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HTC Droid DNA release date and pricing already rumored, phone spotted at the FCC as well

by: Chris SmithNovember 5, 2012
The HTC Droid DNA, also known as the HTC DLX or HTC Droid Incredible X, is the Verizon-bound HTC J Butterfly version that will soon compete against other Android phablets that are already available from the carrier including the LG Intuition and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.
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Google Maps struggles to find its way to the Apple App Store

by: Joshua VergaraNovember 5, 2012
The ongoing Google Maps and Apple Maps saga continues, but the direction it will take is still unclear.
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Instagram web profiles out now

by: Varun RajNovember 5, 2012
Instagram has finally awakened to the much awaited web profile feature desired by customers. The company has built a simplified web interface for the user profile that it is now available online.
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Apple Mac computers may eventually switch to ARM processors, rumor claims

by: Andrew GrushNovember 5, 2012
While all current Apple Mac computers run on Intel processors, a new rumor suggests that this might be changing. Apple has become heavily invested in its own processor designs in recent years and may be contemplating a move to unify all of its products under the ARM architecture type.
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Apple-Motorola lawsuit dismissed with prejudice

by: Andrew GrushNovember 5, 2012
It seems that the latest chapter in the Apple patent wars is closing without a trial. The case was supposed to begin today in order to decide on a claim by Apple that Motorola Mobility was charging unfair prices for the licensing rights on its industry-standard patents. Apparently, the federal judge assigned to the case has now thrown it out altogether.
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Verizon Apps will be closing, removal from Android devices will begin in January 2013

by: Robert NelsonNovember 5, 2012
It looks like Verizon has realized that users no longer need multiple app stores for one device and one platform. Beginning in January 2013, Verizon will begin the process of closing down the Verizon Apps app store.
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Apple iPhone owner loyalty declining, according to new survey

by: Andrew GrushNovember 5, 2012
When it comes to product loyalty, Apple is known for having fans that stick by the company's side no matter what. In fact, a 2011 survey conducted by Strategy Analytics suggested that 93 percent of Apple smartphone owners planned to buy a new iPhone down the road. Fast forwarding to 2012, how do things look? Actually the percent of happy iPhone owners has managed to drop down by 5 percent in the United States.
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Radio Shack’s 2012 Black Friday sales circular posted, includes the yet-to-be-announced Samsung Stratosphere 2

by: Robert NelsonNovember 5, 2012
Radio Shack's 2012 Black Friday sales circular has already leaked and while there are a wide variety of discounted products, we have spotted a few that happen to be interesting such as the yet-to-be-announced Samsung Stratosphere 2, which will be free on-contract.
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Samsung might be developing a Google Glass competitor, lets you control devices using your thoughts

by: Bams SadewoNovember 5, 2012
New patent applications reveal that Samsung may be working on a mind-controlled Google Glass-like device, and a new display technology that tracks eye-movement for control.
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Google, Microsoft to offer nationwide WiFi service in the UK through broadcast whitespaces?

by: J. Angelo RacomaNovember 5, 2012
While mobile data speeds are getting faster and faster, many users will still prefer to connect through WiFi networks, especially if the underlying infrastructure has a better quality and speed than the usual 3G or 4G connection. Companies like Google and Microsoft are vying for access to unused spectrum in some regions, in order to offer wide-area WiFi access to users.
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