New Nexus 7 shipping today from Best Buy?

by: Chris SmithJuly 26, 2013

Nexus 7

New Nexus 7 pre-orders with Best Buy may be shipping as soon as today, and some locations that are receiving the stock today may even sell it to buyers interested in purchasing it in-store.

The unconfirmed news comes from Engadget, which has been tipped off by a “source claiming to be the manager of a Best Buy store.”

Apparently, there weren’t as many new Nexus 7 pre-orders in the tipster’s region, which apparently means that “if you are present at a (Best Buy) location today at opening, you have a good chance of buying the tablet.”

That’s not something totally unexpected, considering that others have similarly dropped the ball and started shipping orders even before the device became official.

Google announced that the tablet will start selling on July 30, which is when Best Buy pre-orders should also start shipping. Interestingly though, Engadget also says that the shipping time has changed from July 30 to July 26 (or today) for a unit it has pre-ordered with Best Buy (see following image).

Nexus 7

Let’s hear it from our readers then, will your Best Buy Nexus 7 (2013) be also shipped today? Are you going to a Best Buy location to get your hands on one?

  • Derrick Brown

    Still waiting on the 3g version. And they can take my money.

    • Tidbits808

      LTE versions.

  • Alix8821


    I bet Staples waits until Tuesday, with my luck (I have a gift card)

  • bclark

    I just got the email that my release date changed to today. We’ll see in a few hours if it ships

    • AsakuraZero

      Ditto they may want to Do a release date delivery to those who payed for the free shipping, and rush those who payed expedited shipping.

      Nor Google or best buy can’t complain the tablet may be selling like hotcakes

    • 1llum1nat1

      Has yours shipped yet? Mine is still showing “preparing order.”

      • bclark

        I actually cancelled my order and bought it from a local best buy bc it didn’t update

        • 1llum1nat1

          when did you cancel it? were you still able to cancel it online or did you have to call in?

          • bclark

            I was able to do I right through the website. I clicked the link in my email and there was a button to cancel after logging in. I did it as I stood in line at best buy

          • 1llum1nat1

            i guess it was too late for me. haha. i guess i just have to wait it out. enjoy the tablet and thanks for your input.

  • mant0x

    I wonder if LTE version will be backwards compatible with 3G. If Yes Ill buy it instead of 32GB WiFi model.

  • mant0x

    Aren’t they breaking the Google rules of not sell untill 31/07?

  • Bone

    Wish the same would be true for us in Europe.

  • Skerr

    Just cancelled my online BB order and ordered for in-store pickup here in Col., OH. Got my ‘ready to pick up’ email. We’ll see if it is actually there there in about an hour.

  • Dunkin

    It’s available for in-store pickup at most of the BBs in the Northern Va.

  • MitchNelson

    They have them in stock at almost every best buy and have them ready for in store pick up!

  • electricroo

    I just got an email from Best Buy saying that it was shipped!

  • naterawr

    ayeee just got an email too that mine has shipped as well

  • GigaCode

    canceled on BB, and ordered on amazon :) will be getting tomorrow