Bugdroid, styled in a similar way to the Nyan Cat on Yo...


Although Google and Samsung haven’t posted specific dates about the release of the Galaxy Nexus, worldwide carriers are beginning to come out with information. Mobile Syrup writes that they, “received an email from Bell, looks like the Galaxy Nexus is confirmed for an ‘early December’ availability.

Google Voice

The best app for your Android device just got even better. Upping its version to, the Google Voice for Android app will now let users send text messages to multiple recipients.

The... new feature will no longer require you to send the same message repeatedly across each contact, since you can do it in just one send. Group messaging can be very convenient for, let’s say, party invites an...


Gadgets getting wet and inoperable may now be a thing of the past. HzO technology is here to save the day and prevent water–either in its solid, liquid, or gaseous forms–from wrecking... your Android phone.

HzO is a new technology in vapor form that will coat all surfaces of your gadget–inside-out, including the sensitive electronics inside–making it WaterBlocked (water...

65-inch Android tablet

Turkish based company Ardic Technology seeks to start the production of their 65-inch Android tablet. The “monster tablet” is run by a 10.1-inch Honeycomb tablet. Its prototype includes... a 65-inch display, docking equipment for the smaller tablet, and two touch sensors attached which support simple swiping, zooming, and pinching hand movements. The setup also supports 1080p Full HD v...

Wine Products

Ever wanted to prove that your handbags, bottles of wine, and watches worth beyond US$1,000 are authentic? Using your NFC-enabled smartphone, you can do just that with Inside Secure’s new... security module that utilizes Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.

The French semiconductor company introduced early this month one of its “solutions for securing transactions and digit...