News on Samsung Galaxy Note 2, upcoming release

by: nathanAugust 27, 2012

Above is a sketch in which we, the adoring public, have a visual estimate of what the newest Samsung Galaxy Note will look like. Below, we have Samsung’s teaser video in which they don’t really tell us much, but do provide some geometric shapes that appear to subtly hint at the shape of the design. There’s also a glimpse of the famous S-pen being utilized.

In between here and there, it appears more details have developed in regards to the upcoming Aug. 29th release . Here’s what we have heard so far:

  • Sammy may be shocking us with Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean in lieu of ICS
  • “G-Note Duece” may have a bigger screen, a whopping 5.5-inch Super AMOLED display w/1280x720p resolution
  •  The engine in this beast may be an Exynos 4412 quad-core processor
  • Options such as 3G and 4G LTE connectivity and a 16:9 aspect ratio have also been discussed

The usual items like an 8MP rear camera, 16GB and 32GB storage options are being being bandied about as well. Strangely, the name switch from GT-N7000 to GT-N7100 hasn’t done much in terms of gossip, but we have to ask Samsung: Why? We know why you’re possibly gluing sharp corners on your device (Thanks Apple!) but why go to all the trouble to stick a different digit in the name? Does the FCC really care?

In closing, consumer interest is at a fever pitch, and these rumors come with the standard “pinch of salt” warning. But on the 29th, at IFA Berlin, I have a suspicion we’ll all know what Samsung has been up to in their lab.



  • Personally, I hope this camera is at least as good as the one on the GS3 and that it comes to EVERY carrier without a damn exclusivity period. Those “exclusive” months hurt phone sales for everybody.

    • Actually they don’t. Especially for those who have it first, such as AT&T. Once the companies such as Verizon get such a phone to sell, they tend to still sell just as well.

      If exclusives really hurt sales, then Samsung would never take the money to offer just one carrier the option to sell it first.

      It’s the same with video game DLC, when a console like Microsoft offers such content first.

      • They do hurt sales. If Sprint and T-Mobile got their hands on the Note sooner, many more of them could have been sold. Especially on T-Mobile where they were really lacking in quality devices.

  • satsmine2k4

    720p display on a 5.5 inch display which gives a less PPI than the Note 1..ummmm not great…

    • Make it at least 1920×1080!!!!!! :-)

      • satsmine2k4

        ya for me 1600x 900 would be a bare minimum and 1080p disp would be just perfect….

    • MasterMuffin

      Exynos 4412 can’t handle 1920×1080 or even 1600×900 :(

  • Flarn Buckholter

    To release a version without a 13 MP camera and 300ppi screen means….that the iPhone 5 will dominate it.

    • Which shows how idiotic consumers are. Though the iPhone is nice, 13 MP is just a number – for most, if not all those who focus on MPs all the damn time, don’t ever need to blow up a picture to the size of a poster.

      The more the MPs, does *NOT* mean a better camera or picture quality. Over 8MP or so, you’re now stating that you are expecting to blow up your pictures to the size of a door poster.

      8MP is just fine – if the camera quality itself is solid and the focus options are as well.

      The screen resolution would be okay, but I agree with you that it could use a bump to equal the iPhone that is about to be released.

    • troll

      PPI does not mean shit when looking at devices of different sizes. Think, PIXELS PER INCH. A 4″ device vs a 5″ device @ 1280X800 will always have higher PPI, it is not a measure of quality. It should not even be a measure of anything on a display.
      Mega Pixel means nothing when your elements are tiny bits of plastic (some cases glass) and the sensor is this tiny POS. 13MP on a camera sensor? Why bother. If you want mega MP go buy a DSLR least then the sensor is larger than a gnats ass you get REAL glass in the lens etc.
      I would care more for processor gpu and ram and screen type over the aforementioned BS specs.

  • qazibasit

    Not much of a change than the original note.

    • What were you expecting? And what’s your *opinion* of “Not much of a change…”?

      Larger and nicer screen quality – updated Android operating system – thinner/lighter – a *lot* faster with this Exynos quad core – 4GLTE.

      You’re either trolling, are expecting odd or unreasonable differences, or you did not read the article.

  • Quryous

    Actually, having sharper corners means less wasted space in the margins around the screen, so they can have a bigger screen without a bigger body. Simple.

    • Yep, and that’s what the rumor is, and why they are doing such…