New Samsung Galaxy S3 image supposedly leaked. May 3, come already!

by: Ankit BanerjeeMay 1, 2012

samsung galaxy s3 hype

The whole world is waiting with bated breath for the release of the Samsung Galaxy S3. There have been countless rumors about Samsung’s “Next Galaxy” and the rumor-train doesn’t seem to be slowing down, even though we’re only three days away from the official launch. But three days is a long time in the tech world, and we can certainly expect to hear a few more rumors along the way. Let’s take a look at the latest.

As you can see from the image above, a new image of the purported Samsung Galaxy S3 has been “leaked”, complete with a scale to judge the size of the device. This leak is courtesy of an anonymous tipster who sent the image to Know Your Mobile.

As you can see from the image above, the device will supposedly feature a 4.8″ display and a physical menu button, both attributes which are expected in the next Galaxy. The leak consists just of one image and doesn’t give away any information on the hardware housed inside. I almost missed the physical button from the image above, but increasing the brightness helps. The image below is courtesy of Pocket Lint.

Unfortunately, it looks too much like the Samsung Galaxy Nexus for my liking, which makes me think that the above image is just another fake. I am positive that the Galaxy S3 isn’t a  new rendition of an older device with a physical button slapped on. If I am wrong, I’m sure that a lot of you will be very disappointed. The flood of leaks and speculation has brought too much hype on the device, and now Samsung has some truly high expectations to live up to.

What are your thoughts? Fake image or the real deal? If it is the real device, how happy or disappointed will you be? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Freepool4all

    Fake! Notice how the image of the phone is perfectly top view while the ruler seems at an angle. the first inch is much longer than the fifth.

    • Benjamen Meiers

      You might want to look up parallax errors.

  • Umair Ansari

    they should think of taking away the home button giving them space for the screen as well as reducing the overall height..and last but not the least, apple can’t say that they didn’t copy things.. xD

    • AppleFUD

      yep. . . If they go with a hardware home button they are just being idiots at this point and really trying to make their device as iphone like as possible. No need whatsoever for a hardware home button!

    • Well to me I prefer having hardware buttons. The buttons on screen take up many pixels, so still the screen size would be reduced.

    • Correct. My biggest wish on this device is an edge-to-edge-to-edge-to-edge screen. Or something as close as practical.

  • Will

    Who uses less than a 5MP camera these days….. Obvious fake is obvious.

  • Kabvuto76

    Saw a better image on gsmarena, this one looks lousy.

    • AppleFUD

      definitely a much clearer shot. . .

      Still. . a hardware home button?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Harold

    What’s with the ruler running length ways?

    Screen size is usually measured across the diagonal.

  • Kwodem

    Why is it that these ‘leaked’ pics are always pixalated? How are you supposed to be a phone enthusiast with a shitty camera… doesn’t make sense.

    But anyway, this phone looks terrible, and I will surely stick to my S2 if this is the final product.

  • Ps6618

    i hate the look. Since the Nokia Lumia 900 & the Sony Xperia, Samsung needs to come out with a WOW looking phone that will turn heads. The best looking phone theyve put out & it wasnt great was the Captivate. In all reality it is whats under the hood that counts but does a Jaquar or Lexus have to be ugly? We like our phones to turn heads as well. SAMSUNG, dont disappoint us!! Dont think that Apple cant get some of your customers. And what’s up with no quad core in the US? Have Americans not added to your wealth SAMSUNG? Again, i am sick of the 1990’s look, come on SAMSUNG, do something new and creative, give us a phone we can be PROUD of!!!!

  • FreeBrainTrauma

    Why people like to be noobs? There will be no galaxy 3 in the first half of 2012…on 3 may is just galaxy S2+ coming. galaxy SII plus…

  • android seeker

    Don’t blame Samsung for the US not getting quad core blame the crappy service providers.

  • Vzx_41

    I actually jhope the US gets the dual core S4 chip. It out performs the quad cores because is it based on A15 not A9 architecture. People are dumb to think old chip design is better cause it has 4 cores. you will probably never use all 4 cores in this phone. Plus core for core the S4 beats in in speed per core. Secondly I hope it does have a home buttom. 99% of phones has a button, I don’t know whats up with this new trend of soft keys bed be real I bet your last 10 phones has a button ;) This gives me the option to jump to my home screen faster is all and I like to have that option TBH.

  • I hope for a device without phisical buttons. This one of my favorite detail on my Samsung Tab.