Freshly Baked HTC Sense 3.0 ROM Called Kinged SHOOTER E3D Comes Out of XDA Oven

by: Vinny MarinoAugust 22, 2011
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The HTC EVO 4G has seen its flashes of HTC Sense 3.0 ROMs in various colors. And, while the ROMs shine bright and colorful while they are still fresh off the oven, their brilliance tend to fade away as more users explore them and discover several of their lackluster performance.

The most frequently griped about are the lag during normal operation of the device and the lock-ups while attempting to unlock the phone (talk about irony here). The VR Kingdom ROM, for instance, came out and was royally bowed down to as the first true HTC Sense 3.0 ROM available for the HTC EVO 4G. It was undoudtedly a great ROM, but it also carried with it issues such as constant lock-screen hangups, frequent HTC Sense restarts, and an overall device lethargy.

The gaps that VR Kingdom ROM and other similar ROMs bring may be on its way to being filled–with the all-new Kinged SHOOTER E3D ROM, courtesy of a team of programmers on XDA Developers.

Compared to the earlier ROMs, this one provides an almost-perfectly stable HTC Sense 3.0 ROM packed with delicious features, including the new Android Market, a 3D home screen option, all the new Sense 3.0 widgets, a transparent app drawer, personalized menu, fult HTC Hub support, custom skins, and many more. The Kinged SHOOTER E3D ROM is based on a port from the great and mighty HTC EVO 3D.

But, you might love this bit just as I did: it shows very little lag in performance–if at all.

I’ve tried this ROM myself, and you have to see it in action. Check out the video below for a brief tour around the new and faster ROM for your HTC EVO 4G:

  • Herlindor

    i like

  • Awad1205

    yooooo man i need this rom on my evo.. i dont hav an idea how to get this on to my phone. i am stuck with the evo 4g until 2013 and i really wanted to have the evo 3d by now mainly because of it’s software! please help me get it, please!

  • EVOlution

    This looks great! I am a first time rom flasher, so wish me luck