Newkia Android phones will have different branding than Newkia

September 9, 2013

    Nokia Android

    Speaking with a publication, Newkia founder Thomas Zilliacus revealed that while his company will make Android handsets, they will not come with Newkia branding.

    However, Zilliacus did not tell CNET Asia what the branding will be, although he admitted he has a few ideas in mind.

    Zilliacus also said that he won’t take the CEO position at Newkia, as the spot will be filled by someone whose “name you have heard of before.”

    Apparently, Newkia generated quite a lot of buzz after announcing it will sort-of make a dream come through for Android fans that waited for Nokia to create Android devices.

    While Nokia will never create such devices, as it’s going to be a part of Microsoft, Newkia’s founder is Nokia’s former Asia-Pacific CEO. Other Nokia executives and employees will also work on Newkia devices in the future.

    In fact, it looks like some current Nokia employees who don’t want to work for Microsoft will also join Newkia. The company has already received a lot of job applications since announcing its intentions.

    Nokia MyOrigo prototype

    Newkia will focus only on Android devices, according to what Zilliacus had to say, as it’s not interested in other operating systems like Sailfish or even Windows Phone.

    Interestingly, the same Zilliacus showed CNET Asia images of a 10-year old touchscreen Nokia prototype running Symbian (the phone was called MyOrigo) that was dismissed at the time, as the company thought users won’t appreciate “fingerprint smudges” on the display – the device is pictured above.

    Finally, Finnish officials are taking Newkia pretty seriously, with one city offering the company free office space in order for the company to base the company in that city. However, Zilliacus plans to have the company based in Singapore, where he has lived for the last 27 years.


    • E. Tasche

      Not sure what will happen here, but I’m concerned it won’t hit the mark it seems everyone is hoping it will. Here is why: Microsoft now owns all the patents Nokia had.

      I’m willing to guess a few of those patents were critical to make the Nokia devices we have known.

      Perhaps though, a bit of the human capital from the old Nokia will be enough to create some great new devices, and with better software at their disposal this time around.

      Should be interesting to see what happens.

      • Balraj

        Have faith :-P

      • Andrew Grush

        @etasche:disqus I agree about the Nokia patents, and like you am a bit skeptical about whether Newkia can really make devices worthy of the Nokia name and reputation.

        Of course “Newkia” doesn’t have to copy Nokia’s design language directly to be a spiritual successor. As an Android fan who had high hopes for a future Nokia Android handset, I’m certainly curious to see what this company will produce. :)

      • lil bit

        I thought MS only bought a 10 year non exclusive right to Nokia patents, Nokia is free to license it to others in addition to MS.

      • Mutomi Sconi

        look at how wrong you are and look at how right lil bit is

        • E. Tasche

          Think before you speak.

          They are free to license them, but they have not licensed them to anyone else in the past have they…?

          The very things that make Nokia devices Nokia devices are the very things they don’t share. They are not considered essentials so they don’t HAVE to, and since Newkia will be a direct competitor they will have more reason NOT to license those patents to them than to license them.

          Again, think before you speak, if you know how.

          • Mutomi Sconi

            what a moron think about it it slowly

            think about it, they aren’t competing in the mobile market(and have signed away the ability to do so for the next 2 years) they WILL have a reason to license them because THAT is what will make them money

            they are a patent/software company now

            you really didnt think about your response, lol you got so angry and bitter you just typed away :D

    • Map

      I always look forward to it, hopefully there will be a lot of fun.

    • Luka Mlinar

      If they can recreate the Nokia design and quality with an Android platform this might just be a winner. It would make me lass sad that Microsoft decided to totally kill Nokia once and for all.

      • Andrew Grush

        It’s a big IF though. We see start-ups like this quite often. Sure, there’s a lot of ex-Nokia employees interested in getting involved here, but we certainly shouldn’t count our chickens before they hatch.

        That said, I agree with you – if they can recreate the Nokia design/quality (or build on what we’ve come to expect), this could be awesome little company.

        • Luka Mlinar

          It kind of falls down to fans. If there is a large enough fan base it will succeed. Considering they don’t f***up by making the fans mad for some reason. Tesla is a good example of this. Or well OUYA if you want a smaller example.

          • foggyflute

            Agree, just dont f**ckup and you will doing good. But to become a top-tier company, you will need more than that. Patents and money for counter sue, marketing and distribute.

            About the device, Xiaomi just release a phone likely to be what Lumia running android should be – the Mi3 – the things left that make me desire a lumia are curved glass, 41mpx camera and wireless charrging pad. But I dont think newkia will have any of those goodstuff, just wait and see.

        • cretinick

          Without all the Nokia’s patents, without the Nokia’s camera technology, without Nokia’s maps technology … I think this company will have hard times to compete with the smallest manufacturers in Android world. And it will be a giant battle to stay in the market for the first 5 years.

          • John-Phillip Saayman

            I agree. But as for maps I guess they can just use Google maps

            • Alexandana Theng

              Yes, Google maps is fine. Nokia maps does not know well about my country like google.

          • Rambir

            Here Maps is good but it is no way a competitor to Google Maps, nothing is.

          • Tom Simeone

            What exactly is the issue with WP

            • cretinick

              I dont have used the WP8, only the 7, 7.5 and a little of the 7.8. They have a lot of small details that are annoying. Some of them are being solved along the updates… But the UI is boring and, despite the simplicity, can be confusing in some points… And don’t have many of the Android and iOS Apps.

            • Tom Simeone

              I know the app ecosystem is really annoying, i like the simplicty and clean look of WP, and the live tiles are quite cool, i would how-ever like folders.. but then windows phone is really young! it didn’t try and copy iOS like android did, they look quite similar in ways, where WP took a total different aproach..

              Though they should have learnt from windows mobile (which apparently was good) so many features of winMo are missing off windows phone! I want to get the 1020. BUT, the ecosystem of apps puts me off.. I’ve had 2 lumia 920s.. (both i’ve lost) and can’t afford to buy a new one at the moment! lol

      • Micro Shaquer

        Newkia is a FAIL brand name, that’s a kind of copycat devices from the land of China.

        However, they should change the company name or their would-be products with NUKE or NUKEDROID.

        • fmkhan213

          nukedroid?? seriously.. that’s more gross than newkia

      • MasterMuffin

        And just a light skin so that they can update fast!

      • BanaNamaApa

        I am agree with your statement ^_^.

      • suman kumar chatterjee


    • Balraj

      Maybe Nokia has all the patents n design
      But most ppl are gonna leave Nokia(mostly ppl with innovative brains)
      I have full hopes on newkia..a little help from Google is necessary though…just my thought

    • Balraj

      Google bought Motorola
      Microsoft bought Nokia
      Does anyone see what I see??

      • Luka Mlinar

        I think Microsoft was planing this mover way before Google thought about taking over Motorola. But that’s just what i think.

        • Rambir

          I lost all respect in Nokia when they hired Steven Elop. I will never buy a Nokia Phone whilst he’s linked to them in any shape or form. A 925 running Android would be immense, and a Windows Phone option would have been a better option than just a dead weight OS that nobody uses.

      • cretinick

        What do you see? That Google bought Motorola and Microsoft bought Nokia?

        I think almost everyone saw it already has nearly two years.

      • OMGgary

        That someone will buy HTC?
        If we are working from the big 3…umm… sorry Microsoft, I mean big 2 and a quarter, then using the pattern above Apple should buy HTC.

        • Rambir

          Or Google again. A HTC and Motorola merger would be the best thing ever.

          • fmkhan213

            that won’t ever happen…

            • Rambir

              It’s nice to dream though…

      • Piterson Massenat Desir

        are you seeing apple buying HTC?

        • Seth Forbus

          That would make no sense. Apple hates innovation.

          • OMGgary

            The biggest compatibility problem I see between the two is that Apple doesn’t abandon its flagships after 6 months.

            I am the last person that would recommend buying an iAnything, but at least Apple have that thing right, in glaring contrast to Cher ‘n Chou!

            • Seth Forbus

              Its easy to add your new operating system to your old phones when the new operating system is almost identical to the old one, plus they don’t add all the new features. For instance, the iPhone 4 will get the software updates, but no Siri. I don’t care for siri, and you can argue that the iPhone 4 isn’t capable of siri, but that’s marketing bs. This is like if Samsung updated the galaxy s ll to jellybean but didn’t add Google now.

            • OMGgary

              Even with a small amount of change from one iOS version to the next, the burden of development for the operating system is still completely on Apple.

              Does HTC have to develop the Android operating system?
              No they do not, Google does it.

              Does HTC have to develop drivers for its devices for each iteration of Android?
              No they do not, because they don’t make their own chips. They buy chips from the likes of Qualcomm, Nvidia etc., who provide drivers for the components.

              The only thing HTC develops is the Sense UI, which they mangle unnecessarily into the workings of the Android system on their devices. They could just make a custom launcher, but no, HTC has to overcomplicate it. But this process takes them so long that much of the time they just give up on it completely and abandon the users of that device, with some cock and the bull story that their device can’t run a newer version of Android.

              This, even though amateur devs from xda show it to be BS with the custom roms they build.

              Take the original Sensation (pyramid) for example. A device released about 8 months after the release of iPhone 4. Officially abandoned and left stuck with the horrendously bloated Sense 3.6 on top of Android 4.0.3 in early 2012, roughly the time the One X and One S (also now abandoned) appeared. The Sensation XE and Sensation XL got shafted much the same time as the pyramid, though they were released much later in 2011 (and should thus be really considered beside the iPhone 4S as regards updating).
              There are plenty of Jellybean 4.2.2 roms and even a few 4.3 roms for the pyramid on xda. If these guys had the kind of access to drivers that a company like HTC has, then they could pump out their custom roms even faster as the lack of open source drivers is usually one of the biggest obstacle to amateur devs.

              I don’t like Apple, but at least they are still providing updates for the iPhone 4. They might be “cutting back” on features like Siri, but at least they are still supporting the device with most features in the updates. HTC have only provided an upright middle finger to their customers. Why would anyone buy again from a company with such an attitude?

            • Conan

              Thank you, you have summarized impeccably how I feel as an HTC Sensation owner. I will never consider another HTC device no matter how “pretty” it looks.

            • jdxkai

              HTC One google edition

            • Conan

              Thanks for that suggestion, however HTC has a pretty bad service center that I visited in my country (Philippines) and there is only one center. In comparison Samsung has a service center in every major mall.

            • SBaka

              HTC users will learn about HTC. Just wait until they drop support for widgets and features in 12-18 months. Ask any former Evo 4g user. They abandoned that phone before I was 1 year into my contract.

            • Ian

              I marvelled at HTC when they brought out their early windows phones and very quickly, lost all interest after their droid fumbles ….
              Now, it’s Samsung I wonder at …

        • blanco112

          Apple doesn’t need to buy a phone manufacturer. they already are one.

          • Piterson Massenat Desir

            no they are not one. they design phones and have others build them. Thats why many of their products say “designed by apple in california”. They dont have any hardware partner. foxxconn assembles the parts that come from all sorts of places.

    • Jason Yuen

      Am I the only one here who can’t take them seriously with a name like that? It’s hilarious.

    • Teo Jia Rong

      Let it be based in singapore! Cos I lived there and it would be nice to have a tech giant to be based there! :D

      • lil bit

        With a name like Newkia it sounds more like a backyard manufacturer in Philippines.

        • Micro Shaquer

          NUKE or NUKEDROID is better branding than that pathetic copycat-like name.

          Newkia is unworthy of being a successor of Nokia.

    • AnnunakiEnvoy

      Newkia – sound inferiority.

    • Seth Forbus

      NEWkia eh? HAHAHAHA. If these phones out-sell the official Nokia phones I will seriously lose it laughing. =D

      • Xennex1170

        Why don’t we call it YESkia then. :D

    • EndsInQuist

      Unless you base yourselves in Finland, no thanks

    • mumusen

      Newkia sounds more like those unknown Chinese phones we get which have branding like “iphones 4″ or “Nokla” etc. Pathetic name.

      • AnnunakiEnvoy

        Let me add more ‘sonax’ ‘sonny’ ‘samsing’ .
        Newkia signals the world as we know it is about to end.

        • OMGgary

          What do you think of “Henki” as a name for their brand? It means soul or spirit in Finnish. I think it would be a fitting name.

          • mumusen

            Not good. Probably because we are SO used to of the name Nokia :(

        • mumusen

          Lol. True that.

    • Alexandana Theng

      Here are suggested names from me: NICEKIA, KIANDROID (Kia for Nokia, N for and, Droid for Android OS), SNA (Super Nokia Android), NKAD (Nokia Android), KA (K for Nokia, A for Android). That’s all. Chose a nice font for the name.
      I hope this company can bring good hardware, build quality, beautiful design like Nokia does. I think most people prefer Polycarbonate to plastic like on galaxies. just leave as slimmer as bezel you can, front facing camera at least 1mp and the main camera starts from 8mp up.

    • Bobby Wright

      name suggestion: gERTY,

    • suman kumar chatterjee

      i am an indian.i need 2 know the probable price of newkia u know we r price conscious !

      • AnnunakiEnvoy

        Expect it to sell at 50% price lower than other brands with the same specs. I had a ‘sonax’ mp4 player, I bought it for 60% cheaper than a ‘sony’ mp4 player.

    • lol

      what about giving titanium instead of newkia. it sounds strong.

    • rykellim

      Lived in my Singapore for TWENTY SEVEN years! That is my country! Hopefully I can have a quick meal with the fine gentleman someday. :)

    • Groud Frank

      All this could have been avoided if Nokia adopted Android when they dropped Symbian. People made the argument that they would not have survived with the seemingly millions of over OEMs that use Android but I bet they would been doing better than they are doing now. The same goes for Black Berry. All they needed to do was the skin Android so that it emulated the BB OS, UI, etc. Sure you’d have to swallow your pride and acknowledge that you wasted millions of dollars on a developing and polishing your OS, then throwing it away but at least you would have had a fighting chance. Nokia was a name people would have trusted more than Samsung when it came to providing a good Android experience.