New Nokia Lumia 1020 commercial pokes fun at Samsung vs iPhone rivalry

by: Bogdan PetrovanAugust 22, 2013

nokia lumina 1020 ad samsung apple

Want to make your product stand out? Easy, just make fun of the incumbent market leader and position your own product as hip and fresh. Apple did it to great effect with the Mac vs PC series, then Samsung took it to the next level with its ongoing series of Galaxy vs iPhone commercials.

Nokia seems to be gunning for the same approach, except they target two players at once – Samsung and Apple. After the spot it launched in April had wedding goers go at each other throats in the name of smartphone allegiance, Nokia is revisiting the topic with this Lumia 1020 commercial:

The ad includes the obligatory reference to taking pics with an iPad (seriously, why do people do that?) but also to the software features that Samsung loves so much to tout (Drama Shot, bump to share, etc.) Naturally, the Lumia 1020 emerges as the superior option, that the laidback, good-looking people use.

Regardless which side you’re on, good natured ads like this serve to remind that fanboyism isn’t cool, don’t you agree?

  • RaptorOO7

    Great camera’s . . . crappy OS and sadly they should have chosen Android.

  • DieElop

    what else besides the camera? Honestly, is that all nokia can boast about now?

    • LuoSKraD

      probably an OS that runs as smoothly with half the hardware.just saying.

  • john

    They do realize by making this ad, they just made it into a three-way race?

    • APai

      they are desperate to make it sound like a 3 way battle. although they laugh at a 3 way desktop battle on the desktop (you know counting mac/ linux). however, it’s good fun to see microsoft grovel

  • Ryan Castle

    Funny ad. Almost convinced me to buy a Lumia 1020.
    But Windows Phone…

  • peter

    are nokia selling now a camera and not a phone???

    • avalon

      well, at least they try :P

    • TallePeja

      nope, Samsung is doing that with the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

    • APai

      they made a superslim camera, for some reason, they got microsoft to write its software lol

  • Genti Xhanari

    What did they do beside the camera? The same carppy OS where you can’t even download a YouTube app from the store, the same 1.5 Ghz Dual Core Processor. They can play with Apple like that hence the specs of the IPhone but Android, no sir. Not comparable my Galaxy S4 Octa-Core version. If you want to make a camera go on, but don’t mess with others like that, try to do something better instead.

    • TallePeja

      Shqipe octa-Corat I duhen veq Androidit.. Wp8 1core ose dualcore osht ma I shpejte se 99% e Androidave.
      per YouTube Jon me dhjetra apps, edhe pse giogle po I bllokon API

  • Tran Nguyen

    Sorry Nokia! Window 8 isn’t my favorite.

  • Oh please can I downgrade to a 720p screen and a substandard OS!

    • MasterMuffin

      It’s 1280×768 on a 4,5″ screen, it’s sharp enough really :)

      • Really its not! it has a huge bezel and when look at the screen you can actually see pixelation. Watch different reviews of the product not to mention the color reproduction from the camera is not very good either.

        • carlosfrancoz

          ^^ THIS! so true!

        • MasterMuffin

          The huge bezels are bad, but the screen is sharp at 331 ppi (though not the sharpest one, but it’s sharp). The color in automatic mode does make the colors more warmer (more pleazing to the eye I guess?), but that’s what the settings are for :)

      • Genti Xhanari

        It’s really not sharp enough, I have a Galaxy S4: 1980×1020 on a 4.99” screen (441 ppi) and there’s really a huge difference, belive me :)

        • MasterMuffin

          I wouldn’t say “not sharp enough”, but definitely S4’s screen is much better.

  • David Loman

    I said it once, and twice and will always say it… Nokia, YOU switch to Android and you’ll get your throne back! In the meantime, don’t try to compete with Android and iOS just because you have a 41mp camera. Don’t you know it’s not about the pixels? It’s about the lens, the light, and many other factors. I remember my old Nokia N8 with 12 mp… Honestly, the Sony Xperia Play I had after that one took much better pictures. Again… switch to Android and I’ll switch to Nokia without hesitating

    • End in sight

      I love Sony, but I agree…if Nokia releases Android, my next phone will be Nokia.

    • TallePeja

      41mp, 6 lenses, OIS and other things… Watch this video and you’ll understand that its not just pixels with Nokia

      • David Loman

        Ok, I’ll agree with you for this time and say, it has a kick ass camera. Now, there’s two sides to this. 1. What do you do with the pictures you take this days? If you want to print them so that you can put a frame on it and hang it in your living room, most likely you would buy a professional camera, right? Or, if you’re the photographer in a wedding, you’re not gonna take your Lumia instead of a professional camera? Do you get my point? Usually, the pictures you take with your phone, stay in your phone and you show them to your friends and family ON your phone. Or you upload them to Facebook, Twitter, etc. You don’t really need a camera with that much pixels in it. I’m not saying I would love to have it, but I’m not buying a camera with a phone in it. 2. Would you really buy a phone because it has a kick ass camera but with a not-so-good OS? I would NEVER buy a Windows Phone. That’s why I say, if Nokia switches to Android, it would kick everybody’s asses. It would leave Samsung begging them for a little share.

        • TallePeja

          Nokia tocAndroid is not happening. Nokia Here Maps are the default maps on Lumia phones something Google wouldbnever allow on an Android. And the Metro UI looks really good with Nokia’s colorful phones…
          Its not a camera with a phone in it, it is lighter than Lumia920 and it is thinner than Galaxy S4 Zoom in every way.

          • APai

            but but WP….

          • TallePeja

            But im glad i made the switch… I don’t really miss any App from Android.

          • APai

            good for you :) I used to be in the Nokia ecosystem with symbian, bought a ton of apps and hit the wall. I dint want that feeling again of being left behind. WP is way too closed for me, non-customizable. no choice with manufacturers – nokia build is good, but they always have shafted the customers with mid range specs when they charge top dollar, just like the 1020 – which is decidedly mid range(other than the cam, im talking about the SoC). I own xperia T which is surprisingly robust after a few knocks its still going strong (so, these days I refuse to buy that only nokia can make robust phones, it used to be like that not anymore) . my requirements too, are mostly met by android IOS still gets preferential treatment by app developers – but overall, android is in between WP-IOS and both of them are walled gardens.

  • Ale

    Foolish… Poor Nokia

  • androidscales

    SO if you want to get great pic get a canon powershot or sony camera, its phone Nokia make that right with the pos windows os kin .
    ever since elop ms troll Nokia lost sight what they really are nokia pffft.

  • Ivan Budiutama

    The first ad is quite funny, but it’s getting ridiculous on repetition and really, not cool anymore. Also the phone cost a leg here. With the same price, I can get a mid range Android (offer a far better ecosystem) as well as a pocket camera.

  • MrMagoo

    Ok, so I understand that WP isn’t Android, and I am a major advocate for Android. And I spit (hawk hawk hawk ptoooie) on IOS every chance I get. The fact the I play with Linix GUI’s all the time and with OS’s on a regular. Doesn’t change the fact that Windows hasn’t been an enormous part of my life or any of yours for years and year. Before Android came along WP was one of the only alternative and I’d been using it for years. WP is the mist of changing and growing. I play on it every chance i get and I have to say, It’s not Android. But that being said… there isn’t any law suits from them copying everyone. They have taken their own approach and it’s an alternative. A few years back good apps were sparse on the Android market and it had a hard time getting developers to write apps in their format. WP is going through the same thing and it’s evolving every day. If it continues to move along and gets better….eh I would consider WP again. I’ve grown up with Windows and the intergration they’re implimenting with all devices it rivaling that of both Android and IOS. That says a lot to me. Again… they’ve got their work cut out for them, but that being said, I’m keeping my out.
    In the end… there’s gotta be competition. It pushes the industry to strive for better and better. If Android won the mobile OS race and everything went to it. Goodbye to website like this one. We wouldn’t have anything to talk about haha I say good luck to WP and Nokia. And long live Android!! Poop on IOS for it’s proprietarianism and take it or leave it attitude!! :P

    • Ivan Budiutama

      u know, some a**h*** once told me about making a long post. Well, screw him, I enjoy reading a long comment.

    • NeedName

      BUT. . . .
      it’s microsoft. . . . and they’ve taken up enough of my life with buggy software, and. . . it’s microsoft!

    • Gruwel

      As a person who actually owned a Lumia 920 and now (fortunately) owns a Galaxy S4, had some trouble with the phone and swapped it out, I’ll give my honest opinion of WP; it sucks!! Btw, the Lumia 920’s camera is not nearly as good as they market it to be. I also don’t understand this whole “integration” approach that everyone is on about, because quite frankly Android devices work perfectly with Windows computers. There’s now special software needed, no complex setting up of settings/features, so what exactly is better “integrated” between WP and a Windows computer? I call bull on that claim.

      And before anyone can claim fanboy or what else, I owned Nokia phones for more than 10 years, that’s why I got a Lumia 920 after my N8 (which was an excellent phone), but to my dismay. “Before Android came along WP was one of the only alternative” = not true. Symbian was the major alternative. Windows Mobile never really caught on (just like now with WP) and has always lived in the shadow. Since Nokia stopped developing Symbian further, they went down the drain and Android caught up and took their market share and place. If they continued developing Symbian (or MeeGo), they still would have had a major (if not majority) share of the market. Android became what Symbian was supposed to be(come).

    • ron

      One of the few decent comments here, I applaud you. WP8 is indeed a very stable, fluid and fast OS. I owned many phones and currently have the Lumia 925. The 925 is an awesome phone (great camera with the proCam app included) and I am intend to stay with windows 8 for a long time knowing that it is going to be better and better and that Nokia will bring many more products to its already fast growing line of phones. WP8 works seamless with al my devices.
      Regards to you

    • Apple_Nexus

      We get that you don’t like iOS but seriously WTF have you got against spelling, grammar, and punctuation?!

      • MrMagoo

        I humbly apologize for my inconsiderate grammar and spelling. While typing away as fast as I can on work time… I’ll make sure to read through and proof-read my posts before hand like everyone else on here. :-/

  • gommer strike

    Nokia’s would be so awesome if only they were running Android.

  • Raxon

    Only stupids facing problems with Windows Phone 8 OS,
    By the way I used iOS and and Android and Windows Phone 8 so so so far than these old fashion OS .
    WP8 OS is the most innovative OS with no doubt .
    Imagine that OS with the best quality and credibility ever NOKIA phones …!

    Hey DWARFS respect yourself when you are talking about the TWO GIANTS NOKIA an MICROSOFT , don’t forget yourselves .

    • NeedName

      This comment got upvoted?!?!?! on an Android site?!?!?

      At least that confirms the MS trolls are still trolling here.

      Microsoft — the creators of the blue screen of death!

    • Gruwel

      So you enjoy changing the volume setting of a movie or sound clip and suddenly…BOOM…all other sounds, like your ringtone, is also changed due to the crappy universal sound control?

      You enjoy having exactly the same of everything than on your phone (look, feel, UI) than everyone else, because the phone is not customisable (TRULY customisable, I’m not talking about changing tile colours)?

      You enjoy not being able to play/browse sites with Flash files because flash player is not an option on WP (something that almost all websites have now a days)?

      I can continue on lacking features. Don’t forget yourself (or your place) here. Android is running circles around WP.

    • Leonardo Rojas

      Don’t listen to the others, enjoy what you like n.n

      • APai


  • mikegonzalez2k

    I bought a Lumia 928 not to use as a phone but just to get used to the interface. Windows Phone has the worst interface I’ve ever used.

  • Bryan Z

    LOL Nokia well everyone only brags about they things they are good at… so good for you Nokia! keep it up buddy you’ll get there

  • raj

    oh crap….
    n that too a Windows mobile

  • soks

    They sholuld stop with making windows phones

  • hoggleboggle

    brilliant. that commercial made my day. and I am a big android fan, but this ad gets it spot on.

  • APai

    Nokia/ windows can’t seem to generate interest on their own, so they piggy back on samsung and apple by damning them and hoping to generate some interest! what a bunch of losers!

    okia makes nice phones, it’s shame they are limited only to windows. had they gone with a multi OS strategy, they’d have been at least number 2 (after samsung) if not giving a tough fight to samsung.

  • Monj

    Nokia should drop Win OS and start with Android. this company would regain more market shares I think

  • Alan

    I’ve got a 1020 and this barely scratches the surface (cough) of what it can do. (FWIW, I do like the OS. Even though it has its limitations, it’s much more secure than Android and more resource efficient.) I don’t really care for the smarminess of this ad, though. The “wedding” one was better (although it fails to mention the specific benefits or features that make the 920 a great phone).

  • Kieran Koch

    I love Nokia’s ad’s I can’t wait to see what the Newkia crowd produces.