With the launch of Samsung’s “next Galaxy” only a week away, the torrent of Galaxy S3 rumors is showing no signs of slowing down yet. We’d already seen how Samsung is using disguised prototypes of the device when sending it out for network testing, to avoid any design leaks. But, there have been numerous leaks and speculation about these dummy boxes themselves, and here’s another one. This leak is courtesy of Chinese mobile forum, Mobile01. The page has been removed since the news broke.

Of course, this is not the final design of the device at all, which is very obvious, with notes and tape all over the device. But, the leak, if true, does give us some useful insight into what Samsung is hoping to achieve with its next flagship device:

  • It features Android 4.0 with a TouchWiz layering
  • The prototype suggests that Samsung is looking to include a physical home button (as previous leaks have suggested)
  • The above device features the Android 4.0-recommended virtual buttons
  • The position of the virtual menu keys have been switched around, with the recent apps moving to the left and the back button shifting to the right
  • The “Twonky Server” app features an additional virtual button (seen above), which might suggest that Samsung isn’t happy with in-app menu options

Of course, no conclusive evidence about this device being the Samsung Galaxy S3 can be found in this latest leak. One of the most important points that makes me feel like this might not be accurate is the presence of the Android Market, which should’ve been updated to the Play Store by now.

Another day, another Samsung Galaxy S3 rumor. Why does it feel like May 3 is ages away? You can visit the website for the Samsung Unpacked event here.

What are  your thoughts? If the leak is true, how do you like the design changes – the virtual keys and the additional 4th menu option when using apps? Physical button – yes or no? Let us know in the comments section below.

Ankit Banerjee
My primary profession lies in the Network Design Engineering field. I have always been passionate about the latest trends in mobile communication advances around the world.
  • Tony


    I have a hunch about the final design of the product. Look at the phone at the leak, then compare that to the Samsungs official photo in their facebook. (the one with SGSIII under the blue cloth) The phone hiding under the cloth is exactly same in shape as the leaked device – only without the plastic fake bezel around it! Image proof.


    I can’t take it anymore!!!!!!!!!

    Samsung you better make this device EPIC

  • hawkeye2188

    If the back button truly is on the right now, its going to take some getting used to, for me at least.

    • Asd

      But no menu button. Wat a bummer. But our xda guys will find a solution like they did on jtc one x

  • AndroidBrian

    I think its real. Notice the little subtle differences in the TW icons, they actually manage to look even uglier! I dunno looks real to me. I think Samsung makes touchwiz ugly on purpose.

  • Jasar

    When do you think this phone is in store?

    Köpa Ipad

    • Ankit

      Unfortunately we will know that only after May 3. But usually devices do start shipping any time upto a month after the announcement, so fingers crossed for a quick release for the S3 as well. Of course, if you’re in the US, that might take a while longer with LTE compatibility to worry about.

      • US Unlocked….Nuff said.

      • Cole Raney

        Do you think a non-lte version would come soon to the US. I’d love to have lte, but my area doesnt have lte from any carrier.

        • Ankit

          Unfortunately a non-LTE version for the US seems unlikely as has been the trend for most high-end phones recently (HTC One XL for AT&T and the Evo 4G LTE for Sprint are good examples) unless you’re on the T-mobile network. LTE coverage isn’t great but carriers are requesting LTE capable phones for their networks……Like Juan says below, you can always pick up an unlocked version through ebay or Amazon, but that will likely set you back at least $600 (just a guess of course) and most consumers prefer the subsidized costs through contracts since they are mostly on contract anyway(for example, the HTC One S on T-Mobile is $199.99 but retails at around $600)…..I’m not entirely sure how the non-contract systems work now (I last lived in the US in 2009)

          • Derrick Solomon

            Yes you are right about the 199 retail part of T-mobile’s HTC One S. However, to add to that. It will be $20.00 charge each month for 20 months also for that phone. Depending if you were on the classic plan or the new value plan. So you still end of paying $600.00 eventually. Its either pay it now or later basically.

          • Ankit

            That’s true. But you’ll also have to pick some form of talk and data plan(prepaid or no contract) for your unlocked device as well right? I had a pre-paid AT&T plan my first year in college which was $50 and I got about 75% of the minutes that I would have got on contract at the same cost. I guess we’ll have to really crunch the numbers to see which might end up costlier, but yes, it could work out either way. Even so, wouldn’t you rather pay $600 over 2 years as opposed to all at once?

  • FreeBrainTrauma

    epic my ass, go gsmarena and see it… Samsung has sent one a while ago like always does when is about gsmarena.

  • Kabvuto76

    ‘May 3’, where art thou?

  • Jaranjames

    I just can’t see how this phone is better than that h t c evo 4 g l t e I am sold on the kickstand dedicated camera button and the beats audio. I guess I have a couple more days to make my decision but this phone’s better wow the hell out of me. Because Based on the leak images that I am seeing I am not impressed. I did a list of features between both of these phones and to me it seems that the evo 4 g has a lot more to offer. Please do not kill me on this website it is just my opinion. Lol

    • Cole Raney

      The processor of the galaxy S3 will likely outperform any phone. That’s how it is better. And maybe battery life

      • Jaranjames

        But how big of a differance is there in a 2000mah and a rumored 2050 mah they both lose points for non removable…… I also dont think the us version of tiscphone will come with a quad core processor… But that dedicated camera button and the beats audio are really good sellimg points i use my phone to take pics and listn to music…

    • Ankit

      Haha no one is going is going to “kill” you on this website. Ok, at least, I’m not, being a huge HTC fan myself. I absolutely love the HTC One X and the EVO 4G. But remember that the leaked images aren’t even close to the final product. These are prototypes that help keep the final design secret. So the actual device might really surprise you. Like I said, I’ve a huge HTC fan, but I’m re-ordering and cancelling my HTC One X booking almost everyday in anticipation of this device. Who knows, the S3 might have a kickstand and everything else you hoped for. That’s the thing, we have absolutely NO idea what the Galaxy S3 will be. As in, we can’t even say with a certainty that it will even be called the S3. Fingers-crossed I guess. :)

      • Jaranjames

        Your right ive had the original evo 4g since its been out and have the pleasure of using 4g where i live and i love my phone come may 3 we will see i wont get my hopes up on rumers and see what samsung has to offer.

    • GoatChode

      The screen is going to blow away the htc! the rumored screen specs are great. Samsung always has the best screens. Htc screens are always washed out. Even the highend ones that people swear are better. HtC evo original is known to have the Most problems out of any android phone ever. Samsung phones are light and sleek, Plus they are very durable. Htc phones feel like a brick in your hand. Some people think that heavy = sturdy…not true!. dont “kill me”…just my opinion…lol

  • Betaomega04

    I used to like the idea of physical buttons until i bought the first Galaxy S. I’ve gotten used to the touch buttons, but i have it set to vibrate every time I press them so it gives the sense of real buttons. Its kind of nice to have a slick glass plate for a screen!

  • I think the physical button is fine. For me, I would like to have my phone have that one “key” that makes me feel connected to it. Yes, it feels good to have your fingers just swiping all over the phone surface and feel that smoothness, but I would always find that part where I can feel it. It’s like pressing through your keyboard while typing a message or clicking that mouse left button to feel that you’re busy. If the Samsung Galaxy S III has that one small button then I will truly love it.

  • jdxkai

    I hope it is pentaband 3G..

  • That’s the worst watermark I’ve ever seen.

  • That looks to be running Gingerbread, no?

  • zack

    its a china copy lol fake s3