New Nexus 7 specs apparently spotted on sticker, 4GB of RAM from Hynix listed [Update]

July 18, 2013
    Nexus 7 logo

    First-gen Nexus 7

    A purported new Nexus 7 image seems to confirm the specs of the upcoming tablet – we’re apparently looking at the sticker on the back of the alleged device, which lists components and part suppliers.

    In the last few hours, an avalanche of new Nexus 7 rumors have hit the web, from pricing details to images and videos, so it’s hardly surprising to see more details come in.

    Moreover, we heard that retailers may receive Nexus 7 stock starting with July 20, and Google invited the press to attend a “breakfast with Sundar Pichai” on July 24 – that’s when we expect to see Android 4.3 and the new Nexus 7 get official.

    New Nexus 7

    Specs sticker on the back of the alleged new Nexus 7 | Image credit: CNET

    But now we’re going to focus on that image above which seems to reveal the final specs of the new Nexus 7 – at least of the 32GB version model (ME571K - that’s the same model number spotted with the Chinese FCC equivalent a while ago, and should describe the Wi-Fi version of the device). Here’s what we’re looking at:

    • 7-inch LCD with WUXGA resolution (1920 x 1200)
    • Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor (APQ8064)
    • 4GB 512MB of DDR3LM RAM (see update below)
    • 32GB of storage
    • 5-megapixel camera
    • 1.2-megapixel front-facing camera
    • stereo speakers
    • 3950mAh battery

    We’re certainly not surprised to see this particular hardware list, considering recent rumors, but we’ll note that this is the first time we’re told the new Nexus 7 could pack 4GB of RAM, a first for Android devices (not counting the Samsung ATIV Q Windows 8 laptop / Android tablet combo). The RAM is apparently coming from Hynix, which isn’t surprising considering that just over a month ago the company announced its 8GB LPDDR3 RAM, world’s first such product, and hinted that 4GB RAM devices could hit later this year.

    In addition to the image above, obtained by CNET, a reddit user took apart the new Nexus 7 video (see it above via Android Central) focusing on the sticker, and pretty much confirming the list above.

    Of course, with such leaks there’s always a chance that such images and videos are doctored, in which cause the specs list above shouldn’t be trusted. That said, today’s new Nexus 7 leaks look pretty believable, but we’ll be waiting for Google to make it official.

    [Update:] Our +Gary Sims noticed something this writer has missed when looking at the sticker in the alleged Nexus 7 image. The memory section says the device has 256M (megabits) x 16, not 256MB (megabytes) x 16, which means the device packs 512MB of RAM not 4GB. Whether it’s 512MB of 4GB, it still doesn’t sit right with us, so we can only hope Google will make it clear next week.

    [Update 2:] A reader has approached us with conflicting info to the above update. According to this tipster, the sticker specifies 1 chip, 16 bits wide, meaning 256 16 bit modules. This gives us 4,096 megabits, or 512 megabytes (16 bits is 2 bytes) per chip.  The reader goes on to point out that a typical bus width is 64 bits. In order to properly saturate that bus width, we need 4 chips. As such, 2GB RAM seems much more plausible that 512MB or 4GB.


    • MasterMuffin


      Just wow :)

    • Dr-Murad Dawod

      Wow . Can’t wait … Nexusssss

    • Mohd Danial


    • Qbancelli

      I’m ready!

    • Bone

      4GB doesn’t make sense, and to my knowledge, no S4 Pro device was ever released sporting LPDDR3 RAM, also, there are more claims supporting the SD600 too over the S4 Pro. I think these are fake or inaccurate specs. The WUXGA would be awesome though (16:10 is the perfect aspect ratio), hopefully the bumped price will cover cellular.

      • Luka Mlinar

        Did you forget how cheap this thing is. The 600 would jack up the price.

        • Bone

          The price is actually up $30, plus it’s not like the Nexuses don’t pack the latest for a great price, think about the S4 Pro on the Nexus 4.

          The SD600 is not even the latest tech anymore, it’s a Q1 HW priced below the SD800 & buddies, and for LTE and battery efficiency reasons, it’s a far more sensible choice over the overheating, draining S4 Pro.

          • Roberto Tomás

            where do you find these prices? The latest I could find was from April, for $20/u.

            • Steve

              I want to know that too.

        • Bjajjull

          Do you even know how cheap the SoCs are?

          • Bone

            This. The SD600 costed Samsung $20 per unit in March, it’s probably down to $15 by now.

      • Roberto Tomás

        Even the snapdragon 600 wouldn’t really make sense, RAM-wise. That much RAM is either for video/camera processing (some super advanced camera or 4k playback or even 4k record, etc), or maybe for some other feature like a gaming platform that requires a lot more RAM than is typical on Android. Unless it is a secret gaming platform, (haha!) then only the Snapdragon 800 has the internals to drive the rest.

        • Bone

          No RAM is used during image processing, it’s the dedicated chip doing it’s job. RAM is best for heavy multi-tasking, so all the apps chill there and you can access them virtually instantaneously. 4gigs make a lot of sense, but as you wrote, I would expect it hitting this particular device, IMO 4GB is 2014spec.

          • Roberto Tomás

            about the image processing, that actually depends .. for *typical* image processing by the image sensor and controller (which is on-die), it may be true. But for advanced image processing techniques, like after-imaging deblur, refocusing after the shot is taken, etc … these require working not just with the immediate frame but also frames around them, are complex, typically software-style approaches, and they are one of the use cases that QUALCOMM gave for its snapdragon 800. So RAM works there. Obviously, the ideal place for RAM is for 4k video buffering, which is over 2GB.

          • john

            Well, it depends on the strict definition of “image processing”. If we are talking of applications like photoshop as image processing, then yes, it’s going to use RAM, and a lot of it. The ASIC image processor do handle image processing, but I doubt any modern applications would just use that.

            In JVM, additional RAM can be quite a bit useful, but ATM, I would doubt any of the current apps would receive noticeable performance boost after 2gb. I agree that it might be a future-proof spec.

      • Simon Belmont

        I agree. I think this might be a prototype device that was used for testing purposes with a range of RAM available because 4GB sounds incredibly high for a budget-minded tablet.

        Either way, we have less than a week left to find out. If they are releasing the refreshed N7 in a week (which they probably are).

    • Luka Mlinar

      I know I’m not gonna use it enough to justify the purchase but i still want one. :D

    • Jusephe

      Looks much thinner than nexus 7.
      But that battery is little disappointment to me.

    • mrband

      No HDMI (or MHL), no party.

      • Mark

        The Nexus 7 is designed to be a budget gaming device, so hdmi is unnecessary. If you want a media device get the Nexus 10.

        • Roberto Tomás

          how is it going to be a budget gaming device with no HDMI?

          • OMGgary

            Playing games on a tablet doesn’t require you to plug it in or wirelessly transmit to a television, does it?

            • Roberto Tomás


            • Mark

              No, that’s silly. Tablets have a screen already, you don’t plug it into a TV unless you’re streaming video HD video. If you want Android gaming on a TV the buy an Ouya. Like I said, one if for media and one is for gaming, You don’t put unneeded hardware where it doesn’t belong.

            • john

              Sorry, but you want me to buy Ouya/gamestick/put-an-android-console-here AND Nexus 7?
              I mean I could get a slightly more expansive phone with MHL to do both.

              On the side note, I doubt Nex7 would not have a MHL, hopefully 11pin for simultaneous OTG and MHL, that would be beautiful-and smart
              …but I’ve been wrong before.

      • Bone


        • Roberto Tomás

          would be so awesome if it is a 60fps version

    • Steve

      Since I got Jelly Bean, I realized that my device only lags from the lack of ram. Therefore, this excites me. Finally a lag free Nexus 7.

    • Lisandro O Oocks

      if true. 4GB RAM likely indicates perhaps that 4.3 will let you do more multitasking on tablets. So far I think 4GB RAM is too much with the current software. They could’ve gone with better chip and less RAM if they wanted to make this tablet better and stay within price. Therefore, more multitasking in 4.3 is my prediction.

      • Nik

        maybe 4.3 makes the transition to 64-bit OS

        because after you pass 3GB RAM, a 32-bit system really can’t utilize it all

        • Michał Weinert

          32 bit linux kernel can access >4Gb of ram with PAE extension. Its standard issue on desktops. OTOH, I’m not sure how it works on mobiles, or if its even supported by Androids kernel fork.

    • Andres Quintana

      shaky hand much…… The new Nexus 7 looks so beautiful

    • Nik

      it could be that only the LTE model gets the Snapdragon 600

    • kascollet

      Stupidest rumor ever.

    • john

      I just hope the price will stay the same with these specs.

    • sourabh

      The processor is a S4 PRO but notice the “test” written,it might just be a prototype.So keep your hopes up :)

    • Apple_Nexus

      512MB of 4GB? Of? Does nobody proofread these articles, or do they not teach proof reading on Internet journalism courses?

    • Steve

      Some dude on another site made me aware that this is the module type and arrangement. We’re looking at 512MB per module, about 4 modules, which totals to around 2GB. Can’t wait to see how this will run on Android 5.0. It’s rumored to run on 512MB of RAM, but I can only imagine how it will fly on 2GB

    • sdsd

      the fk is the battery