New Titanium Backup Pro lets users create flashable ZIP backups

by: Bams SadewoNovember 7, 2012

Christmas comes early for folks who seemingly can’t get through one day without flashing the latest available custom ROM on their device, for Titanium Backup has been updated with a killer feature or two.

The latest version of the highly popular Titanium Backup Pro app now gives users the ability to create flashable zip files of their apps and data.

The flashable zips will come in handy and help save a significant amount of time for serial ROM flashers. Instead of doing the usual and rather time-consuming routine of restoring backups of your apps and data after a new ROM install, you can now easily flash the ZIP files using recovery instead.

Given that it’s considered as a premium feature, you’ll only find it on the Pro version of Titanium Backup, which means you’re going to have to shell out about $6 to get the app from Google Play. We think it’s worth the admission price.

So, looking forward to give the new feature a try? Or does the price tag stop you from buying the app for now?

  • SwagLordMcGangBang

    Cool, this is easily the most useful app for me. I think it’s the first app I actually bought too.

  • TB user

    I havent used it yet, but it would be nice if there was an option to unselect the red(system) apps when creating them. Is there an easier way then manually doing this?

  • MasterMuffin

    Wow that’s so useful!

  • Stephan

    Dont hava a credit card an google dont support direct carrier billing. Otherwise I would have buyed this a looooong time ago.

    • matt

      Bought. . . you would have *bought* it, not ‘buyed’ it..

      • Stephan

        hey, English isn’t my home language. ): So sorry.

  • Awesome thanks for notifying! I didn’t even pay attention to the update notes