New Nexus 7 prices reportedly leaked: $229 (16GB) and $269 (32GB)

by: Chris SmithJuly 17, 2013
Nexus 7

Nexus family with Nexus 7 in the middle

A leaked inventory image reportedly coming form an unnamed retailer that will apparently stock the second-generation Nexus 7 indicates pricing details for the tablet.

If indeed real, the image below says that the 16GB new Nexus 7 model will cost $229, while the 32GB version will retail for $40 more, or $269. While the retailer has listed the new Nexus 7 models internally, it doesn’t appear to have any stock yet.

For what it’s worth, the device is listed as “Nexus 2 7,” a name that doesn’t look that good – not that Nexus 7 2 is any better.

New Nexus 7 price

The new tablet is rumored to be unveiled at some point this month and then launch in various markets. A very recent report did say that the tablet will be launched in late July in Taiwan.

The leaked image also says that the new Nexus 7 will pack a quad-core processor, without revealing other hardware details at this time. While there are four different models in the listing, it’s not clear whether these are Wi-Fi-only or cellular models. Various rumors have suggested that the device would offer 4G LTE support.

Various retailers are currently offering deals on the new Nexus 7, as they’re most likely clearing up stock before the new model arrives.

Android 4.3 is expected to be launched at the same time with the new Nexus 7, although it’s not clear when Google will make these products official.

  • Joshua Bolick

    Its listed as Nexus 2 7″ not Nexus 2 7. Referring to the screen size of the tablet. >.>

  • Tamadrummer94

    When are they gonna make these official? The press event they’re hosting a week from today.

    • David Foggia

      Wait are you actually saying that google is actually having a press event next Wednesday? Or is this just another rumour?

      • There is an event confirmed for next Wednesday but aside from it being a livestream event of some kind there isn’t anything else mentioned so a lot of people believe this is the unveiling of the new Nexus 7 & Android 4.3 but this part is just speculation

        • David Foggia

          OH.MY.SWEET.TAP DANCING. CHRIST. YESSSSS! I have been waiting so long and impatiently for te new Nexus 7 and I was actually so close to just going out today and getting and the current gen.

          • deadpenguins

            Guess you breezed over the part where he said it’s just speculation..

          • Ewean itu Enak

            but the event are hosted by Android and Chrome boss, Sundar Pichai

  • Bone

    The price bump is in line with the LTE modem inclusion. It isn’t really that hard to include the radios in the first place, but of course for extra profits there’s usually WiFi only and a much more expensive Wifi + 4G, would be awesome if Google got rid of such policy, $229 for an LTE-supported FHD SD600 tablet – wet pants.

  • GigaCode

    I am sold without a question :)

  • nextus

    If I’m not mistaken, the snapdragon 600 these will reportedly ship with has LTE baked in, so all should support it. The 3x 32GB models maybe color variants.

  • TSON1

    Nexus 2? Is this a quad core watch?

  • jeff willis

    This means the nexus 2 10” is not far behind.