Sony Google TV

Another Sony Google TV device is apparently on its way, as shown by a certificate posted on the Wi-Fi Alliance website.

The new Sony Google TV is the successor of the Sony NSZ-G7 (pictured above), available since last year and which has been recently updated. That is probably the reason why Sony has decided to go with product number NSZ-G8 for the new device, although the company has not officially announced the product yet.

Unfortunately, apart from the Wi-Fi certification, no other details, such as specs, price or release date are available at the moment for the new Sony Google TV. Still, with Google I/O 2013 less than a month away, there’s a serious chance for it to be shown there.

Google TV has failed to make a big mark so far, but manufacturers, such as Asus (with its Cube available now), Sony, LG and even Chinese company Hisense (which made a good impression with its Pulse) seem to be keeping their faith, releasing new products.

Do you already own a Google TV device or, if not, do you plan on purchasing one? And if so, which one will it be?

Bogdan Bele
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  • MasterMuffin

    What is Google TV? :))

  • ashutosh singh


  • logan

    I hope it’s Miracast certification.
    can’t wait to stream tv display to my android phone (not the other way around).

  • BriRedfern

    I own the NSZ-G7 and I can’t say enough good things about it. I would love better VOD integration with my FIOS box, but it has definitely improved my overall TV viewing experience. I use Google play for the majority of my cloud based media; between that and the search integration with Amazon Prime it is a pretty awesome device. The on screen program guide alone is worth the price of purchase.

  • I have the Logitech Revue. It needs an update but it was a great first attempt. I use it daily. Love having the apps integrated within the TV so that I do not have to switch sources.

    Also, if you haven’t heard, Logitech is killing the video chat service. Anyone who has a Logitech Revue Camera can get a free Skype camera or free HD Webcam. You have to do it before September.

    AA – This should be an article.