Rumors are a dime a dozen, so we want you to take the following article with a few fistfuls of salt. According to SamMobile, which isn’t ashamed to call themselves Samsung fanbois, here are three things Samsung is planning to launch in 2013.

One, the next Galaxy S. Their source tells them that it’s going to be announced in April and that internally the device is known as “Project J”. There are rumors flying around the internet saying it’s going to have a 1080p screen and a quad core processor under the hood, but those rumors are not from this SamMobile source. So why “Project J”? We don’t really know. We can only hope it’ll become more clear in the months ahead.

Two, Samsung wants people to fall in love with big phones, but they know people are cost conscious, so they’re going to launch a cheaper Note II. Said device will not have a stylus, it’ll be slower than the Note II, and SamMobile thinks it might even use an LCD instead of an AMOLED.

Three, the detachable screen form factor that ASUS nailed with their Transformer portfolio, Samsung is going to bet big on that. They’re going to launch a 13.3 inch tablet that uses the same basic design principles as the Transformer. It wasn’t said if this new device will run Chrome OS or Android, so feel free to speculate.

What do we think of all these rumors? The first one isn’t really important. Codenames? Who cares. The second one is really interesting, especially considering an article we published earlier today about a $200 5.3 inch Chinese smartphone. The Note II admittedly is pretty damn expensive, so we’re highly intrigued to see what Samsung can do to make monster phones more affordable. And as for the 13.3 inch tablet with a keyboard … we need more information before making a judgement call.

  • noneofthem

    The Note II is a pretty impressive device. I used to own a SGS 1 and the first Note. Still, I have to say that I am not impressed by the path Samsung decided to go. I think there are too many Samsung smartphones out there and it’s hard to keep up with all those different names. Samsung also should not have messed up the “Galaxy S” name with the Galaxy S III mini. This is a middle class/price device and therefore should have gone by a different name. I can see that Samsung is trying to take advantage of the popularity of the Galaxy S series but I am a bit bored now. I think ASUS has proven to be a great manufacturer and innovator with the Nexus 7, all the other tablet pcs and the Padphone. ASUS has overtaken Samsung for me by now and I hope to see a Nexus smartphone by ASUS next year. Samsung has lost its “magic” for me.

  • Ibrahim Ng’eno

    Personally can’t wait for the 13.3 inch tablet/laptop hybrid

  • sheeraz

    @noneofthem….do uvreally believe that samsung lost to asus…u must b kidding…asus build qualityvwas put to question on nexus7 light leaking problem from display….i agree that samsung shudnt launch a smartphone everymonth but shud concentrate on improving softwares….Galaxy grand is new middle range phablet which is a good move to chinese phablets..secondly about galaxy S’ then came S2 ..S3 and now S4…which seems to be the real logic unlike ipad..ipad2 and new question to samsung is WHAT AFTER QUADCORE PROCESSORS…..8 CORE 10 CORE OR 48 CORE WHICH INTEL IS WORKING UPON RIGHT NOW..

    • MasterMuffin

      this isn’t twitter, you can’t reply with @ :)

    • ASUS is better than Samsung. See Nexus 7 Vs Nexus 10.

      • saif…… ASUS make good computer hardware. they are total shit at smartphones and tablets. look at the amount of defects and problems the nexus 7 has, its crazy – as for the nexus 7 beating the nexus 10, tell be the difference between the res on the nexus 7 VS the nexus 10.

        • Samsung wins at res but not build quality. My Nexus 7 is 100% fine.

          • i have both, the nexus 7 creeks and doesn’t feel as solid as the nexus 10

          • cycad007


            The ASUS Transformer series consistently ranks higher than the Samsung Tab series so your first point about ASUS being “total shit” at tablets at least is quite false. I’d also add that ASUS updates their products FASTER than Samsung and provides better support. Google wouldn’t have selected them to build the Nexus 7 if that were true.

          • guest

            I think both ASUS and Samsung make great products, stop fighting.

          • and what market share has ASUS got?

          • How much does ASUS spend on marketing compared to Samsung? It’s no coincidence that the top two companies at the moment, Samsung and Apple are also the ones who spend the most on advertising.

        • Jeff Smith

          just buy what you like. it’s your money!!! who care if it good or not as long you able to make the phone call.

    • mate, the galaxy s5 will most likely have the nexus gen Samsung octa – core cpu :) the release it next year, and show it off.

    • noneofthem

      “ASUS has overtaken Samsung FOR ME by now (…)”

      Is reading really that difficult, sheeraz?

      Also, if you had some kind of knowledge of the market you would have realised that we are “stuck” at quadcore CPUs for now. Most manufacturers are going to release Full HD screens next year and I guess we will see improvements in display resolution and battery life from most companies in 2013. I think ZTE will release an 8-core-CPU soon but that’s just for marketing. Their CPU is said to be inferior to the competition so this will probably be over before it started. My bet goes for higher resolution and better battery life for 2013.

  • So, Samsung was found guilty of “copying” the iPhone, so now they gonna copy the Transformer? Upcoming lawsuit?

    • plaed

      is that is the case, Microsoft should sue EVERYONE for making OS’ cz they were the first

      • Dan

        MS made the first Operating System? Wow, next you’ll claim that Wonder invented bread! Learn a little history, and truth.

      • An OS is a common requirement for all computers. The Transformer design by Asus is an innovative feature which is not a common requirement. The same goes for the Padfone concept. The Surface with its keyboard cover is another example of an innovation. If HTC made the DNA with a stylus, people would obviously say they copied the Note 2.

  • Abdullah Naji

    Note 2.

  • QuanahHarjo

    Of course Samsung is going to do a tablet with a detachable keyboard…they already are. Their Ativ series are more or less Transformer-alikes, just Intel/Win8. It would be easy to adapt them to ARM and have another product on the market. Entirely possible that the engineering was already done as a test case for an ARM/Windows RT tablet.

  • lol arent all samsung phones cheap in terms of feel and design ….

  • Jeff Smith

    “The Note II admittedly is pretty damn expensive” if you compare with iPhone5 16GB for $199 with 2 yrs contract and doesn’t have SD card slot for expadable. I think it reasonable price. T-Mo online sale $199 with 2 yrs contract on Black Friday and if you miss that sale, they also have Cyber Monday for the same price. Free shipping too. and if you call their online rep (and be very nice) and tell them the store giving you free activation if you buy it with them. The rep will waive your activation also.

    • Jeff Smith

      I forgot to mention. The online order waiting time is 1 week due to stock. If waiting is not an issue and saving is. With your $100 saving you can use it to buy 64GB SD micro card.
      I would look it at this way,for $299 it come with 80GB.

    • iPhones are expensive too.

      The GNote 2 is the most expensive phone at T-Mobile by a good margin. $370 with a two-year contract is $50 more than the GS3 and $170 more than a Nexus 4 (from T-Mobile with contract).

      I kinda want one, but I’ve also been harping for months about wanting phones with smaller, not larger, screens. And $370 is a lot.