New Transformer Prime OTA Update Now Rolling Out [In The US]

by: AlexanderFebruary 8, 2012

For all the Transformer Prime users in the US, you probably woke up to a new update notification right? If not go and check manually by going to Settings > About Tablet > System Firmware Update. This new update which is build, brings improved Wi-Fi connectivity as well as a new kernel. We have also heard that it brings a fix to the random reboot issue we heard about a few weeks ago.

We haven’t been able to find a full changelog yet, but as soon as we do we will post it for those of you who have not gotten the update yet. In the meantime, share your findings on what’s new in the comments, and let us know if the random reboots have stopped, did anything get broken in the update?. ASUS did promise an update to fix the random reboots in February, but I was not expecting it this soon.

  • Labatt420

    youtube app isnt working now..dammit..i really wish i didnt see this article! i didnt even know about the update until i saw this article

  • W00zie

    Mine froze during firmware update. I had to wipe and reset – after reloading all programs it now shuts off during sleep and freezes on reboot… no way to roll back…

  • Hatem Selaghur

    I dont know if its new but i found that you can write using gesture in the keyboardich

  • Guest

    There seem to be 2 hardware variations, one that had problems with and those that didn’t. I was part of 2nd prod run in late Jan and part of 2nd hardware variation (related?). The new update resolves the issues for the 1st group but created problems for the 2nd group line W00zie and I. causes two consistent behaviors:
    1. Sleep mode device freeze. Recovery requires hard reset
    2. Increased battery drain

    Now we can’t roll back and have to either force the screen to stay on or manually power down when not using.


    • John Tamoria

      I am definitely experiencing the battery drain. Right after the update, tablet drained to empty overnight without any use.

  • Rd

    No updates in Toronto

  • Anonymous

    This update literally addresses everything that bugged me about my TP.

  • caro-kann

    Just went out in my and tried the GPS after the update. Plugged in a local address and the GPS got dropped twice and when it did connect, my location on the TF was waaaay behind where I actually was. Never had the reboot problem.